An Infinite Recursion of Time

The easiest way to describe this story is a heavy smut story that gets depraved over time that initially comes across as a looping litrpg story. If you come into this story with any good expectations for plot, character development, and something coherent, you will feel like me and feel cheated of anything decent. The beginning does not prepare you for what the story actually is. The beginning is played almost ramrod straight. 

Then you start to get the creepy elements with Hilda and her character. But Rose still comes across as an interesting character. Then you get to the elves and things start to progressively get worse and worse if you expected a straight story with some lewd scenes. When I read the description, I expected along the lines of Rise of the Weakest Summon when it came to sex scenes. Scenes naturally inserted into the story that add to the depth of the characters while also naturally extending the relationships that already exist. There are no hints in that entire first arc that characters will be dramatically be rewritten by giving us their perspective and making the character infinitely worse than they present themselves (I liked Rose a lot until we started getting her perspective) nor that this entire story is essentially just a smut story where the character goes from a reasonable human being to a person with no empathy who will kill a bunch of people without remorse and then get on with their dicking. Hell, the small beats of what felt like interesting character development are mocked at the end. "You know, I could save that guy I felt bad about killing about at the beginning but nah, got to get to that dicking!"

If this story had been more honest in the beginning in how it sold itself I would not despise it half as much as I do. The story feels like a wasted opportunity. The author demonstrated some great skill in the beginning and then this is what we get. It's clearly mostly what the author wanted. The problem is the author doesn't seem to realize they gave us a bait and switch where they sold us on a time loop litrpg and instead gave us smut the corruption story. Because this is a corruption story. The problem is that I didn't sign up for that, expect that, or come to this story with that expectation. So, I got something that feels like it destroyed what felt like a better story that the author could have told.

I'm also going to take this as a lesson and make sure to mark this author as someone to be suspicious of for their later works. If they couldn't properly write a description and setup the opening for proper expectations, I wonder about their ability with future works.

A Mediocre Supreme Cultivator

Quality Depends on your Opinion of the Comedy

I normally prefer to write long detailed reviews but I couldn't make it that far into the story. What other people seem to have found funny, I found tiresome. The focus of this story seems to be an attempt at a lot of 4th wall breaking and meta humor but if that is not your thing or it doesn't land, avoid this story. 

My experience with the 4th wall breaks were that they broke the flow of the story and just weren't funny to me. They came across more as an attempt at humor than something actually witty. With that failure fame feelings of annoyance as I wanted to focus on the actual story while the narrator did not. And with that clash of style came my desire to avoid this story as I am obviously not the target audience. Interesting concept, style that drives me away.

Zhanye Black, to be a Superstar in Another World.

I would not describe this story as great or amazing. The concept is interesting and scratches an itch I have for some "build your stardom" up type reincarnator stories. The problems arise from the execution.

Story and Character: They're ok. I haven't seen any interesting twists or extra depths to characters that make them stand out. The character and story isn't bad but it's not something I'll probably long after I finish the story. They serve their purpose but do little more.

Style: I would have given this a 3 as well but in recent chapters there are these random first person sections that become exposition dumps of a person telling who they are and then serving their purpose in the story until you know they are just going to disappear. This is especially jarring because this story was primarily first person from the MC's perspective until these random other sections. I don't think they add enough for the cost they engender, which is why I knocked this down a point.

Grammar: Paired with style is grammar which gives heavy indication that English is likely not the author's first language. There are many awkward phrases, syntax errors (incorrect ordering of words), and just bizarre sentences that make no sense. I remember reading something along the lines of "With a giving horse, do not look at hour teeth" and was trying to figure out what I was reading. My best interpretation was that this was supposed to be the phrase "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" but it talked about "your teeth" rather than the horse's mouth, so your guess is as good as mine. Things like this appear which detract from both grammar and style.

Conclusion: I do not recommend this story to most people unless it gets a couple passes through either an editor or some friendly proofreaders unless you have a modern day stardom based reincarnator itch to scratch. It does that adequately but that's about it.

Three Lifetimes [completed]

Worth a read but skip the second world

I don't think this was one of the best works I read but it was worth a read and if better quality than a lot of RoyalRoad. It kept my interest, even though the story itself didn't really seem to have any really good twists.

The writing was adequate, even if I felt like things could have been more developed and is seen more actual scenes that developed the relationships between characters. There's an edge to the story where everyone talks about falling for Juju even though the actions of the story never really explain why some do or it seems too sudden for it to build up to the extent they seem to imply their love for her is.

My final complaint and why I don't give this a higher score is the second world. Without spoiling anything, it's boring and then it ends without any real foreshadowing of its ending. The second world is essentially a dense Japanese Harem Protagonist school slice of life story heavily sped up. There aren't really any interesting twists on that genre and then it ends. Unlike the first world where we learned what happened afterward through other souls, the second world does not get a proper denouement within the confines of the main storyline which is a travesty for the arc. I may have chuckled here and there but the more time I spend thinking about that world, the angrier and the lower a star rating I'd want to give it on its own. 

So, I'd say the story is worth a read if you have free time but don't expect to be blown away and skip the second world, it's not worth it.

Superior Era

The biggest problem with this story's beginning is there is no real conflict or tension. The plot itself is weak because of that lack of tension and ends up being either a grab bag for the first few chapters that move on to exposition dumps that mean nothing to us emotionally. There is nothing to draw someone in and this is not a short beginning. The worst part is that the MC demonstrates this lack of tension and conflict the best. Not able to sleep? Well, I'll just do A. Well, that didn't work, time to do B. I have super powers? Oh, I'll just get registered. His nonchalance after everything undercuts any attempts at creating actual tension within the story which just causes it to flounder.

