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Jordan Stufflebeam

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Great Start, Excited Whats to Come

For this being such a new story and me only to be able to read the first three post, I still wanted to give a full review. (But will update review as more is posted.) It was overall a rather interesting idea. The one thing I really liked that the author did was attach visuals to the end of the chapters to help us see what he was seeing. 

Some of the visions the author wanted us to see are pretty dang difficult to properly show, but he does a good job. Some of the character descriptions are sometimes dry and take away from the story a little but that can easily be fixed. I generally prefer when they are described through the main characters perspective but this is still well done.

Overall, I love the uniqueness of this adventure, getting to venture to a new world where you have to survive and grow. The book cover was a little off putting but dont let that take you away from the gold that is in this story. I am excited to see where this will go!

Give it a read and a follow and you will be happy you did!

Adventures of the Goldthirst Company

Get The Gang Together! ADVENTURE!!!!!

First off, wow! I was laughing pretty good at the majority of this because it is just a fun story. The Blurb alone gives you a good taste as to what the conflict is going to be and the author sets it up so well. Its a skill to set up humor to where it actually involves the story instead of just being funny to be funny, and she does a bang up job with that!

Dont be off put by some of the errors in the story. Overall it is a well written adventure just needs some fine tuning but the characters are diverse, the pacing is spot on, and more people need to be reading this book!

One thing I loved that the author did is that everyone in the group is drawn up to cause drama with one another but they still need to work together towards a common goal. Genius! 

Its dark, its hilarious, all around amazing! Read it! You won't regret it! 

Triple Threat Mage And The Three Masters

I will say that this was a rather fun adventure from the beginning. The characters were moderately believable and for the most part pretty well defined and individual. The Main Character is very well written and a highlight of the story. 

I will say this, the cover threw me off to the story. Seeing that, it moreso was slightly off putting but still the blurb kept me interested and I am overall glad I read this!

He does some fun ideas and twists with the magic which keeps everything fun and enjoyable, but some things you need to be careful with is that magic cannot be a fix all. Like in Sci-Fi how time travel fixes all haha.

Overall though this is a well thought out and planned book. The author does an amazing job at the world building and I was ultimately impressed. Strong potiential and I am excited to see where this will go.

Deviant's Masquerade

"Deviant's Masquerade is meant as an urban-fantasy/ superhero Anthology with each episode being a multi-chapter arc, following a different set of characters all existing in the same world(s)."

First off, wow. I will say I was a little hesitant at first when I saw the style of writing he had. It was a majority of conversation with not much depicition, and what looked like a lot of internal conversation. Once I actually sat down and read it was impressed.

The one thing Arthicern does well is the character development. He does it in a way that the people interact with one another but each chapter will shift who the perspective is on, giving you a chance to see inside the mind of all those who are involved in the story. This created a fun and different twist.

Each part of the story is set with a differnt story, which created some fun experiences. Ive just started reading Episode 3 and will definately be reading til the end. 


Overall, Arthicern does a great job. The style is a little odd from what I'm use to but it doesn't detract from the story. If you read this, you're in for a treat!




The Lost City of Maeros (Working title)

This story is a gem, and it is still in the beginning phases! That gets me rather excited! The biggest thing that I love that JJ Taylor does is his world building. He does exceptionally well at taking things that we have in our lives and changing how they work just ever so slightly to make it unique to the world. Its easy to follow and a nice add on.

Futhermore, his characters are well placed and develope well through the chapters. you learn quickly who they are and their personalities and then they develope from there. JJ Taylor does a very good job at bringing conflict from the characters to develope the story, as well as to build up the characters. 

Fen is a likeable, adventerous teen girl who just yerns to travel with the ships she watches at the ports. Shes ruthless, strong willed, and overall just a fun character to follow. 

Grammar is sometimes a little weak at points but for the book being in its first draft its an easy fix and in no way detracts from the stories. He doesnt publish chapters as fast as some other books on here, but when he does they are well formatted and put together.

Follow this book, and give it a read because it is an absolutle blast to read, and I am excited to see just how it developes.


Legend of the Crystal Borne: Wielders of Lightning

First off, you can tell he his passionate about his work, no doubt about that. The drive he has reflects in his works. The thought behind his characters, down to the names are extrodinary and he is talented. 

He is able to build a world and his characters strong, he is able to be discriptive enough to paint the picture but still leave room for us to imagine it on our own, and he understands that balance quite well. 

For this being his first major work, I am impressed, and I think whoever reads it will be as well. The one thing is like any book there is going to be some grammar errors here or there, heck I am more than guilty of it. But it isnt bad enough to draw away from the story, plus its why editors have jobs. Also, sometimes his conversations dont flow as naturally or seem overbaring, but these are small things compared to his ability to tell a story.

I cant wait to read more, and if you pick up the book, odds are you will feel the same way.