1. Re: Need a final reader/editor for ~12k word short story

      Is it really that tightly knit that you cant accept review/feedback on just 10-14k words of it? I'd be happy to do that, but my time is running thin soon. Either way, I appreciate the offer.

    2. Re: Need a final reader/editor for ~12k word short story

      Hello there. I'm currently finishing a roughly 12k word short story and need someone to do a final spellcheck and feedback on diction, narrative flow, grammar and style before I publish this story. I (...)

    3. Re: Review swap covering ~15k words

      Hello there, I am currently still reading Reindall's fiction. I will give each of you also a direct message with what (I think!) could be made better and how the general style could be improved. It could (...)

    4. Re: Review swap covering ~15k words

      Hello there, I recently re-released my first 2 books in my ongoing story "Tatzelwyrm", which was a rewrite of the first 23 chapters thanks to the input of close friends. Now I want some more ratings and (...)

    5. Re: A call to Beta-Readers

      Hello there, interested readers. I am looking for beta-readers for the rewrite of the first few chapters of my fiction. What that exactly means and what I need from these people I will list below. (...)

    6. Re: My rewrite needs beta-readers

      Okay, you know what, I kept this to DMs so far, but this time I will display your stupid BS publicly. "People have been helping you this entire time." Wrong.One person offered in earnest after me telling (...)

    7. Re: My rewrite needs beta-readers

      "You think people have the time of day to give you 0.5 *s cause of a forum post? Get off your high horse. " Have you ignored the part where people have outright told me on the discord server they did (...)

    8. Re: My rewrite needs beta-readers

      Again, people went to my fiction and gave me 0.5 ratings. Congrats. I'm not hiring anyone from Royal Road. All I wanted was to hire a professional beta-reader, but the people here were hell-bent on telling (...)

    9. Re: My rewrite needs beta-readers

      You're arguing 100% semantics. You're telling me exactly the same thing I said was off topic in the first post. I am looking for something and you're telling me why I shouldn't be using the terms I do. (...)

    10. Re: My rewrite needs beta-readers

      Stay on topic. This is about finding beta-readers, not arguing semantics. I am ABSOLUTELY aware what that means. I am aware that that some people might use different words I have been in contact with (...)

    11. Re: My rewrite needs beta-readers

      I want to re-iterate: This thread is for finding people to beta-read NOT for ANY of the following things:, Convincing me that I should not use the term "beta-read". I use the term on purpose fully (...)

    12. Re: My rewrite needs beta-readers

      Currently, I am seeking to improve the first chapters of my story "Tatzelwyrm" by rewriting them with my new experience I have gathered writing so far. For that I am recruiting people to beta-read this (...)

    13. Re: Looking for (professional) Beta-Read

      I find it impossible to believe that this is not a place to at least attempt to look for professional help, while on the very same board where the top threads are all offers by professional reviewers taking (...)

    14. Re: Looking for (professional) Beta-Read

      Rating bombing. That's what David Musk has stopped to. Because I told him that I do NOT need what he thinks I need and because I told him that I would NOT hire him, I got several 0.5 ratings on my fiction. (...)

    15. Re: Looking for (professional) Beta-Read

      This thread is for offering professional services. It's that simple. Anyone else debating definitions of words and, what they think Ia beta-reader ist or isn't or who I should be paying with my own money (...)

    16. Re: Looking for (professional) Beta-Read

      @David Musk I don't get what your problem is. You can't tell me who I have to hire. I want a beta-reader, not an editor, neither line editor nor content editor. I don't want someone to hand in changes (...)

    17. Re: Looking for (professional) Beta-Read

      Okay, sure, i'll do it. I usually straight up review, but i can read and answer questions as well.  How much am I getting paid? And do you wan't ego-stroking or honest brutality? TBH if you don't already (...)

    18. Re: Looking for (professional) Beta-Read

      After being let down by 3 (three)  free  beta-readers promised me to do a beta-read and then left me completely in the dark, I am now looking for professional beta-readers that I can legally pissy at if (...)

    19. Re: Engaging with readers, on what platform?

      One of the most fun things I have experienced about publishing so far is engaging with my readers and asking them questions about what specifically they dislike about my writing. I was able to better clarify (...)

    20. Re: Naming places

      Hi, I'm not sure whether to ask this question here or in "Assistance requests", but here I go. I have a ton of places/cultures/houses/allegiances in my Sword&Sorcery Fantasy world to name, most of which (...)