Sand (Hiatus-2/01/18)

It's painful to read but could be potentially good

Frankly the first chapter made me think that i would read about a powerful and charismatic mc but right now 7 chapter in and i only found that the mc is a weak and stupid pussy. 

Of course perhaps the author want to take his time in order to make the mc more believable and doesn't want to write about the mc becoming strong off the bat and that , frankly right now is the only reason i continue reading this story

So if you're the kind who like OP or SMART mc i don't think this story willbe for you. Of course if in the future chapter the mc change for the better i will come back and edit my review will asking forgiveness 


 Edit :

Like i said if i am wrong i will apologies.  I wasn't wrong. The story is SLOW at least the author made me understand that it was just a sort of warm up before the mc become truly strong

If you like story more based on world and characters building this story might be for you because even though the mc is still a dumbass he is surrounded by cool characters(well they are a little cliché  but cliché exist because they are good)

From the Final World

At the start you'll think thatbit some cliched story about god and demon. But no it even beyond that about a being so powerful that even the word OP isn't enough to describe her but the story is done in such a beautiful way thtpat it's not boring at all. I really hope that the author will continue to write this story.

Demon of the Darkest Night

Frankly i alway wondered why when some mc are transported in another world they could use mana so easily after all in theory with the presence of mana. Human from magical world should be biologically different from us.

In this story we see a guy with the potential to be op the weapon necessary to be op but he is not op. Why ? 

Because that how thing are. You can't go without efforts and pain from a normal human without training to someone so badass that even a soldier who fought at the front would feel inferior.

You can't become used to something totally foreign in a matter of few day

Anyway if you want a story about a guy who in one or two chapters become so op that even god tremble and is so manly that all girl wet themselves in his presence , this story isn't for you.

Bjt if you want to read an interesting story and that you're tired of story where the mc become strong without any efforts then read it and you won't be disappointed. 

For the other try reading until the 8th chapter. If by then you still don't like it then better stop reading

Metaworld Chronicles

Just about the "disappointing mc"

Firstly the body affect the mind. If you bothered to read the story you will know that much of her stupid act are done because of her other self since the two sort of merged. Even though she have control there many bit of the young girl

Secondly who said that being 30 is being mature ? Maturity have nothing to do with age but experience a 50 year old man who never went out of his house won't be more mature than a 15 year old boy in a country in war

Thirdly our mc in her original world there were zero magic. In this new world they train 15year old girl in how to kill deadly monster. Frankly i don't think having a degree in business management can help in something like that

Anyway the mc isn't perfect she isn't the greatest nor the smartest she isn't the most op nor the most badass but so what ?? No one is. In this story everyone is different all characters are worth remembering and the mc grow in power and mentality. What can you ask from a story other than something like that ?? 

Only thing that piss me off is the release rate. The author "only" release a chapter everyday or every two day while i would love to have 10 chapters a day. Well one can always dream

The Simulations

The mc have power who seem nerferd from the start but with is smart he is able to find way to become strong.

Frankly for those who want a story with a op mc from the start this might not be for you but if you like story like artos imperium(on royal road) or the DANIEL BLACK series where the mc is smart and don't just go like a xanxia mc but his style badass  then this story is for you.

As of ch 19 you can say that the story really began around ch 11 since it where he meet an important character. Is power show is true might by ch18. The story is a little slow but the pacing is logical and it far better than most story i read on RR

The mc even though smart know few thing in the new world and is a huamn so he make mistake but he learn from them and become better each time

Black Mist: Daniek of the Black Blood

Frankly a bit of spoiler here 


in  many story on RR the mc is so op that evenas a child he is one of the strongest in the world I call that BS. In this story you have a mc who can’t use magic but obtain a power of higher caliber sadly this  power is so badass and rare that not only he found no one to teach him(for the time being) but also may destroy his body is not used correctly

so here we havea mc with average strengh at the age of 6 and no financial backing in a world where people who can blast mountain exist and where the poor become slave and he must take care of his mother who is pregnant frankly who can blame him for accepting the proposal what more he didn’t want to at first but his mother took the decision for him


well anyway for those who read this review I won’t add too much just read this story and as long as the author doesn’t suddenly drop his work(like many other) you will not be disappointed the mc is badass for his age but average in the world the other characters are not just here for nothing and are fleshed out and the plot is promisingand more importantly DON’T LISTEN TO THE HATER !!!