Tarnished Survivor - OLD

Tarnished Survivor - (...)
by Slow Learner
203 pages

This is the old version. I will be reposting soon because of a rewrite I should have reposted instead of putting here.

White strove to be a knight worthy of respect and to be proclaimed a hero like those in the myths. She wanted to provide a safe home to her children, and gift them a bright future. Her world was a simple place where duty, honor, and family mattered above all else.

That was a long time ago. Now, White has a fledgling kingdom to manage. She lives in a world of constant danger, where a single action could tilt her life into a spiral of destruction. The world has become a terrifying place of isekaied sociopaths, war hungry gods, and unfathomable entities from beyond space and time.

Updates are scheduled for Fridays. I will often release early chapters if I get ahead of schedule. I will try to be consistent unless something concerning my health pops up. I want to warn new visitors that there will be tragedy and heartache. Please read all tags. There may be scenes that will trigger sensitive viewers. You have been warned.

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Regis and Charlotte

Regis and Charlotte
by MeetFearsomeDragons
113 pages

Regis knows it's an illusion. He's only ever seen Princess Charlotte from afar; only heard her voice when she spoke to a crowd. Sure he's good at reading people, but he knows she of all people will be wearing a perfect mask.

The problem is he's in love with the illusion, and it's not going away.

So he strikes out on a quest: win the fighting tournament held every year, where she gives out the prize, and hypothetically—just hypothetically—he can forfeit the monetary winnings and instead ask for a week to be close to her, to get to know the real her, and break the illusion once and for all.

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The Precursor Paradox

The Precursor Paradox (...)
by Felias
196 pages

Mankind. Their legends are legion amongst the stars but most agree that their empire once spanned a thousand worlds. The myths speak of stellar mages and their battles against primordial beasts to bring life into a barren universe. Whatever their story, the humans vanished and left behind wondrous wrecks of ancient technology. In times of desperate need, some may claim, they will return once more.

If those voices are to be believed, an ancient space station at the border of the galaxy speaks ill portents. Waking from a slumber aeons long, it brought with it the last of the humans it had kept in stasis.

Enter a story of magic and technology where mages battle with lightning and spaceships alike. Follow along as they explore the remnants of their golden age and rebuild their civilization from dust. They’re the paradox, the precursors come back to haunt the present.

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by ParagonsPassion
115 pages

Paragon is a story about Juliette. She wants nothing to do with the Passions that the rest of the world is clamoring over. Though they give power, they also change people. She must decide between joining the system or becoming the first to live without a Passion.

Paragon is a high fantasy story that explores powers, magic, classes, and all of the excitement that goes along.

Paragon will update twice monthly, on the 1st and 15th of each month. This might become more frequent if readership grows. Discussion can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/StoryOfParagon/

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The Girl with the Crimson Hair

The Girl with the Crimson (...)
by Danduil
250 pages

Remira is the daughter of King Loren Senistra and heir to the northern throne of Everstone. But despite being raised to be the perfect Queen, Remira harbors a terrible secret her crimson-colored hair, a feature she shares only one other, her mother, the infamous Crimson Queen.

For sixteen years Remira's parentage has been kept secret within the walls of Castle Everstone until now…

Now Remira has been forced to flee to the South with the help of her longtime friend Oz where she must leave behind the role of Princess for that of a humble peasant where she learns that the tale of the Crimson Queen is not all that it was made out to be.

New chapters every Monday!

Check out the Patreon for early chapters, artwork, side content, and lore dumps!


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Legacy of Kail

Legacy of Kail
by Eskandar
119 pages

The white-haired Kail is a member of the mercenary guild Anima. Having seemingly appeared out of nowhere one day, his life before Anima is surrounded is unknown to his peers. Now he takes on various jobs that have him travelling across the land of Terra Deorum, meeting a variety of friends and foes in his travels.

In a world of warring nations, magic, and monsters, Kail has many obstacles to overcome. Although he has his own unusual ability to help him on his way; the ability to see and speak to the dead.

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How to Kidnap your Princess

How to Kidnap your Princess (...)
by MDW
1.5k pages

The realm is in shock. The princess has been kidnapped. The beautiful, kind, and extremely talented magician princess is gone. Woe to the wretched villains that took her away, screaming into the night. Their weight in gold to the one that rescues her. Ministrels sing with tears how the people miss their princess. The hope of the kingdom is gone.

But maybe, just maybe, that was not the entire truth.

What exactly happened to the princess?