The real question I have to ask is, "How much of this is necessary?" If the story removed the first few chapters and jumped into later parts while using flashback or little reminders to dole out the exposition, it might work better. Then again, that would depend on what the actual plot and conflict of the story actually is. That's the problem, I am a lot of words and pages into the story and I don't even know what the central conflict of the story actually is. Without that conflict, I feel like I'm reading a ridiculously overly long prologue that doesn't know how to grab or engage the reader. Maybe this story picks up after I've stopped reading like other reviewers claim. The problem is the journey to get there is not worth the effort.

The Demon Lord's Seal

An average story worth a read to kill time but not much else.

I find it hard for me to write a truly detailed review for this story as it is neither bad nor amazing. It’s a work to read to pass the time. It doesn’t do anything new or any interesting twists on old ideas but it’s not a terrible work. I think my only complaint, having read the first arc, is how incompetent and dumb both the patriarch and elder come across to the point where I really don’t care about the Thorne clan. Based on the leadership shown, the clan is doomed and, probably, deservedly so.

Not much else to say, the MC is treated horribly but has an OP origin that gives him an insane advantage over people of comparative age. The fights are ok and characters don’t really stand out (except in bad ways) as there doesn’t seem to be much characterization or depth to most characters other than a bit more for the MC. 


Warning May Cause darkness induced apathy

My scoring of 3 stars is my attempt at a balance. I give the first arc up to and including the fight with the big bad, 4.5 stars. There might be some problems for some people but the story worked for me with likable characters and understandable perspectives. It might not work for everyone but it was heavily enjoyable for me.


My problem with the story is everything after that when the story goes from plucky thriller/adventure story to kingdom builder story. I can’t tell when it first started but I do know I’ve stopped reading somewhere around chapter 82. Before that I started slowing down and wanting to read other things in the 70’s set of chapters. I realize now that the reason I stopped caring is that there’s no one for me to care about. There are no good guys, there is no one to truly root for.

Spoiler: Spoiler


I Didn't Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!

I normally don’t do advanced reviews because I feel the general score gives an accurate enough reflection along with my words but this story makes me want to separate things out for a more detailed review. First off, I am enjoying the story and have read all the currently released chapters (chapter 61 for context). However there are parts of this I have issues with. First the bad.

Style: the style for this story jumps around. At times this story seems like a translated novel rather than original work because of the random inclusion of Japanese honorifics or, worse, random Japanese words that if you don’t know them, they’re literally worthless as words as the sentences then don’t make any sense. Other times you’ll get a straight first person story where things seem standard and work well with the perspective. The problem is that the perspective will occasionally be sprinkled with internet terminology that seems to have no place in this world. There is one chapter that has a literal “LOL” in the text. Outside of a story where you are writing copies of a texting or chat log conversation, that should never exist within a written work. I’m also so confused as to the tech level and development of various technologies that might lead to some of the phrases used. There seems to be an eclectic mix of different technology and magitech. There’s holograms, what seem to be tablets or their equivalents at the same time the primary weapons used are swords and Magic. Bicycles exist. The more confusing part to me is the use of the rapier in the same time period you have magic and more common sword like broadswords. The rapier mainly became popular around the time of the Renaissance because of the rise of the gun which made heavy armor like plate, relatively bulky and useless. The rapier is not a good weapon against heavy armor, which makes its primary use by the royal family confusing but that just goes further to the eclectic mix of times and ideas without a seeming thought about purpose, origin, or effect.

There is also the occasional identification of perspective but then at random points you will get a perspective labeled “normal p.o.v.” which is both entirely meaningless and technically wrong within the context of the story. The technical “normal” perspective for the story is first person of Lyra. What the author seems to be intending to indicate is a basic 3rd person perspective, usually limited in nature.

Grammar: For the most part it works beyond the style issues. There is the occasional grammatical mistake or awkward sentence but overall it’s definitely been through couple of good passes or a natural tendency towards being readable.

Story & Character: you know all my complaints about the style and the technology? Well, they don’t really matter when things come together and they work. The story itself can draw you in and present you with many mysteries that are slowly being doled out while new questions are raised here and there to add more to the story. I will admit this story lives and dies by its characters. If you do not like the characters, you will not like this story. Our main heroine is interesting and it’s nice to see the gradual changes as she goes from depressed to a much more balanced person. 

Final thoughts: I like this story and if you can get over the lapses in style that I mentioned and learn to like the characters, you’re in for a good slice-of-life tale. If you don’t or start to find yourself distracted, then this story isn’t for you and you should probably go read something else with your time.

How To Tame Your Princess

You will know if you like it very quickly

I would like to give this a higher rating but it’s just so hard to read for me. Trying to follow the train of thought of more than a few characters, including our main character, is a fruitless effort. I don’t give this lower because there have been a few moments when I legitimately laughed. Most of my time was instead trying to parse what was happening after skimming layers of madness until something actually advances the story. 


You will I’ll figure out quickly on whether you like it or not based on its unique style.

The Snake Report

Great Book 1, Book 2 so far a disappointment

This is kind of hard for me to say. I loved book 1 and highly recommend it. The story has specific arcs and focuses with an interesting determination to our main character. My only problem with book one is that character’s are dropped and we never learn some of their fates.


My difficulty in reviewing and what drops this from 5 stars is what’s been put out for book 2. It suffers horribly from a lack of direction or even goal for our character. The magic and system that had been in place has also been relatively arbitrarily removed (I say arbitrarily because it hasn’t been explained yet). So the interesting bits of the story have been removed, our character seems to have no real goal, they are in essentially a featureless desert, and nothing seems to be really happening. You can see why I find book 2 a decrease in overall rating.


Final Verdict: read book 1, skip book 2 until its complete and you can skim through at least the first 10 chapters (how much has been written so far as of this review) or it has been rewritten. Because you won’t be missing anything.