1. Re: Finding Professional Beta-Readers

      Based on this description, I could suggest it to my students. I would need to have a description of the story, how much you want to pay, your catalog of questions, and your contact information.  (...)

    2. Re: Finding Professional Beta-Readers

      You're right, beta readers are not editors (or not necessarily so).  Betas get the first rough drafts so you can get actual human eyeballs on the work and some actual human reactions to said work. (...)

    3. Re: Finding Professional Beta-Readers

      I am looking to commission a professional beta-reader/editor and don't know where exactly to look. I have been asking for professionals on twitter and facebook, yet the reach there is very little and scouring (...)

    4. Re: Offering 2 slots for 15k word reviews

      I looked at your novel, Deaddogsstillbark, and decided to take it on, I hope you have fun reading mine. Thank you for your offer.

    5. Re: Offering 2 slots for 15k word reviews

      Hello there.  I am looking to get more traction for my novel "Mundus Subcavus" (link below) and so I am offering 2 spots for a review swap over ~15k words, which in my case would be the Prologue plus (...)

    6. Re: Fantasy Adventure review swap over 10k words, two slots open

      EDIT 2: Another spot open, first come first serve EDIT 1: No more slots for now. maybe come back in a few days. I have started a new series, Mundus Subcavus.  I want a good number of reviews over (...)

    7. Re: Review Swap: one chapter or 7k words

      UPDATE 2: This thread is now inactive, since apparently,it's against the rules to reviewswap before the 10k word mark. I will open another thread. UPDATE 1: My two slots are filled for now, I'll update (...)

    8. Re: Review swap: Beta Readers wanted for 14k word fantasy.

      EDIT: I got enough beta-readers for now, thank you all for answering. I am looking to start a new series that might well go on for as long as I can write and would like to get one or two betareaders (...)

    9. Re: Need a final reader/editor for ~12k word short story

      Is it really that tightly knit that you cant accept review/feedback on just 10-14k words of it? I'd be happy to do that, but my time is running thin soon. Either way, I appreciate the offer.

    10. Re: Need a final reader/editor for ~12k word short story

      Hello there. I'm currently finishing a roughly 12k word short story and need someone to do a final spellcheck and feedback on diction, narrative flow, grammar and style before I publish this story. I (...)

    11. Re: Review swap covering ~15k words

      Hello there, I am currently still reading Reindall's fiction. I will give each of you also a direct message with what (I think!) could be made better and how the general style could be improved. It could (...)

    12. Re: Review swap covering ~15k words

      Hello there, I recently re-released my first 2 books in my ongoing story "Tatzelwyrm", which was a rewrite of the first 23 chapters thanks to the input of close friends. Now I want some more ratings and (...)

    13. Re: A call to Beta-Readers

      Hello there, interested readers. I am looking for beta-readers for the rewrite of the first few chapters of my fiction. What that exactly means and what I need from these people I will list below. (...)

    14. Re: Engaging with readers, on what platform?

      One of the most fun things I have experienced about publishing so far is engaging with my readers and asking them questions about what specifically they dislike about my writing. I was able to better clarify (...)

    15. Re: Naming places

      Hi, I'm not sure whether to ask this question here or in "Assistance requests", but here I go. I have a ton of places/cultures/houses/allegiances in my Sword&Sorcery Fantasy world to name, most of which (...)

    16. Re: Anyone wants to do a Review swap

      If you are interested, here is mine: Since you are going to recheck the first chapter, I guess I will wait a little longer to do my review of yours. (...)

    17. Re: Anyone wants to do a Review swap

      I'm an author that wants to swap reviews lol I'll start reading your story today, it sounds interesting :) Here's a link to my story, please do a honest review. If it's bad, tell me how and why, (...)

    18. Re: WritE reviewing services

      I would also like to request a review. It's a Cloak&Dagger and Adventure Fantasy (no Portal, no Cultivation). At least the first 10 chapters would be nice to be included, since I consider them the first (...)

    19. Re: My first 10 chapters: Volume 1 or just the Prologue?

      I have a request for someone to advise me in my structuring. I recently got my Webnovel "Tatzelwyrm" on here, making it the 4th place to post them (Wordpress blog, Inkitt, Webnovel and Royal Roads). I (...)