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The Reviewer

Afterdoom | The Post-Postapocalypse (Complete~)

Like the descriptive language and the way the story is going so far.

You should check out this novel if you have the time. It's pretty good.

The City of the Seventeen Kites [DELETED]

AWWW, that awesome story mnade me catch the feels. Nice job man! not a lot of mistakes, so I hope you attempt to write a full blown novel in the future!

Project Pegasus

Great novel so far! Continue the good writing! Diologue could be a bit more expressive but thats all!

To change a destiny

Great spin on a novel with a system

Nice job man! Nice story. Only prolbiem is chapter 1 is a few syntax mistakes and some awkward phrasing! Otherwise, nice job!


Unique style of writing, but not my taste

A review by The Reviewer:

Style and Story:

The style of writing looks horrendus to me. Very little prose and descriptions, and the diologue is written without expression. There's just a name and then what that character says. No, "excclaimed Joe in surprise." It's just Joe: Wow. Also, using * to describe actions is not a good way to do it. Use adjectives and descriptions to flesh out actions! It seems like your're not putting a lot of work into this at all!

The story is ok. The idea behind this whole novel is kind of intresting, but with this style of writing. I don't think anyway would want to read it and actually find out more about the plot.

Grammar and Character:

In the prose, there's very little grammar mistakes. BUT in the diologue. I'm just taking stars off for the fact that the diologue is written how it is.

Character is doing ok. There's enough conversations so that the character develpoment is ongoing, BUT. It seems like they're emotionless human beings. As I said before, put expression into the diologue to make the characters seem more realistic!

There's a lot of things to improve on, and if you do make these changes. I can guarantee your writing will be a lot better. I know you're particuarly new at writing, but I'm not going to hold back just beacuse of that. 

Hope this wasn't demotivating in any way!

-The Reviewer

The Luckless Mage of Greidwhen Academy

I love the headings on the top of each chapter. I wonder how you managed that! Also, the artwork on the cover is awesome!

The Regis Saga

Here is another Glance Review by The Reviewer as of Chapter 2:

Style and Story:

Personally, the style doesn't suit my tastes. Not enough prose, a bit heaver on the diologue. Still, doesn't suck at least. If you're gonna do it, do it well which is what you have done.

Story is good for those who like the genre. I personally don't like this genre of novel, but that's just my opinion. If you're into this kind of stuff, I suggest checking this novel out.

Grammar and Character:

I found many missed punctuation areas and a few extra spaces added in. Otherwise, if it was a normla person reading this and not someone specifically looking for mistakes---they'd probably miss it.

Character is the best out of the categories. Lot's of diologue might affect the style negatively, but it sure as hell boosts the character development. I don't know if you were aiming for this effect, but it definitely worked.

That's it for this review! Hope this didn't demotivate you in any way!

P.S. Cool cover!

-The Reviewer


Love how the MC starts as a rat. Reminds me of That Time I got Reincaranted as a slime and RE: Monster. Keep up the good work!

Congrats on making it to #1 on trending and staying there for 3 weeks!


Another Glance Review by The Reviewer as of Chapter 2:

Congrats on your start on this novel! The one thing I'd like to point out before I start is that the release schedule is pretty slow. I think 1 or 2 chapters every two weeks? I personally can't stand waiting for that long, but hey-that's just my opinion.

Style and Story:

The style is well done. Many descriptions and the prose is just about enough. The amount of diologue is just write as well. Nice use of adjectives thorughout the few chapters I've read!

I'm not really into Sc-Fi so don't mind the 3 star. I still gotta give you props on your naming sense, they're pretty cool names. I meant the planets, not the humans sadly.

Grammar and Character:

If if wasn't for a few run on sentences, I would've given a 5 star. That's all.

The pace of character development is going well. If you wanted to make the reader know a bit more about Joshua or the other characters, I suggest a few more exchanges of diologue. They help most of the time.

That's it for this glance review. I hope this wasn't demotivating in any way, so continue writing regardless of what others think!

-The Reviewer

P.S. I find the cover simple, and clean yet appealing at the same time.

A Super Robot Story

Another Glance Review by The Reviewer:

It's an ok novel, I've only read up to chapter 3 so this review is as of the chapter mentioned.

Style and Story:

The style of writing is ok. There's enough desciriptions, but the diolague part is a bit confusing. I don't want to scroll to the top of the page just to find out who is talking if you know what I mean.

The story is problematic. The prologue was this battle against a machine with a bunch of people shouting out things. But then it shifts to the pov of a girl in an academy without any explanation at all. A bit more info such as a flashback or even narration about how the situation came to be would help. I just don't understand the scene shifts at all.

Grammar and Character:

There were a few spelling mistakes and misplacements of punctuation. Overall, not bad and still not a problem reading sentences.

The character relates then again to the story. The end of the prologue was a make talking, and then a sudden shift to a girl's thoughts in chapter 1. Doesn't make much sense to me. The personality of the girl was cloudy as well. Why does she hate her parents so much? Is it because of the skirt? Why does a skirt make her hate her dad, and nervous in front of her mom? I may have misunderstood this event, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Overall, not a bad start on your novel. Yes, it could be improved but you got lot's of time to do that. Take your time, QUALITY>QUANTITY! 

Hope this wasn't demotivating at all and continue to write regardless of what others think!

P.S. A cover would help a lot. It makes readers more intrested and it looks more visually appealing as well.

-The Reviewer