Laovi, The Eldritch Banana

Laovi, The Eldritch Banana

The Glass Cannon

So let's start at the top of what's needed for this advanced review.

The Style- Its entertaining and is quite simply great. It's easy to follow and keep up with. The story is well written and everything you need to know is explained without huge info dumps(which I find to be annoying).      

The Story- The story grabs you and keeps you hooked with the plot and characters. The pacing is good and there aren't any obvious plot holes. The system is explained pretty good as well. Some people talk about the time skips and complain about them, I find them to be well excuted and not that intrusive.  

The Grammer- Little to say here the few mistakes are quickly fixed(the very few that are there).

The Characters- They feel realistic and believable. They have flaws and dreams and they can fail. The MC doesn't just win everything due to "plot armor". The side characters arent just cutouts, they are in there own right awesome characters which is a change of pace from some storys.

Overall it's a great story 10/10 it honestly deserves more spotlight and a higher spot. It's well written, explained well and excuted perfectly. 


The end of this review. 







A Lonely Tree

Overall it's great, now let's expand on this. 

Story-Its well thought out and It's well written as well, it's a believable story as well things don't just fall in there lap

Grammer-from what I can it's just small minor mistakes that I'd there are any they are fixed quickly

Characters- The characters are funny and relatable, they are overpowered but just at the sweet spot of just right

Style- personally I love it, it's great just read it for yourself and check it out.

Just general things now, the fight scenes have just enough detail to be good while not too much to be just describing what's happening then have a line of fighting.

The world is well thought out and has reasons for things happening rather then "it happens because it did"

Slight spoilerish things ahead


The magic system is an interesting blend of semi cultivation and runes which in my opinion is quite interesting

As I said in the beginning it's a overall great story solid 9.5/10. Quite honestly Ive seen half the reviews are terrible don't judge by the bad ones read it yourself and see if it deserves the negatives (which it doesn't btw)

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Romantically Apocalyptic

It's a wonderfully well written story that gives no qualms to what you think you know. It will drag you on a rollercoaster of emotion and thoughts that is quite enjoyable to read. When you finish reading it you will be left confused and at the same time very happy at having read this story. It's characters are funny and well thought out. They make mistakes and they are relatable at times when they do mess up, they mesh well together and they are quite enjoyable to read and watch. The grammer is just 10/10. There's no mistakes and it better written then most of the stories I've read. And the story oh the story is just one of the best, it's mind boggling and confusing sometimes but that's what makes it's so good as you never know what's going to happen. The style is great and the art that's included in the story just makes that much better. Over all it's one of the best stories I've read so far on this site. If your reading this review you should get to reading the story instead it's a lot better then this review let me tell you. 

The end

They Called Me MAD

So far this is a wonderful story. The Characters are well thought out and are believable, The Grammer is great and any mistakes are quickly fixed if there are any. The Story is progressing nicely as well. The Style is engaging and fun to read. All in all 10/10 great book


Great story so far. It's one of the better cyberpunk story's on here

Style- It's fun and engaging to read

Story- Pretty well thought out world and plot so far

Grammer- One of the better ones on here. The mistakes are few if there are any they are quickly fixed

Character- The characters are well thought out and believable. 

Over all it's a great book and you should give it a try



Great story the characters are good. The Grammer is great and the story is good all in all 10/10


It's as the title says a Really good story. The story is well thought out and the characters are believable. The grammar is great all in all this is a Really good story.

The Gray Mage

This is a great book. The grammar is good and the characters are well thought out. Overall just a great book

Champions of the Boundary

This is a really good book I like the well thought out character there is no to very small mistakes but even those are barely there and I love the story so overall a really great book

The Soul Force Saga

Just wanted to give you my support for this awesome book