1. Re: What is Rep? What does it do? A guide to the current state of Rep.

      Done.  I think you're seeing the same message feature that they have on single page/chapter rep grants.  If you've put in a message on that page, it leaves it in the popup you get.  So it looks like you're (...)

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      On another note does anybody know it is possible to easily change the order of chapters on RR? There's a reorder button that lets you drag and drop the order of chapters. Fiction->Content->Chapters (...)

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      175 continuing to strive

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      Yes.  I just see it as an outlier.  That doesn't make it invalid, just unusual.  I suspect you're entirely correct on the cause.  

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      I gotta say, the completed rankings having a sub-1k follower on the top 10 list looks odd to me.  How did something that didn't gather even 1k followers end up that high in the ranks? Is that just me (...)

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      BoC has been dethroned for now. By the new InadisablyCompelled (Blue Core) novel?  It's gonna grab ratings since it's an established author with a large follow base.  Some reviewers are likely in (...)

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      I have to ask this "The Fruit is a Lie" does anybody get the reference that the above sentence is trying to make? because apparently, some find it hard Not just a take on Portal's "The Cake is (...)

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      So if something is inflammable, is it fire retardant or not?  Flammable and inflammable.  Are they opposites?  Of course, because coherent is opposite of incoherent, right?  But not in this case, they're (...)

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      Yeah, that sums it up.  On the upside, they were both older, one was the last WWII vet in my local chapter, the other was my father-in-law, who'd been dealing with semantic dementia for quite some time. (...)

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      167, ours goes to eleven...

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      Well, that's a Wednesday.  One of these days I'll have enough backlog to start posting arc 2 of my tales.  But at least I'm done with funerals for the week.  

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      Well, quick subject change. I love informative videos. Decent overview.  I'm not sure I'd call that informative, so much as a persuasive position piece, backed with information.  

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      Do you have to watch Anime from back to front for it to make sense?

    14. Re: Forgot the title of a dungeon management story

      Dungeon Core Online? Really more steampunk on floor two, but sounds right.

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      Shameless plug for my Guide on Rep: It's not actually levels, it's at specific values of rep

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      Some people don’t even know difference between read and read! I always see people switching the two up.  One example are the following sentences: I read a book. I read a book. Of course, you (...)

    17. Re: If I use art for a volume instead of the main page, will that count towards the giving away art achievement

      So, from my experience, it doesn't matter where it gets used, it just matters that it is considered acceptable and used by the author.  The usage requirement is to promote higher quality work, per my conversations (...)

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      145 - The thread still thrives.

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      127 left it with Sven