1. Re: Writer's Challenge, from me to you.

      Thanks, and thanks so much for the review! Your points were spot on, and it was reassuring to hear my style is good. I'm figuring out a better process for writing sessions. And, err, sorry about the word (...)

    2. Re: How do you add a twist to a story correctly?

      I don't have advice; rather an observation. You're not the only one. I've noticed in comments on various stories. A subset of readers seem to expect that the storytelling will be simple because it's (...)

    3. Re: Low View Count

      Whoosh When I see stories with high word count and many chapters, I feel two things. Envy and respect. The former is my problem. Respect however... I can't emphasis it enough. And when I see that they've (...)

    4. Re: Curious to try out a Royal Road Ad, does anyone have any experience?

      I've clicked on a handful of RR ads; of those I was interested in, all but one ended up in 'read later'. I'm likely to end up reading months after discovery.

    5. Re: Odd Reader Quirks?

      The MC has some position of authority, yet they solve every problem with the strength of a small party. One of my favorite stories does it and every time it's a missed opportunity. Another one is unrealistic (...)

    6. Re: Representation, Content Tags, and Internet Fiction Etiquette

      Yes, if someone thinks it's wrong to be the person I am, they're a dick. Whether or not it's okay for me to exist as myself isn't something I will entertain polite disagreement on.  I already quoted (...)

    7. Re: Politics in writing.

      Yes. :) I have immense respect for those that pull it off. It raises my trust in the author's general commitment to write well. The problem is that it can backfire: "Familiarity breeds contempt"

    8. Re: Representation, Content Tags, and Internet Fiction Etiquette

      ... Adding a note that you have gay characters, currently, is a sure way to get 0.5 ratings on your stories. a genre or tag for LGBT would just be something people actively seek out to give bad ratings (...)

    9. Re: Representation, Content Tags, and Internet Fiction Etiquette

      But I didn't want to draw any qualitative comparisons between incest and homosexuality in any case. Neither did LittleSettler (I think). That was my whole point. It was about the discomfort people can (...)

    10. Re: Writer's Challenge, from me to you.

      Damn, that's a lot of fun. I need to get ahead on my story so there's enough to be worth reading, but hell, why not. There's almost 10k published so far, which should be enough for a review, if you pick (...)

    11. Re: Representation, Content Tags, and Internet Fiction Etiquette

      Try not to read into it. I've seen people mention they don't like reading female protagonists because of some expectations they have developed from what they'd read. I don't get it, yet, I don't think (...)

    12. Re: How to write numberal information?

      It isn't merely the professional thing to do, it's also practical. Fiction is for enjoyment. That is better accomplished with prose that flows well. Words are phonetic and numerals aren't. Hence use words. (...)

    13. Re: Tips on getting interaction?

      A friend of mine suggested adding things related to the writing process and ideas. A sort of "behind the scenes" thing or a way of getting feedback on dtory beats or themes. I'm always interested (...)

    14. Re: asking cause i'm kinda paranoid

      Safety through redundancy. Never have your important data just in one place. By all means, use Google Docs - but also use a local copy AND put it on a USB stick AND mail it to yourself each evening. (...)

    15. Re: How to get good initial ratings.

      Glorious, sir. Glorious.

    16. Re: The best editor software to use?

      From what I understand, here's what you can use: languagetool / grammarly (I think they are equivalent? languagetool is open source and free) hemmingway editor audacity, or other recording software. (...)

    17. Re: Writing software with black background and white font? Anyone?

      I feel your pain man. I use a firefox plugin that changes the style of websites, and currently write on google drive. But it works anywhere. Here's the addon You can customise it as you please - (...)

    18. Re: Villains That Are More Dangerous After They're Dead

      Do it. Seriously, do it yesterday. I'm sure it has been done before, but any villain like that must make for one heck of a story if you can work it in. Personally, I've never seen it explored in anything (...)

    19. Re: Zero to pleb and to one day in the far future... Hero!

      Nice :) I like the sort of painting-on-canvas effect it gives. I haven't messed with brushes but now you've given me a reason to try. Also, nice to see my old code is useful lol. Back in the day (...)

    20. Re: From Inception to Self Publication: an all Inclusive Guide with Price and Process

      Great post, especially the bit on 200k to 1m. Had a look on for Shakespeare. Couldn't find him. Could really do with the english translations. Oh, about the cover... A  quality cover (...)