Affinity for Fire

I like how the story is written but not it's content.

The story begins with the MC pretending something great happening to him is a personal sacrifice and grants some undeserved powers. Shortly after the MC gains more power and a unshakable position. To add drama the MC does stupid things.

Personally I would delete the chapters with other perspectives, nothing happening is unexpected and instead feels overexplained.

Truthful Transmigration

I have a tendency to give xianxia novels more credit then they deserve, however I can't bring myself to like this novel.

Character: MC declares that he is body snatcher of the heir to a family cultivation clan and everyone is fine with it. Apparently the host was fully dedicated to his responsibilities to the point of neglecting his Social obligations. None even tries to steal his secrets. These characters just make no sense.

Character desriptions: You are only given the colour of their skin for every character, the author apparently thought that is the most important characteristic of a person.

Grammar and style are good from my point of view.

Story: Feels stolen from other novels of the genre.

Defiance of the Fall

System is suddenly introduced into the world. Power progression though litrpg/xianxian mix. Nothing new but well written story which makes the difference.

Story focus is mainly on combat, but the MC does not get too powerful.

Large part of the early story is town building and defending.