This is a fantasy novel with a gender-bending body-swapping protagonist. There will be NSFW chapters because it is a gender bender. Those will be marked and I will make it so readers that don't want to read them can skip them. Some other chapters might have a little bit here and there but will be both light and brief.



Cover credits CC-BY 2.0

Armando Aguayo Rivera - Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/armandoh2o/6932805860
Element icons credits CC-BY 3.0
Robert Brooks - Source:https://opengameart.org/content/magical-element-icons
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RE: Trailer Trash

RE: Trailer Trash
by FortySixtyFour
1.3k pages

In the year 2045, an MRI mishap transmits Tabitha Moore's mind back into her body in the past. Now it's 1998, she's thirteen years old, and she has to confront her long, miserable lifetime of failures—and once again being trailer trash—all over again.

...Or, does she?

Volume 1 is now available for ebook, audiobook, and hardcover!

/// A re-do story, everyone's guilty pleasure. Updates every month.

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Liminal Radiance: Path Of Old Dreams

Liminal Radiance: Path (...)
by Felias
738 pages

“Bring your brother back alive.” 

With these words, her family had sentenced their unwanted daughter to death. Frail and broken in more ways than one, she was ill-prepared to face the post-apocalyptic nightmares of the fallen capital.

Yet legends are forged on the anvil of adversity. When the last heroes are dead and the powerful dance in madness, a chance encounter with an old friend set this tormented girl on a path to change destiny. Now the weak must become the strong as wit prevails. But sanity is a scarce commodity when the skies are ruled by a false star and primal entities awaken from slumber.

[This is an action-horror story set in a gothic scenario. It includes some Yuri-Romance elements in a grimdark setting.]

Please note: The first chapter includes a short tag overview at the end. If you like your author chatty, I'm always happy to reply. Each chapter also has a bit about my writing process. Check in, see what's there and if you like it, cool. If not, tell me how I can improve.

This story is a proud participant in The Pledge. This means it won't be dropped and is guaranteed to get the intended ending. You can find more about my update schedule at the end of the first chapter and more info about The Pledge by clicking the banner. 

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The Demon Lord's Lover

The Demon Lord's Lover (...)
by redknight3996
1.5k pages

Julius Goldforge knows how the world works. He knows his role. Really, it's destiny by this point. 

The mentor dies, the hero gains motivation, and the demon lord falls to their blade.

Except...something's clearly gone wrong here.

Written by Redknight3996 and Indismile, The Demon Lord's Lover is a fantasy comedy/romance featuring a jaded, middle-aged adventurer who's damn sure he's going to die on this new journey with his students and the ambitious Empress of the Dark Lands, whose drive to conquer the entire world winds up putting both him and her on a bizarre course of attraction and impulsive decision making.

Includes (but is not limited to): action, adventure, big fights, elemental-themed temples, demons, angels, fumbling romance, competence, incompetence, nudist druids, the crimes of the past influencing the current age in myriad ways, interpersonal issues, fatalism, and being a decent uncle to one's adoptive family.

(We've also got a discord~! https://discord.gg/Mbba6g7)

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Everybody Loves Large Chests

Everybody Loves Large (...)
by Exterminatus
5.8k pages

Everybody Loves Large Chests is now available on Amazon and Audible! Featuring lots of editorial love and a more enjoyable reading/listening experience!

Large chests are said to encompass all manner of hopes and dreams. Men covet them. Women envy them. But one fact holds true - everyone wants to get their hands on some big ones.

The same holds true for one intrepid adventurer - a strapping young lad by the name of Himmel. Armed with his grandfather’s trusty longsword and the dream of being the strongest, he sets out on the journey of a lifetime! It is sure to be a long and dangerous road, fraught with danger! And it all starts with a simple test - reach Level 5 in the dungeon called the ‘newbie zone’ and earn the right to become a full-fledged adventurer!

However, such things get hopelessly derailed when his adolescent mind beholds an exposed chest for the first time. A fateful meeting that would inevitably lead his life in a direction he never even dreamed of!

This fiction is written, maintained and owned by Neven Iliev. It is also a participant of the WriTEr's pledge.

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A Dance of Poison and Curses

A Dance of Poison and (...)
by CrystalSquirrel
509 pages

For Liliana Rose her family is absolute.  Her loyalty is absolute, and if her mother or father demanded anything of her she'd give it to them without a thought.  Yet in the end she realized how little she'd given to her family, and how she was nothing in comparison to her parents.

To that end Liliana chose to leave her family behind, setting out on a journey to find her own value, and a way to help cement her own legacy.  What she found was something beyond her imagination, and it would eventually lead to her discovering her own place within the Empire.


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