Phantom Swordsman

Having Edit Suggestions With Locked Comments

This story is really great, except when I see grammar mistakes and typos and not being able to do anything about it because the comments are locked, why even have edit suggestions turned on?

Anyways this plotline is a rare take for me, I haven't read a Death Swordsman MC for a while.

A Fungal Dream

What even is this.

Author writes while having a seizure, typo left and right like trying to get a highscore. Got a word wrong in 3 different ways consecutively. Do you even look at what you write 3 seconds ago?

So fast paced that it might as well have no pace.

No plot, no goal, just spasming all over the place, no worldbuilding, just MC being chased while other 1 dimensional characters repeat their mistakes on a template.

Protangonist got blasted through thousands of worlds but there's no Portal Fantasy tag.

He saved a kid from kidnappers and then a knight fought him because he thought he was the kidnapper, but there was no follow-up on what happened to the kidnappers, did the guards catch them? Or did they get away? No, they just got off the back stage and completely dissapeared from the story. Then protangonist unintentionally poisoned the kid and then the author showed the kid being tortured by the poison every couple chapters.

Author, are you a sadist? It doesn't even advance the plot.

Then nonsensical system rewards and along with some more typos.

This isn't Satire, this is SadCringe.

Please, at least fix the typos, that will make it 300% better.

Earth's Alpha Prime

The story is decent, above average plot that is interesting and unique enough to keep you entertained, but not perfect levels of novelty.

What's unreasonable is all the reviews, you can notice how all the bad reviews didn't even get through 10 chapters while all the good reviews are above 20 chapters, there's even a 2.5 star review at chapter 1 because they didn't like the author's word choice. This is the perfect example of judging a book by it's cover.


And all the negative reviews get flooded with likes while all the positive reviews get the opposite, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if someone made alts to review bomb this.

The grammar is bumpy but atleast I still know what's going on, haters and trolls out there, I know you're gonna spam dislikes with your alts on my review, so feel free to do it.

And I'll still be here reading this decent story.

The boy who fell in love with a tree

A pretty good novel that makes me see the story in MC's perspective even while i'm binge reading.


It feels like i got the 'Perception of Time Manipulation' skill.

I readed for an hour and it feels like i'm inside the story for a week.

Keep up the good work!


Also, a message for you fellow reviewers. Try not to review and give 2.5 stars when you've just read the first chapter.

Dial (Ben 10/MCU SI)

Finally, Some Good Funkin Food

After searching this site to the end of the servers, I found nothing, but I somehow stumbled upon this interesting story from boredly checking a random novel that just updated.

This story updated like 1-2 chapters a month, so I felt extremely lucky to catch this treasure. I was looking for gold but instead found salvation.

After reading the first few chapters, I was a little into it, several more chapters in and I stopped all other things I was doing, I binge read this from yesterday until this evening, can't say this is perfect but also can't say it's not.

A shame that the updates are slow but I can bear the wait with inferior substitutes.


A man fell through reality's crack.

Fallen to Hell's Kitchen, he knew he can't slack.

A hammer in hand to feed himself.

People in danger that needed his help.

He used his gift from beyond the stars.

Saved others from harm close to his heart.

But everything seemed so far away.

Good and evil he couldn't tell apart.

Others hated him even if he saved them.

Then a signal came through that made him sway.

His idol and hero was under attack.

He saw a chance to make his comeback.

With a cry of hope he took a leap.

He didn't know what was on the other side.

Yet he had landed and made through the trip.

The man got into the dream team.

But not everything is as it seems.


- NickXenix, The Writer Of Poems.

The Vitaean Chronicles - Volume I: The Sanguine Prince

From start until finish, the plot got me literally hooked in, I felt like the MC is a real person and not just a character, sensible decisions (abiet some influenced by ignorance and emotions) the twists and turns got me reeling in.


I read as he develops himself as a character, the grammar is infinitely better than mine, the story is well crafted, the style is great, the characters are unsurprisingly perfect, also... if you don't like drugs, then don't read this, cuz this would 100% get you addicted to it after a glance.

The 'betrayal' that broke his heart and made him realise that he's no longer in the same naïve and peaceful world, how he took it and his response, got me thrilled, thrilled that he's finally becoming strong enough to protect his friends, thrilled that he'll soon get revenge on his enemies, thrilled that I get to watch as it unfolds.


But anyways, until the end of it all, I'll stay here, and read the story that I found.


P.S. It's been 3 years, 11 months, 7 days, 8 hours, and 25 minutes, and I'm still addicted to fiction, I've tried reducing the dosage, but the addiction withdrawal, I don't think I can hold it any longer, please send help.

The Wild Touch

12 chapters in, and I can enjoy this story without convincing myself that the MC won't suddenly become invincible then the mc becomes unstoppable in the next chapter.


Interesting story, finally an mc that isn't a dragon, human, or some overpowered elf, I'll read to see how well this can get, a little heavy on the grammar mistakes and typos, but I'm sure that the author will improve.





This needs 200 words so I'm awkwardly here to prolong the review, guess you're stuck with me ;), just kidding, it should be 200 words already, I hope you enjoy this story like I do and I wish you the blessings of the stars and may you survive for long in this cold universe 😉


The writer bless the reader's soul.

To burn as bright and deep as coal.

The writer wish the later's mind.

It shall be light as feather's line.

The writer hope that you have good health.

For it's might and wealth rivals time itself.


I hope the MC doesn't get enslaved, though that would be a story for another time, it would take a darker turn, for the better or worse.


Writer Of Poems,

Signing out.

The Chronicles of the Legendary ****

This novel was so fan while it lasted.

Too had it's now on hiatus.

And it had so much potential too. 😭

Welp... Do you want to know a fun fact?

I found this novel by searching "NTR*.

Yeah, not exactly fun lol.

I'm waiting for the author to continue this story, but I can only hope that he'll see this review.


Nice story and nice plots.

You deserved better reviews.

Though i don't have one, you could say i'm speechless.

Hope you keep up the good work!

The Humble Life of a Skill Trainer

One of the best, I've ever readed. (on Royal Road)

Interesting concept/style, it's fun to read and excellent storyline.

I like this story and hope the author won't stop.

Rewriting is fine, just make sure the story is still good..

I hope you won't dissapoint me in the later chapters.