Ringo Farr

Ringo Farr

A Thief's Tale: The Road To Redemption v1.826

A Thief's Tale: The Road (...)
by Ringo Farr
6.7k pages

Life is seldom fair, though Kaid Gadai could hardly care less about whether Pauper Paul got the same meal as Wealthy Walter. He's got his own problems. Work is hard to find when you've been homeless for nearly half your life, and even then crime tends to pay just a little bit better.

Jaded, world-weary, and as sarcastic as any of his kinsmen, Kaid struggles to build the foundations of a better life, each day bringing him closer and closer to leaving thieving behind. However, a daylight run, a crooked cop, a nasty plot, and plain old bad luck change up Kaid's life, resulting in a jarring change of scenery.

Can a paranoid, bitter young man learn how to redeem himself in a near utopian society, or will he crumble in the face of a lifestyle he was unprepared for? It all depends on adaptation and not cursing up a storm while doing it.

(Props to my editor AficionadoAvacado and the part timers, Tenth and J_I_M_S.)

[A/N] So rewrites have been going on for a while and now chapter 25 is posted with both parts. The next chapter to be released will be a new chapter and the one after that a rewrite. New, rewrite, new, rewrite is the general order]

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