Hearm Jan

Hearm Jan

    1. Re: Review swaps - Let's help each other to improve!

      Wow, Sigurd I like your writing style lel. And the prologue is quite interesting. I feel like I was going back to myself in my fifth years old age. I haven't read much, but good luck. I have to pass in (...)

    2. Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

      It's a nice guide.  It's sad that I can only OL in a minimum time to perform such a task. Probably, once or up-to thrice a month. I really wish I can do those kind of things. 

    3. Re: Romance but harem bait with a twist

      It sounds like a Troy movie. But it's kind of mixed with a harem. I never encounter of such a thing. I have no idea either.

    4. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      In my experience, what is it that I really wanted to read inside the work if I can't find it, or it is not in my interest, I just leave it. But, some may found it good, maybe bunch of people like them. (...)

    5. Re: RPG - with town Building + DG crawler + ( Good turn based game mechanics with skills similar to Etrian Odyssey).

      Since, the one that I saw has only the translated interface, and not the story line. Maybe someone knows a good one. Either 2d or 2.5d is fine. I'm not really good at 3d too much. I have motion sickness. (...)

    6. Re: What MMORPG are you playing?

      Wow, Dragon Nest was mentioned. That's the only MMORPG that I've kept coming back. Sad, I can only play it a day in a month, or zero time in a month. Life turns busy as you grow. 

    7. Re: Grammar Vs. Plot

      Which is of greater importance to you when reading novels on Royal Road? Would you continue reading a story which had an amazing plot line with interesting story elements and deep characters if the (...)

    8. Re: Do I have a world building problem?

      I really want to start writing, but I like having a well-functioning world when I start. but at this point, I have 4 different settings with between 60 and 220 pages of text about the world for each of (...)

    9. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      >Improve pvp game system. Reduce Powerful characters. It will never happen. Developer needs more sale.

    10. Re: Why do people like gender bender?

      So, I can peek with girls.

    11. Re: fun sketch

      Awesome. (y) I guess, I try my best for my Chapter Six's Book Cover.

    12. Re: Hate-Reviews

      I still agree with this I quote below, Ringtail at least you have something to improve, but this kind of review, I write it in comments.   Reviews are there for, well, reviewing the content, not its (...)

    13. Re: GameLit vs LitRPG

      I'm still confused with those genres. I just based mine to with game stats vs don't need to always have game stats, was that? Specially mine was a sliced of life, and like a "remember me" setting. XD

    14. Re: On the topic of third person narrators

      Anyway, I can't disagree with the first post. But to me, it's just people are doing practical things, it can be bad or good. They can do what they want to engage their readers. But I suggest they must (...)

    15. Re: Harems: Are they even worth your time?

      If it is only for fun, and a nonexistence for fun reading or stimuli, I don't mind reading harem. If it is a serious political like in medieval age or any state of a fantasy and adventure genre, I don't (...)

    16. Re: Question, do you enjoy novels with more thought or more words

      I had read old first-person books, they were full of thoughts. Like Mother Night, and I like them. I read lots of third person books and pocket books with lots of dialogues and I like them. 

    17. Re: Feedback on my cover?

      XD You're not the best in Photoshop?  But still you made and awesome cover. Me in the other hand, it's hard to draw my Chapter Six.

    18. Re: Turn-based games (Final Fantasy style?)

      The most awesome Dragon Quest Monster Theme I played is Dragon Quest Joker 3 Professional. You can modify everything you want from just breading-monsters. And their AI is so so, which give you 50 percent (...)

    19. Re: Turn-based games (Final Fantasy style?)

      Try, FinalFantasy Tactics Series, Fire Emblem Series, @[email protected] Those Atlus Series Titles, Radiant of Historia, Bravely Default and Bravely Second. XD but I still like Etrian Odyssey Series I can feel the OPness (...)

    20. Re: Any good series wit an OP mc that is NOT evil or a psycopath

      I don't know if mine is OP. Click Zjjan Master  Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy    1. Blurb is fulfilled on Chapter Three and Chapter Four  2. Story Arc One, The Savior is fulfilled on Story (...)