Jordan Stufflebeam

Jordan Stufflebeam

    1. Re: Hoping to get some story feedback

      @Timeemit  @clearbattery Ill give yall both a read, yeah I do agree that the .5 rating is not justified at all and so ill give ya a view and give you an honest rating. I mean what .5 stars is a first grader (...)

    2. Re: Review swap!

      Ill review swap! Sounds fun!  Here is mine:

    3. Re: How do i get followers

      That is the hardest part, heck im in the same boat. That being said from what ive seen, you just gotta dive into the community. If you do have a quality book itll be found and read. If you just kinda post (...)

    4. Re: Looking for story feedback

      I love the idea of Helpful Sins haha that was cool! I like the world you are building. Its fun to have that kind of world built up where its a kind of hidden world inside our own. I do agree with the (...)

    5. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Highborn: The Stormforth Chronicles ( Highborns, or Guardians of Alluvion, have vanished from the world. Destin, though physically (...)

    6. Re: Restarted writing a dropped story. Should I rewrite first few chapters, or go on?

      Something I generally do that has helped me a lot is that ill write 5-10 chapters and then go back and do an edit of them. Since I get to see the characters and how they developed in the 30-50 pages I (...)