1. Re: Need the swaps fam

      If you could give me a week or so to post enough chapters to make it worthwhile, you could read mine (only 5 chapters so far): Blood in the Wires | Royal Road

    2. Re: Want an awesome book cover?

      assembling and editing existing art These look fantastic, but I'm going to assume that none of them are cleared for commercial use due to copyright infringement, right?  So fine for RR, but not (...)

    3. Re: Want an awesome book cover?

      nice, I think I've about hit my limit with Canva

    4. Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

      There's a difference between 'web serials'/'web novels' and 'books' - a book (as in, a physical object, although these days it may be a kindle file or whatever instead) will have been produced as a single (...)

    5. Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

      Ideally, start off with a lot of chapters, to get onto 'new releases' quite often, show that you're committed to getting a decent amount of text out there and basically draw attention.  Once you've done (...)

    6. Re: Swapping Reviews (Fantasy)

      I'd be up for swapping as well, my story is at - the first arc is a decent stopping point to get an idea of what it's like, (...)

    7. Re: World building and writing style

      Regards world building, it depends how important the world is to the story. Obviously the story has to happen somewhere, but if it's about ragtag adventures in the wilderness, the history of a given city (...)

    8. Re: Developing a System

      Charisma tends to be very variable - like in most tabletop RPGs, it's the stat that most frequently requires negotiating with the GM to get specific usage from.  Strength just lets you do things, Dex might (...)

    9. Re: Developing a System

      Pretty much what theDude says - the system should serve the story, not the other way around.  What are you needing/wanting this system to do in the narrative, and can it do that is probably more important (...)

    10. Re: Holiday Review Swaps

      not on holiday anymore, but I'll have a look over the next few days - let me know what you think of Goldthirst!

    11. Re: Holiday Review Swaps

      I'm not actually on holiday any more, but I'll try and fit you in over the next week or so, if you could give mine a read as well!

    12. Re: Please, a normal fantasy story.

      My own story is D&D adventuring fantasy: A series of short-ish arcs each covering an adventure, and the assorted problems they (...)

    13. Re: Reach to 10 chapters and 10k words today. May I ask......

      I'd be interested in a review swap, if you've got time?  My own story is pretty different in tone, being fantasy action with a comedy tone: (...)

    14. Re: Holiday Review Swaps

      @Arthicern: That's fine, I'm not away myself until tomorrow!   @K-Anu-Grymm: Any commentary is useful, but I think it's mostly structural and pacing I'd be interested in - how it hangs together as an (...)

    15. Re: Holiday Review Swaps

      I'm on holiday next week, so am going to have some free time to do some reading!  So, who's up for doing some review swaps? My own story is episodic fantasy comedy: (...)

    16. Re: Characterization, Fight scenes and what you get when mixing the two. Nimbus's advice for beginners.

      Something useful to bear in mind is what's the dramatic focus in the scene - by this I mean is 'what is the fight actually achieving'?  If it's the hero and their nemesis engaged in their climactic fight (...)

    17. Re: High Fantasy Review Swap

      Sorry, saw that just after posting!  Glad you're enjoying it (the releases this week are the same thing told from 3 different PoVs, which I'd be interested in feedback on).  I've started reading yours, (...)

    18. Re: High Fantasy Review Swap

      In the interests of full disclosure, my story is very much more character-based than world-based - there's a world there, but most of the narrative is around the characters interacting and bouncing off (...)

    19. Re: High Fantasy Review Swap

      what definition of 'high fantasy' are you using?  There's 'fantasy set in another world' or the more usual 'high powered epic fantasy' (likewise, 'low fantasy' can either mean 'fantasy set in this world', (...)

    20. Re: Looking for reviews, ratings and feedback!

      Want to do a review swap?  Mine's fantasy as well, although somewhat more low-key and comedic: