1. Re: "Message me if you want me to remove the cover" - why?

      Although it's reprehensible to use this art without permission (I use stock images from Pixabay for my RR fictions and pay artists for original art in my other work), I'm mostly enjoying Half Life's links (...)

    2. Re: You all ever feel old?

      46, here. I've earned my Masters degree, served my country, worked my way up the corporate ladder and chucked it all in to write games for toy soldiers. My older son is just about to leave home to start (...)

    3. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      -4! We'll claw this back!

    4. Re: Should I make a sequel book to my story or is the ending good?

      Reasons to write a sequel: 1. Unresolved storylines left over from the first part. 2. Reader demand. 3. Uncontrollable compulsion. If any of the above apply, write that sequel!

    5. Re: What do you think is the optimal chapter size?

      Optimal for whom? I've recently started writing a new fiction after agonizing over the car crash that was my last attempt, and I've found that 1000 words is a writing target I can comfortably achieve (...)

    6. Re: Piggybacking on the First Comment

      Or just people saying "thank you for the chapter".  Which is nice, but doesn't really need to be said.  I mean, if there's literally no comments on a chapter and I've got nothing else to say (rare is the (...)

    7. Re: Choosing Royal Road over actual publishing

      Webfic - for which RR is an example of one outlet - is a new model of monetizing the creation of good genre fiction. Each of the major webfic outlets has a reputation for a certain genre of genre-set (...)

    8. Re: Patreon vs Amazon

      First up, I'll address the title question of Patreon vs Amazon. It is not a binary choice.  There are dozens of other ways to reach an audience and monetize your writing.  Lulu and OneBookShelf may (...)

    9. Re: A Revelation about the Book of Revelations

      Just dropping in to make this point: It's Revelation, singular.  In full, it's the Book of the Revelation of St John the Divine.

    10. Re: Read Later vs. Favorite?

      My 2p: Read Later = "This person needs/wants feedback" Follow = "I want to read this story" Favourite = "I want to read this story again" Or, if you prefer, work, pleasure and study in that order.

    11. Re: Review removed from my fiction?

      I only had two reviews on my fiction, so I obviously treasured them both (they were both positive and encouraging, with constructive criticism that I took to heart). I noticed this morning that one (...)

    12. Re: Hitting trending has actually been a curse

      I started writing my book for two reasons: 1) I wanted to get better at telling stories. 2) I have been going through a lot of stress at work and writing helped me slip into another world for an (...)

    13. Re: Is it possible to predict the success of a book?

      A story that is interesting for a certain audience and good marketing. I think there are examples that prove that only the second one of those is truly necessary. Do you consider marketing (...)

    14. Re: Is the Marxist culture creeping into rrl?

      if I read a novel that victimize men because they're only 70% of the Google workforce... I'd give that a 0.5 star rating too That seems like an odd reason for a 0.5 rating. If the characters (...)


      Is that not inevitable for a new, ongoing fiction which will attract return views every day, compared to an older, completed fiction? Still, I really am enjoying Chicken. It's really a sweet bit of (...)

    16. Re: Is it possible to predict the success of a book?

      A story that is interesting for a certain audience and good marketing. I think there are examples that prove that only the second one of those is truly necessary.

    17. Re: What program do you use to write?

      Google Docs, but for publishing my non-fiction it all goes into Affinity Publisher for layout and formatting.  I used to use Adobe InDesign, but I'm just about to cancel that subscription.  Affinity is (...)

    18. Re: Webnovels

      I think a huge benefit of web novels is overlooked here: Yes, your readers may occasionally angrily (or, indeed, gently or dispassionately) point out plot holes or continuity errors. But, unlike (...)

    19. Re: Geniuses in stories

      The problem here doesn't lie in the question of whether an atypically intelligent or talented individual can or cannot also be "normal" (duh, of course they can). It lies in this: For context, (...)

    20. Re: What the h*ck is Xianshu?

      I, too, was ignorant of these terms when I got here.  Hang around long enough, though, and it'll all become clear. Failing that, Google is your friend.