Ringo Farr

Ringo Farr

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Gender: Male
Location: United States
Website: https://Fimfiction.net / archiveofourown.org / www.patreon.com/ringtael / https://discord.gg/Mv9ATaBtcy
Bio: Rewrites in progress; Pm for specifics, otherwise enjoy!

Ringtail is the Panda, I'm just the guy that translates for him. Call me Ringo.

Ringtail takes donations of bamboo, eggs, chocolate crickets, and constructive criticism. Don't be mean; I hate swearing while talking to the little guy. Especially since the swear jar gets expensive and Ringtail's a cheap fucker.

Yes, Ringtail is endangered. No, he is not a pet, and it's demeaning that you would call a sentient creature such a thing, even if his sapience is lacking.

No, I, Ringo, am not a furry. Ringtail is his own fuzzball, I have skin and I like other people that have skin.

If you need to contact me or Ringtail, PM's and Discord are the way to go. Ringtail#4665

Discord [ https://discord.gg/zGFD9KE ]

Fimfiction [ https://www.fimfiction.net/user/222424/Ringtael]

Patreon [ https://www.patreon.com/ringtael ]
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