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      Welcome, Your customized introductory package includes: As Parker mentioned the is a somewhat new feature to auto-generate a signature for your fictions, (...)

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      Welcome!   Have a :DrakanPotato: Rep-otato(tm)! Happy Reading!

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      All the good stuff is covered, so here's a Rep-otato :DrakanPotato: (which is just my weird way of saying welcome to RR, have some rep and a potato emoticon).

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      Hiya!  I hope you enjoy your stay.  Have a semi-famous genuine Idaho Rep-otato(tm) :DrakanPotato: !

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      Welcome!  I've got nothing to add but my semi-patented, usually welcome, but some folks just don't like the virtual carbs Rep-otato(tm)! :DrakanPotato:

    6. Re: Random Covers I've made (several even got used!) Current Status: 132 Accepted, 22 Pending, 42 Declined: 196 covers created for free

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      Yeah, my Rep-otato crop is loving the heatwave.  So here's a hot and fresh one for you :DrakanPotato:!

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      Welcome, have a hand-crafted :DrakanPotato: Rep-otato(TM)! Everything else seems to be handled, so Happy Writing!

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      Been a while since last update so here's the latest (large!) batch! (...)

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      Welcome, They've all covered your question, the key to regular releases is having an inventory and then releasing slightly slower than your normal replenishment rate or faster if you are closing in (...)

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      Welcome, Your customized introductory package includes: As Parker mentioned, has a new feature to auto-generate a signature for your fictions, it's based (...)

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      Weclome! :DrakanPotato: here's your Rep-otato(tm)!  Hope you have fantastic experience here! Happy Writing!

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      Welcome, have a locally infamous Rep-otato(tm)  :DrakanPotato:. I lurked for quite a while before I really started contributing to the community. Enjoy!

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      Welcome! Rep-otato(tm) monger here with your very own never before given (to you) :DrakanPotato: Rep-otato! It's a fantastic little potato that... well... not really.  It's kinda lame, but it's what (...)

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      Welcome, all my usual advice is handled, so I'll wish you good luck and hand you a ticking  :DrakanPotato: Rep-otato.  Don't worry.  It just swallowed a clock.  I think it may have been a crocodile in (...)

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      Welcome! You've got a cover, Parker mentioned the signature generator.... so I'm left with just a humble, non-dragon, non-windy, just gonna sit there and look cute  :DrakanPotato: Rep-otato(tm).  It doesn't (...)