The Power of Ten, Book Three : The Human Race

This is the third story of the power of ten series so if you are new check the other two out first.

Like usual the setting is rooted in dnd, but has its own way of doing things.

We have multiple mcs, but that's not a problem as their perspectives are quite distinct imo.

Plotwise we get a main hook relatively early on, but while the mc whom is concerned with it tries to resolve it it doesn't seem to want to be easily done. Basically rather slow progress on that front.

Grammar is good.

Oh and often the author comments on the chapters with little tidbits/explanations, so check them out.


Romantically Apocalyptic

It's a fun story to read with lots of insanity and chaos, but it also hints at a logic/reason behind the randomness.

Each character is distinct and the writing is rather good, as up until now I have never gotten confused as to what is going on, despite the overall chaos.

I also like that the author makes art for each chapter and uses it to enrich the experience.

He Who Fights With Monsters

This is a positive review. Now read the novel.

This is a very good novel.

The main character has personality (lots of it).

The magic system is unique and easy to understand.

Side characters are fleshed out.

We haven't seen much of the world yet, but that's understandable.


Just go read it.

Silvergates: Northworld (Book 1 complete)

This story has an interesting premise and the MC seems to be a reasonable person.

The current chapters seem like they are meant to introduce the reader to the world and set up the cast and are imo well done in that regard.

I would recommend giving it a try.

Until Death? (Refleshed Version)

I liked the original until death quite a bit.

(Also the author's other works)

So it getting an overhaul is quite nice.

I usually am not someone to reread stories once I finished them, but the promise of improved grammar and in particular improved meta-plot is getting me excited.

I hope you, too, consider reading this work again or for the first time, I can only recommend it.

Mother of Learning

This story is one I am always looking forward to reading.

The characters are realistic and fleshed out and introduced quite well so that (at least for me) you don't need to think "Who the fuck is that guy"

I also like that seemingly unimportant details can turn out to be connected to later plots.

Another bonus point is that the time loop is explained in the later chapters, which is a nice touch. Actually you can say this about the entire story - it just makes sense.

I would also like to list some negative aspects, but I (sadly) can't think of any right now, except maybe for the slow update speed (not here but on where all the chapters are), but I prefer quality before quantity.


Thus I conclude my essay, with a thank you to the author for such a wonderful story

Fridays (Continue) Online

If this is even half as good as the prequel

... then I am gonna be a fan.

Continue online is one of my (if not the) favorite stories.

I am wondering what direction this story will take, I am excited and happy that I saw it under new releases.

So I am truly looking forward to reading this story and hope this will be another masterpiece.

To Break The World

I finally am writing a review for this story.

So here is my review, please keep in mind that I am also just an imperfect human, and that my view may not agree with yours :P

Anyways, I like that although the setting is within a virtual world shortly after an apocalypse, the virtual world itself wasn't intended to have such a thing happen and this shows how much a character can influence the world.


I also like the skillet of the main character, since it is rather interactive with the world.

Furthermore i also think while it is ratherunique and strong if used in the right ways it also bears certain risks and the right mind to apply it.


Anyways guys, please don't be discouraged by the other reviews and at least give this story a try~

The Undying Prince

Like the title says. It's really good. Furthermore i like jow the world isn't just a Medieval parralel to earth, but it's own. Keep going.

NPC I want experience

Nice story, but could be better.

The story and setting are very good, but the author's inexperience regarding the writing of a story and his English skills are major limiting factors.


My personal advice for the author is to:

1. take a look at interpunctuation and diversify your vocabulary.

2. Flesh out the scenes a bit more. (More adjectives, advanced syntax, more descriptions, longer conversations)