1. Re: What are your writing goals?

      2 chapters a week, or roughly 10k words a week between them.   I was originally writing one story at a chapter a day, and the other twice a week. I had to set goals to slow my progress down because (...)

    2. Re: How do I fix a missing story line?

      So I am currently posting chapters from book 3 of my series. I was reading through some notes I had and discovered a three thousand word section of story that was meant to be in chapter 5 of book 1. It (...)

    3. Re: Secondary Charactes and switching story focus.

      Hmm, I suppose I need to stop thinking of them as secondary characters then. Group B is off doing a task for Group A. While doing this task they are not affecting Group A in any way. What they are doing (...)

    4. Re: Is posting a straight-up romance story on Royal Road a waste of time?

      My story is a fantasy romance with harem element and people seem to like it. In one month I managed to reach rank 210 so there is a following for this sort of thing. I will say that it appears there is (...)

    5. Re: Secondary Charactes and switching story focus.

      So in the story I am writing the characters have split into two groups of three. One group contains the three main characters. The other group contains the three secondary characters. Each group is trying (...)

    6. Re: Two books at once?

      I very much want to write two stories at once, but I tend to write large 5k-10k chapters. Maybe I could use the second story as an exercise in smaller chapters. Sort of a training method. Do any of you (...)

    7. Re: My Outline Method and Thoughts on Writing

      You know the funny thing is I learned how to type accurately and fast by playing video games. The old school RPG games like everquest required you to communicate but voice chat wasn't a thing yet. So years (...)

    8. Re: My Outline Method and Thoughts on Writing

      Trying to write outlines is why I didn't write anything for years. I told myself not to start a project unless I had it nailed down in an outline with all the details fleshed out. This resulted in dozens (...)

    9. Re: In a Classic Harem Is a Male MC

      I am writing a harem story and the MC is male. However, I started with just one woman and I started to tease my readers that the harem would actually be hers not his. This caused a little bit of anger (...)

    10. Re: reviews and ratings, why am I not getting any?

      Thank you for your replies. I gained some insight here in that I have a greater appreciation for those that do take the time to review and rate the story. It also means I should be more proud of the (...)

    11. Re: reviews and ratings, why am I not getting any?

      I want to ask a question just to see if this is normal. According to my logs my story has been read over a thousand times in the past week yet this has translated into three ratings and one review. (...)

    12. Re: Fantasy with no Game elements

      I write simple high fantasty with a romance element. No game stuff, no real world stuff, a complete fantasy world all it's own with dragons, magic, and bandersooks. My story

    13. Re: Romantic Fantasy & Fantasy Romance

      I would like to submit my story. It is a fantasy story that is focused on the relationship building between the two main characters. (...)

    14. Re: pacing, is my story to fast?

      Hello all. I have started posting a story I wrote. Since I am posting it I am of course reading for editing purposes and paying close attention to various elements. One of those is pacing. To be (...)

    15. Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

      I may have posted this in entirely the wrong place. I see it went up as a reply. I was sure I was in the right place.

    16. Re: Copy Pasted Stories loosing formating.

      Description: Story is written offline using LibreOffice 6.0. It is saved in the default ODF text format. When pasted into Royalroad all spacing and paragraph indentation is lost. Saving in any other (...)