Jordan Stufflebeam

Jordan Stufflebeam

    1. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      Thanks for all the reads guys! I really enjoyed them and it made the flights a ton better! I think I got them all. If I didnt review yours let me know!

    2. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      I am willing to do a swap as well, My story is a new one, so check it out after a few chapters are posted; And I will get to reading your work! (...)

    3. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      My review is in, I liked it overall.   Also I posted some crits in the chapter comments.  Thanks for the swap. Solid thanks for the help! Im on chapter 10 with yours so I should be able to write a (...)

    4. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      And there we are, the review is up, thanks for the swap and I liked and favorited the novel, can’t wait to read more. Thanks and likewise, I found some rather fun stories to continue reading. Thanks (...)

    5. Re: Help Needed

      I just read and reviewed your story! Overall it was really good. I would work on the blurb a little bit because that is usually one of the biggest things to help get someone to start reading your story. (...)

    6. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      If you've got room for one more: My story's a fairly light read, about the (mis)adventures of a group of wandering adventurers (...)

    7. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      I'm down to trade. My story is low fantasy with some scifi elements. Thats a fun little twist. Ill add it.

    8. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      Hey I'm in too 🤗 I'm fine with the exchange! My story is an academy - high fantasy one, with political elements too. It's called "Assist: Nature War" (name linked) Sounds Solid! Consider it (...)

    9. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      My novel is epic fantasy as well wouldn’t mind a trade if you are up for it. Just in time :D Yeah ill give it a go! 

    10. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      I've read the first few chapters of your story, and I don't mind trading reviews when I'm done with it. My story Deviant's Masquerade, is an episodic anthology following different a different set of (...)

    11. Re: Could someone give me some feedback / review for my story? (Fantasy / Adventure)

      Ill help ya out sir. I get it lol I'm in the same boat. Looks good! :D lets see how it reads :)

    12. Re: Someone help me about reviews?

      Yeah Ill help and look into it as well. What book are you concerned on?

    13. Re: Review Swaps

      Hi guys, I'm close to finishing the first book of my series, Twisted Branches and am looking for some feedback on the prose and content. Would love to do some review swaps. If you're interested, please (...)

    14. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      Hey all! Ill be traveling soon for vacation with my family and I thought it would be a fun time to read some original works while on the plane. I am looking to do a review swap for 5 people who are interested. (...)

    15. Re: I'm just looking for general feedback on my ongoing novel

      Ill give it a read and see what I think. Ill keep ya posted.

    16. Re: Review swap/request

      I'll try reading them both during the week and write a review at the weekend.  Yeah I have some free time and will check yours out now, hopefully will have it done by end of week at the latest. Ill (...)

    17. Re: Why it is hard to gain feedback at the start?

      Yeah the biggest thing is you are on a website full of writers and reader who are posting their stuff. Everyone has many different ideas and its up to you to somehow stand out from the rest of them and (...)

    18. Re: Why are Isekai's and LitRPGs so popular?

      For me, I would say its a lot like the dystopian phase. A few years ago we had a huge flurry of books like Hunger Games, and Divergent. I mean they were everywhere and they were huge. This is the same (...)

    19. Re: Review swap/request

      Sure ill give ya a read, ive been looking for something new to read. Here is mine, its fantasy:

    20. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      If you get to it, great, if not, no big deal. :D  Highborn (The Stormforth Chronicles)