Legend of the wasteland

It has some mistakes in the grammar but still it's worth the read if you really

It's exciting to see what happens next and what our protagonist discovers. I hope it updates more frequently so I can read this exciting adventure.

Kool Kobold

Interesting... but needs improvement

The updates are slow but I can wait. The events goes too fast and how characters speak is sometimes confusing. He acts like he has two personalities, he acts nice but goes sadistic in a fraction of a second when doing "something" relating to violence. He suddenly want to kill someone for just insulting him but its okay if you don't want to remove this. Maybe describe a event or action more and maybe do something like this "I throw my javelin at him but I miss, he picks it up and throws it at me. I dodge but I didn't gone unscathed. My shoulder is bleeding but I'm not down yet." before the characters speak. And maybe squish some sentences together to not make it spaces heaven. I'm sorry if this strikes as rude but I'm just saying you have some flaws of your novel format that needs improving. 

Dah Ork Life!

A well done isekai or reincarnated fan-fiction.

It has very believable events, comedic at times, and very fun to read. But it's unfortunate (at least to me) that you abandon the story.