Super Minion

A unique, imaginative read

Written from the perspective from a non-human, ignorant protagonist, the writing style of Super Minion takes a bit of getting used to but is well worth the effort. It takes real talent to write from the viewpoint of a creature that, while intelligent, has abosultely no understanding of humanity or the world around it. The setting of super minion is higly original and very different from our everyday earth. We get to discover more about it organically with our protagonist rather than through unweildy info-dumps. We haven't even been giving a proper explanation of super powers in 15 chapters but most readers could probably give you a basic rundown nonetheless. All in all, Super minon is fun, rewarding story.

Esper:  Search for Power

Well written, but a chore to read

This a well thought out story, a lot of care has clearly gone into it. It's easy to see why it's so popular. That said, it is almost unbearably slow paced and verbose. There's just so much unnecessary details that we don't need to know.

In the opening paragraphs alone we have extensive detail about Dan's grandfather's accent, the legalities of telemarketing and the exact location of Earth. Parts of this like Dans's hypocrisy about law are relevant and funny but all of it could be cut down to size without loss of storytelling. We don't need to know the details of Dan's case, when "it was a complicated case, Dan's favourite" or something similar would achive the same result.

Stuff like this: "He grabbed his favorite mug, which had a picture of a baby lion on it and had been a gift from his Grandma, and filled it to the brim". I mean how much do we need to know about Dan's favourite mug if all things?


A Fun, Well-Crafted Story

A fun, well-written story with excellent world building. The system and the resulting world just make sense and you can see how things would work that way. If you're looking for an OP protagonist or amazingly rapid scaling this isn't the story for you. Our protagonist is a golem made from a Teddy Bear and the enemies faced are of an equally low standard. But if you ever wanted to read a story with a dungeon based entirely on Cat puns or cheer for a housecat and a sentient Teddy Bear as they overcome their differences to face a common foe (rats) as fellow warriors, then this is the fic for you.