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Location: Cagayan De Oro City
Bio: Today 1/4/2020 - Belated HAPPY NEW YEAR. I'm still having a problem for my developing materials. Precisely I'm lacking of materials. And If I'm going to ask my boss, that means I need to focus at developing the program. And this give me a headache. Hindering my writing. My boss, is quite a dreamer... Oh, the next chapter would be long, cause I want it only a one chapter. But, as I observe of those previous works that I like so much, it seems I need to write it the next chapter or scenes page that way.

And man, I'm a bit down, I found some awesome adult fantasy (visual novel) rpg, and I really like the story. Spoiler: A man, in the face of a goddess, and he's cursed title is, the God Slayer, but the rest of the series isn't translated. I can only find very little of story that I like. Sad life, I should have continue studying JP Language. Well, next week, I gonna continue writing my work, and forget those long search for a little while.

ZM Update 10/11/2019 - sp05 03 02, Altrass vs Vilyarin, Cally meets Eladin
I'll try my best adding suspense. 0.0 Good luck words length.

sp05 02 16, Her innocence but the Blood Rains
sp05 03 01, The Withered Promise
sp05 03 02, Altrass vs Vilyarin, Cally meets Eladin

I want to finish ZM :) As long as I have time, I gonna do, editing, creating ZM, and while at it, I also play some good stories in order to exercise my exploded thoughts.

I'm a Filipino.
Native Languages/dialects: Cebuano, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cebuano_language
Visayans Languages/dialects in Northern Mindanao. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visayan_languages
They are not taught in schools.
National/international Languages: Filipino. I'm not Good about this. I'm 65 of this language, Promise.
Philippine English, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippine_English
Plain English, I only use only one rule, Target audiences on my writings.

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