1. Re: How does this gender-neutral term sound?

      Personal opinion, but I absolutely hate reading made-up pronouns as they look like consistent typos and break word-flow, making it a chore to go through; I've dropped books for this- seeing "xe, xem" or (...)

    2. Re: Soo I just got this :Your fiction has been rejected due to political themes. What's that about?

      Nemanja Referencing real-life people and politics is against Royal Road policies. Is this a case of "bepsi" vs "pepsi" workarounds? Regardless, that ruling is pretty clear-cut - there's no wiggle (...)

    3. Re: World building and writing style

      I catch myself critiquing my own writing almost constantly; every time I open the document to write more, I'll read through the whole thing and make minor changes. It's probably not the best habit to have (...)

    4. Re: What is mature?

      Had an idea knocking about for a while after going over a lot of superhero serials. I'm assuming this one would come under "Traumatizing - Questionable moral values", but I've no idea if the following (...)

    5. Re: Looking for a writing buddy?

      I had a look through your bibliography and although there's no content to the stories posted the synopses are of proficient quality, mechanically speaking. If you have chapters for whatever projects already (...)

    6. Re: Two books at once?

      I can only add a cautionary personal anecdote: At the last count, I have six separate stories all in various stages of introduction clocking in around 12,000 words total and a dozen or so fragmented ideas, (...)

    7. Re: why is romance in every novel even those that are suppose to be purely action novels? (those bastards lied to me)

      Interpersonal drama and relationships influence the decisions of people and rarely are there any characters so completely divorced from social structures that conflicts or conflation of interest never (...)

    8. Re: Any writing competitions on Royal Road?

      There's always the option of hosting something yourself here on the forums, although I'm not sure what incentive writers might need beyond bragging rights. The structure of Royal Road already encourages (...)

    9. Re: Dungen Map Help

      I've not had the opportunity to actually look at the features of RR yet so I can't comment on this 'source' problem but the easiest way of getting around it is probably taking a screenshot of your map (...)