1. Re: Looking for a special kind of dungeon core story.

      People seem to prefer reading the action parts, so the dungeon has to be discovered  quickly. Still I got one novel for you. It most likely has been dropped, but what has been written it worth reading (...)

    2. Re: Male Mage Protags?

      This should last you  a while. Royal road stuff: Little short isekai story: Apocalypse plant mage: (...)

    3. Re: Looking for a good cultivation novel

      Well that is a little broad so here's stuff I liked: Cultivation Chat Group : Modern day cultivation story that does not take itself very seriously. Reverend Insanity: Evil MC, good story, lots of (...)

    4. Re: search for (Chaotic)Evil MC

      I recommend Reverend insanity. It has translated novel of great quality. The MC did all of the above and worse for power. Not realy xianxian even though it is posted on  a website full of those awful (...)

    5. Re: LF A Story With The MC Using Necromancy

      Full necromancer: Koeran way to op Assassins/Necromancer: I alone Level-up

    6. Re: Any LitRPG with a black lead

      You seem be a person that can't handle foreign opinions very well. I hope you outgrow that, because it makes you look stupid. The issue with describing your main character is that, many people want (...)

    7. Re: Any LitRPG with a black lead

      Maybe you should make it explicit then Why? The color of their skin would have no impact on the story at all, and would then only estrange readers who did not like the choice described to them. (...)

    8. Re: LitRPG with non-melee MC (...)

    9. Re: novels where the MC is trapped/transported to the world they made

      That is a very specific request, I just got one for you. Very Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku The MC in the story was the programmer of the game he is teleported into. Not sure about the (...)