1. Re: asking cause i'm kinda paranoid

      Safety through redundancy. Never have your important data just in one place. By all means, use Google Docs - but also use a local copy AND put it on a USB stick AND mail it to yourself each evening. (...)

    2. Re: How to get good initial ratings.

      Glorious, sir. Glorious.

    3. Re: The best editor software to use?

      Ability to work faster doesn't mean you improve faster. In fact the opposite can happen, you'll work become worse. The only thing that will happen is you'll produce crap much faster. Many would actually (...)

    4. Re: The best editor software to use?

      You don't use Undo or open your Backups? ... You are just using overly complex solutions when incredibly simple ones are available. You mis-clicked a few times? Undo. Clearly I communicated that (...)

    5. Re: The best editor software to use?

      Art is the unfathomable sum of small things. Small things can be fathomed. Software can improve small things. Thus, software can improve art. For example: I'm painting. I know the image (...)

    6. Re: The best editor software to use?

      Ooh, that stuff is interesting to think of from a software pov. I'll take this little snippet since it has a simple form, as audio. One, two! One, two! And through and through The vorpal blade went (...)

    7. Re: The best editor software to use?

      Most stylistic mistakes are not so artsy that software is incapable of identifying it. Hemingway Editor is proof that probable stylistic mistakes can be identified. Nowadays the "it's an art" excuse is (...)

    8. Re: Writing software with black background and white font? Anyone?

      I feel your pain man. I use a firefox plugin that changes the style of websites, and currently write on google drive. But it works anywhere. Here's the addon You can customise it as you please - (...)

    9. Re: Villains That Are More Dangerous After They're Dead

      Do it. Seriously, do it yesterday. I'm sure it has been done before, but any villain like that must make for one heck of a story if you can work it in. Personally, I've never seen it explored in anything (...)

    10. Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

      Nice :) I like the sort of painting-on-canvas effect it gives. I haven't messed with brushes but now you've given me a reason to try. Also, nice to see my old code is useful lol. Back in the day (...)

    11. Re: From Inception to Self Publication: an all Inclusive Guide with Price and Process

      Great post, especially the bit on 200k to 1m. Had a look on for Shakespeare. Couldn't find him. Could really do with the english translations. Oh, about the cover... A  quality cover (...)

    12. Re: Strange Reason Readers Stopped Reading

      If people leave in chapter one because it's not for them, what you can do is consider how your cover can better illustrate the tone and content of your story. And if people skim the synopsis, it failed (...)

    13. Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

      I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but the main challenge with photos is that the lighting gets in the way of anything you want to do with it (unless you want that effect). A long time ago I wrote (...)

    14. Re: First time cover paint

      Ended up fiddling more :P old as thumbnail (...)

    15. Re: First time cover paint

      I painted over a photo, and got this. Arguably the photo looks better, but I did this for practice. I learnt how to draw it about 2/3rds of the way in, so it is a messy a patch up. Despite that it has (...)

    16. Re: Is death an appropriate punishment for rape?

      Can you recover from rape? Yes ...Rape is something you can always recover from, emotional trauma will pass with time or through professional help, worst case scenario you get STD's and/or pregnant, (...)

    17. Re: First draft or more polished?

      Can't answer your question but I've got two points worth saying. First, why are you writing? You may want to test yourself via feedback or share a story you want others to enjoy, or etc. So... RR can (...)

    18. Re: Coauthor

      @Finley  You are describing distributed version control software. (git, mercurial) It's for software, but it is also for working together on the same text-based files. Each editor would fork (make his (...)

    19. Re: Poll on what you'd reincarnate into

      25% of people are certifiably insane. Lacking an inkling of life, they have but the barest of grasps upon the essence of grandeur. Content they are with their wretched selves, their mortal ken, their (...)

    20. Re: Hoping to get some story feedback

      I had another thought on your sentence flow. Take this bit. I like it because her reaction is funny and the image it paints is great.  Tia noticed a boy crying in the arms of his father. His very (...)