1. Re: Opening a small writing group...

      I'd like to confirm my interest

    2. Re: Opening a small writing group...

      I'd be interested in this, when were you thinking of starting?  (I'm a bit busy for the next week or two)

    3. Re: Opening a small writing group...

      Just to check, so it's basically a small, more in-depth review group, reading up each other's work for feedback and responses?  I am doing some fantasy, but it's more on the low-action, social side rather (...)

    4. Re: Review Swap Train

      Sorry, thanks for the reminder, I'll get the done over the weekend! Edit: wait, I did review it, just forgot to click 'save'.  D'oh!

    5. Re: Review Swap Train

      If you've got time for another, could you fit mine in, and I'll read through yours (also, Domi, I'll have a look at yours. (...)

    6. Re: Need someone who can do the cover for free

      That or find some stock art and make something yourself - it doesn't have to be super-fancy, but finding something appropriate isn't normally too hard

    7. Re: How to get good initial ratings.

      The 'it's a serial' is good advice - I try and start each arc with the main characters bouncing off each other in fairly predictable and standard ways, so someone jumping on there quickly gets the idea (...)

    8. Re: Looking for review swaps

      Thanks for the review!  It's been a busy week, so just smashed through your story, PM'd you a few other pointers!

    9. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      If you've got room for one more: My story's a fairly light read, about the (mis)adventures of a group of wandering adventurers (...)

    10. Re: Looking for review swaps

      It might take me a week or two to finish reading it, but I'd be interested in a review swap. My own story is here: It's (...)

    11. Re: Review Swapping Offer (Starting in one week)

      QC's moved onto to basically slice-of-life as the instrumentality happens somewhere off screen, with generally low-key social drama going on - one of the current plot arcs is about a robot that lost their (...)

    12. Re: How is the problem of numerous real-life languages solved in VR novels?

      I'm pretty sure that stat on computer access should at least be billion rather than million, and even that I think is out of date (London alone has over 8 million people, the majority of whom will have (...)

    13. Re: Review Swapping Offer (Starting in one week)

      My story is more fantasy fare, but if you'd like to give it a review, it would be appreciated! Started reading yours - (...)

    14. Re: Cup Size in Character Descriptions

      tbf, 'bulge size' just makes me thing of David Bowie as the Goblin King, who was personally responsible for at least two people I know suddenly realising that sexual attraction was going to be a thing (...)

    15. Re: Some Cost Efficient/Quality Commissionable Artists

      Those are pretty good, especially for the price!  What few artworks I've got have mostly come from friends or people I've met at anime/rpg cons that do commissions as a side gig - sometimes there's a delay (...)

    16. Re: How is the problem of numerous real-life languages solved in VR novels?

      how well do people need to translate?  Generally, if you're online, the amount of what you need to say is fairly limited - 'I need healing', 'bad guys over there', 'looking for group' and so on, so a combination (...)

    17. Re: Two books at once?

      5-10k chapters sounds like a logistical challenge - on a good day, I can manage maybe 2k words, and more often half that, so that's releasing at most once a week, and sometimes less.  If you can output (...)

    18. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Looks like you've got quite a few to get through, but if you have time:

    19. Re: Meme Culture as Comedy in Fictions

      Memes tend to be fairly specific - if your work is aimed at people that will get them, that's fine, but, as always, be careful of making something too niche to be widely understood.  There's quite a few (...)

    20. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      It depends on what your baseline for 'busy' is - it definitely seems fairly slow, but my other main forum is, which gets posts most minutes, and may be an outlier.  I suspect that, these days, (...)