A Prose of Years

Exactly what I was looking for....

I have been looking for something like this ever since I completed the Reborn Apocalypse series. There are only a few stories out there that has a similar plot, and the few I have read made me sick of them. To the point I actually took a break from reading. But reading this actually rekindled the fire to read again. It's very sad that the author has decided to abandon this world he has built. I sincerely wish he would reconsider his decision.

Asleep - A LITRPG story

It was a rollercoaster ride....

At times it's hard to believe that this is this guy's first book. The first few chapters were really nice. It was later on when the first combat chapter was released that I was forced to accept that it was actually his first book. But he was very open to my suggestions and by the end he had improved by leaps and bounds. There are chapters that I deem was unnecessary, like the catapocalypse one, but that's just my personal opinion I guess.


The story was like a rollercoaster ride. It had its ups and downs but it was very enjoyable. Some of the characters lacked the depth that I was expecting in them, like Tim and the other Heroes. While some other characters that I wished to see where never seen again. But apart from that the central characters were well built and the relationship between them well written. What I loved the most was how the author explained the different types of food within the game world, it was very tantalising. 


The author also had written some scenes that were beyond my wildest imaginations. Like the final boss fight at Jupiter's dungeon. It was not how I expected it to go. The author also tied up all loose ends at the end by explaining why certain characters acted like they did or said what they said. All in all it was a nice book to read.


Vainqueur the Dragon

A great story , a good mix of comedy, epic battles and a teeny tiny bit of emotional moments. The dragon - menion combination, even though started as an accident, gets traction very fast. I for one couldn't stop reading once I started reading it ( as many other books).

The Parallel Timeline: Time Loop Rebel

I think this is my lucky week, because, since I caught up with the Mother of learning, I have been searching for stories with time looping element. But had no luck until this week. In this one week itself, I came across two stories with the Time loop element (this being one of them) and am waiting to see how these two stories are going to progress.


  1. Grammar and style: The author has a good grasp of the language ( I don't know whether English is his native language or not) and is error-free to my knowledge. And the writing style is also pretty engaging.
  2.  Story Score: The plot is not yet fully developed and hence it will be premature to say anything. Even so, I felt it is quite promising that is why I gave it a 4.5 rating with a margin of error. (will re-write the review once the plot is developed further)
  3.  Character Score: Not many characters have been introduced yet. But the MC is well presented. The 4.5 rating is because of the same reason why I gave a 4.5 rating to the story score, and not because the story or the character is lacking something. (will re-write the review once the plot is developed further)


The Menocht Loop

Yeh... Time loop again...

I have been searching for a story with, time loop as it's the main theme, after reading Mother of learning, for a long time. It was by accident that I stumbled upon this story two days back. I can't say how happy I was to find yet another story with the time looping element. And the story didn't disappoint me. If you have read Mother of learning and if you have loved it, then you will love this story as well. The story from the very first chapter is very captivating. Like Gunsofpurgatory said in his review, it is quite addictive. 

  1. The grammar and writing style is really good.
  2. Character: We have an OP MC from the beginning and the second MC is also OP, from what little info. is available about him.
  3. Story premises: The back story of both the MC's are not fully revealed, so I don't have enough data to say something about it.


Spirit Immortal

An incredible storyline with a not so incredible climax.

This story has become a bed time story for me since about a year ago. I have realy enjoyed the ride form the begning till the end of the thirteenth book. But the final book and the climax was a big letdown. Right from the bigining of the forteenth book the author was stretching the story unnecesrily. And in the end Shin didn't even had to fight the Alfather. His fight with the world serpent was a good one indeed but the MC not even fighting the main villen, now that's something I haven't seen anywere else.  The final book is the only reason for the 4.5 rating, otherwise I would have given a 5 star rating.


I usually avoid reading stories that are tagged as Anti-hero, and the few I have read left a bad taste in my mouth. But this story, contrary to my expectations, was indeed very interesting. The usual darker theme, that I have seen in the previous stories, have not crossed the line where it makes one think if the MC is the bad guy. The MC does take some very "heart-less" decisions, but still, his actions are within a boundary, so to speak. The MC has a very interesting personality. Since he is a lone wolf, his inner monologues, exceeds external interactions. He is power-hungry as any self-respecting transmigrated MC and is a bit too self-centered. The author has a way of criticizing the usual stuffs we see in any fantasy novels, mangas, animes, etc. (like a tournament where the MC shows off his amazing abilities and become world-famous) through the MC, which I felt very fascinating. The author breaks many conventions and conceptions that a regular fantasy novel follows, which makes the story more thrilling and unpredictable. The grammar, in the first twenty or so chapters, is very poor, even after being stated as edited, but afterwords it improves a lot.

Mother of Learning

Completed reading the book the moment the last chapter was published. Not many stories, even if it has a great storyline and what-not, fails to make the ending in par with the readers' expectations. I have read many stories where the ending made me disappointed, not because it ended, but how it ended. There are a lot of writers, right here in RRL, who have abandoned their stories because they were not able to come up with a good climax. But Mother of learning is one of those rare stories (in my knowledge) that had a climax that was this epic. Even now, two months after it's completion, Mother of Learning is in the #1 position of Best Rated Fictions. This itself speaks volumes about the story.

Grimm, The Mythical Detective

One of my fev. novels here in RRL. The MC is Super OP . But the story is too complicated that following it becomes a lill bit deficult.


A very thrilling story...

I've read the story till chapter 89, that is to say all the chapter published till date, and can't have enough of it. The story is very enthralling. Wish the writer publish more than one chapter per week.