Origin, The Creator

Origin, The Creator

Somebody Stop Her

First and foremost: Can't stop, won't stop! This story has blown me away to the point that I've sacrificed the limited and precious sleep I've available to me. At first, I couldn't stop. Then, I wouldn't, just as Alexa refuses to be stopped.

Disclaimer: I don't usually read superhero stories, but that didn't matter in this instance. 

Style: This puts me to shame. Seamlessly done, the characters come alive fluidly and stay consistent throughout the entirety of the story. There are so many things that set this way above other stories.

Story: Wowzers. Give me more, more, moooore! The sequence of events, the revelations, the way everything ties in so flawlessly... Read it.

Grammar: If there was anything I'd take a point or two off for, it'd be this. However, the author bends the rules of grammar in a way that compliments their style.

Character: Alexa is loveable. Her energy, her struggle, her chaos, her deep planning, her constant pop culture references. I want her to succeed on her mission, despite her so-called proclamation of villainy. I want her to be happy. I love her chaotic relation with all the other characters, especially Cottie. I want to see more of literally everyone and everything.

So, as I first said: Can't stop, won't stop.

I can't stop reading. I won't stop reading. I'm gonna be shirking my own Writathalon anytime this story notifies me of a new update. That much I promise. 

I Asked For Tendies But My Mother Didn't Buy Them So I Fought Her Mutated Final Form With My Mech

It wasn't me.

I want no part of this.

But, I'm responsible. 

I'm an adult.

I will assume responsibility whether I like it or not.

I don't. 

This story is an inspired collaboration, because I am truly the most awesome inspiration ever.

If you want a wild ride--well, you got it.



Final Boss Mom!

Bite the tender, shed a tear.

Was it worth it?

Was it?


Read This! You're In For A Good Time.

Overall: I am infatuated with NoDragons's writing style. I've read Thieves' Dungeon, and I'm super looking forward to what he has in store for us - the readers. Watching his follows go up is satisfying, because the way he writes is leagues above his competition. Having said that, I'll get into the rest of the review!

Style: This. This here. This is what makes me come back. His style is captivating, without an end in sight. I want more. Always. I know it's inhuman to ask him to push out any more chapters than he already is, but the way he describes things brings perfect clarity to the world. He ties everything together with great proficiency. Honestly, I'm envious of the way he makes the world feel alive. I could gush all day, but let us continue.


Grammar: Now, if I were to take points off anywhere, this would be it... HOWEVER, creative writing means bending the rules to make something unique. Something that flows well and is enjoyable to read, and Third does this. He takes the rules of grammar, uses them in unique ways that only add to the story instead of detracting. I usually can't get past a story if punctuation is incorrect, but there is no complaint to be had. Everything is seamless.


Story:  Oooooh, I love a good underdog fight. I think the thing that captivates me about Thieves' Dungeon and Oasis Core both is his creativity when using what he has to make things happen. Part of the story is seeing how uniquely it can be done, and as a dungeoncore fic, his creativity knows no bounds. The simplest thing can become a great addition to something so simple. I'm very excited to see if/how the core overcomes the god/devourer duo, and if it can restore the world to its former glory.


Character: Ohhhhhh man, this is great. All the characters are unique. The crow in its regalness, the lemurs in their comradery, Ramses in his comforting confidence, aaaaand Shiny-Catch. They're all so well done. I don't feel as though any character is flat, and that is another thing I envy. I honestly envy his writing ability and actively take notes to improve my own. I'm always afraid dungeoncore fics will have the same numb core, buuuuut:


He feels for the struggle of his creations as they fight for him and carry out his will in the world. I love the passion he feels, and - ohhhhh lord - the bats can BURN in Halla's Maw where they deserve to rot and fester. 


In conclusion, give this story a read. Seriously. It's great, and I figure myself a very picky reader.

True Glass Cannon

This will start out as a regular review and will be updated. I've read the beta version and have spoken with the author about some of their plans, and I have to say, I'm impressed and very much sitting at the edge of my seat, waiting for more.

First, they have a prolific way of drawing you into the story and the world from the get-go. I find that too many stories on Royal Road start with far too much exposition before giving any reason as to why the reader should care about the character.

Next, the descriptions in which the crafts with relative ease eclipses my own skill by a wide margin. They paint a vivid picture seamlessly all the while continuing the progression of the story and while building upon the characters.

Lastly, for now, the world has a clearly larger plot going on. The details haven't been made known to me yet, and I can't wait for more!

The Precipice of Power

I had a couple of older sisters growing up and a few younger sisters as well. The beginning of this story... it really brought back memories of a different time. I connected with that alone so wholly that I binged the entirety in less than 30 minutes. I saw the cultivation theme, and that's not really my thing, and then was very pleasantly surprised that my preconceived notions were set to the wayside. I'm very impressed- like very, very impressed- and I can't wait to get more. Your style is very smooth and I only saw a mistake from time to time. The society you've created is incorporated so seamlessly that it boggled my mind with how easy it was to understand. Your chronology is very interesting and is well done. You pull off the multi-pov very well. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with a of us!

The Calamity of a Reborn Witch

Overall (5/5): This story drew me in. I started looking for mistakes and really didn't find any. This had me sitting on the edge of my seat. This is hard to do, as I have very high standards and am a very picky reader. I have never before created a review, and I felt that I had to for this story. I'm on chapter eight currently, and will update my review as the story progresses on, and I am so invested in this story that taking the time to write this review feels like I'm not spending time reading. Anyway, on to the meat of things.

Style (5/5): The prose in this story amazes me. I don't want to spoil anything, but you write in such a captivating way that I aspire to match. Hell, even just half of your skill and fluidity would put me a leg up on a lot of writers here. *Hottake* Everything is so well done and your writing allowed me to imagine scenes with acute clarity.

Grammar (5/5): Very, very few mistakes grammar-wise. And trust me, I was looking for them. I wanted to be able to find anything to give constructive feedback on.

Story (5/5): Wow, just wow. I stopped at chapter two for several days because I was so afraid of what was going to develop. You set up the family perfectly, showed the dynamic well, and really did the transition into the new world flawlessly. I am so tired of seeing truck-kun. I was not expecting it in the slightest, and that was a breath of fresh air. The current developments have me very, very excited to continue reading. 

Character (5/5): There wasn't a single character that didn't have a very distinct character. The dynamics and interactions are very well done. I am super excited to see what Maura (Carina) does in the future and how things develop further. She seems very well thought out and the fluid exposition for the reader to understand what had made sense from the prologue to chapter one... Exquisite. 

In Conclusion: The intro sucked me in, the seamless transition kept me around, and the characters had me immersed. The story is the tool that keeps the characters off balance and is the enabling factor that allows the characters to act, react, and develop. This story makes me happy to read, inspires me to do better myself, and has me super looking forward to more content. As the title of this review says: This work is publishable- thank you for sharing your work with us!