The Reviewer

The Reviewer

Canaan: My World To Live

Review as of after the rewrite.

Here's your review by The Reviewer:

I don't know if it was beacuse of the rewrite, but wow. I have to admit this is one of the best glance review's I've given so far. Everything is so well done that I would have made this review way earlier if I had known about this novel.

Styel and Story:

The way this is written is amazing. The vivid descriptions along with dazzling narration. The use of words was perfect, everything was in the correct spot it should be. Be it before, after or within a certain area. The intro into this novel let me visualize perfectly what was happening without giving any hints at what was going on. 

Letting your readers understand a bit of the situation yet keep them anticiapating what would happen next. Reading this eloquent writing style and plot is something I honestly enjoy!

Grammar and Character:

Grammar is perfect. Nothing else can be said about that.

The only reason I took 0.5 off for character was because I personally enjoy reading male MC stories. Please don't hate me for this, it's just my opinion. The character development is paced just right, not too fast yet not too slow either. It's pretty realistic if you compared it to discovering more about a new friend.

That's it for this glance review, I promise that if I have some time later that I'll read more of this novel. 

I always say this so don't pay it any mind, but I hope this review wasn't demotivating in any way! And I'm gone!

-The Reviewer


Ergon V

For All you Cyberpunk lovers

Glance Review by The Reviewer:

Nice novel! I can't say much because I'm not into this genre of novels, but the story isn't bad at all.

Style and Story:

Style of writing is nice. The prose and the way you make it seem like the reader is experiencing the scene firsthand is a good skill to have. Allowing the reader to read as if they're in the moment is essential in any good novel.

The story and plot are decent. I haven't read that far, but the way it's developing would be very entertaining for those that like this genre. Me personally, I'm not intrested but it still deserves at least a 3.5.

Grammar and Character:

Grammar is well maintained thoughout the few chapters I've read. Not perfectly though, there were a few times I saw a few mistakes. They weren't anything major, you could sometimes go by not notciing at all if you weren't reading specifically to find things like grammar mistakes.

Character development is on going smoothly, enhanced by diologue and the narration. I find the main character relatable in a few aspects, garnering it a 4.5. Not perfect for me though. After all, these characters aren't physical so there's no way I'm giving it a 5. cool

That's it for this review. I hope this wasn't demotivating in any way! Peace out.

-The Reviewer

Danny Styles

Another novel reviwed by The Reviewer:

A glance review as of chapter 1.

Style and Story:

The way you write doesn't seem that unique to me, I've read plenty of similar writing styles. That doesn't mean it's bad though. It's been honed to the absolute best of it's kind. Probably through years of writing I'm guessing.

I haven't delved much into the story, but from the information I've gathered-the plot is going to be plenty intresting.

Grammar and Character:

Here comes Danny Styles!. This dude's thought process is unusual, but not disliked. I enjoy it very much the descriptions given by his inner thoughts.

Side note* Anyone ever think about that voice in your head that read's these things for you? Just for you to think about.wink

Grammar is near perfect. Not any faults I've discovered, but I see it's been rewritten. That might have something to do with it.

Let's be Festive-Giraffe! Celebrate another successful review with me...

-The Reviewer

The Power of Systems

The Reviewer on another novel:

Nice job on your second novel man! (I noticed on your fictions tab) Continue to write and I guarantee you'll get somewhere. Review as of Chapter 1.


Personally, your style of writing is pretty creative and I enjoy it. The funny remarks Ryan sometimes makes is enough to bring a smile to my face. If you continue to write in this styel, you got me to support you, but if you decide not to. It's fine by me, I'll just update my review then!


I'm liking the story right now. I know others might say isekai is overdone, but I can't get enough of it. I've read all the good ones and been looking cosntantly for more. If this can become big like the more well known novels posted elsewhere, notify me when you do.


Easy and concise. Perfect, can't see any mistakes.


Once again, the character has already made an impression on me within the first chapter. He's a funny and cool guy. I don't know if you'll change his personality later on, I'll just wait and see.


Nice job on the start of your second novel! It's been a great read so far, and make sure you don't stop until the end! 

P.S. Hope this wasn't demotivating in any way.

-The Reviewer

The Elementalists

The start was too quick for my tastes. I understand straight into action opening, but there was literally no description of the character. His name and then BOOM, his 16th birthday. Also, the content contained within the chapters is well written, but I personally don't like the way the chapters are named.

Just my opinion though. You don't have to cater to my tastes. Keep on writing, hope this didn't demotivate you in any way!


HA! I'm your first reviwer. You better remember me! cool

The Secret War - 1st Novel in the Shadow Series

Nice job on your story. 

Sadly, I had to give it a 3.5 for some reasons. I couldn’t keep up with the new terms that kept popping out and the way they were spelt confused me. The name’s of the characters included.

Props on the comedic aspects though. They were pretty funny.

Hope you remember that I am your very first reviewer on here!

The Shadow That Preludes Death (The Favoured)

Good job man! You decided to write a novel. This review is as of chapter 2.

Story is good so far. I’d prefer a little bit more action and a little less conversation, but that’s just my opinion. Other’s opinions could differ but I think it could be improved.

Grammar is ok. There’s multiple spots where the grammar during a dialogue passage is a bit off. Otherwise, during prose, it’s mostly perfect.

Lastly, character. The character is relatable and nice to read about what she does. Character development is not yet close it my standards but that’s probably because I’ve only read 2 chapters.

Here’s your first advance review and I hope it wasn’t too demotivating!