1. Re: Darastrix's short guide to litRPG's (mental stats edition)

      i hope that i will see more posts like yours, because that is what i most want to see in this forum. but your post is definitely not a guide. more like introspection I mean I can post a system (...)

    2. Re: Darastrix's short guide to litRPG's (mental stats edition)

      If you want a more interesting stat system, check out Disco Elysium.  I've played Disco Elysium it's a very unique and interesting experience, looking at how other people judge stats and pick (...)

    3. Re: Darastrix's short guide to litRPG's (mental stats edition)

      Welcome to hopefully a comprehensive short guide to explaining mental stats. LitRPG is one of my favorite genre, along with grimdark. Because I like gritty fantasy novels I often spend time thinking (...)

    4. Re: Why did people use arming swords as a backup weapon and not a 2-handed sword?

      The title says it all. Medieval buffs pls explain, Let's say your primary weapon is a bill hook, so why take an arming sword as a secondary and not a 2-handed sword? My guesses as to why they did carry (...)

    5. Re: Question about reviews

      You know that it is possible that the author has corrected some things after the review, right?  (I do realize that the author could have gone and fixed up the grammar but then this review becomes redundant). (...)

    6. Re: Looking for a specific kind of story

      So I was reading The Many Lives of Cadence Lee and discovered a new type of story that I really enjoyed. The MC had a great impact on the technology of the time and she basically gave them very advanced (...)

    7. Re: Question about reviews

      Has anyone read a story and gone back to read reviews after and noticed some reviews appear as if they're reviewing the wrong story? Because of the quality issues with reviews I just read the title (...)

    8. Re: LF a fantasy post-apocalyptic novels

      Greetings, as I stated in the title I am LF a fantasy post-apocalyptic novel, but this can interpreted multiple ways so let me clarify: The setting is a fantasy world where the world enters a "golden (...)

    9. Re: Tip for better immersion

      Greetings, here I will offer some advice I don't think authors take into consideration enough and it constantly breaks my immersion of stories. Perspective of the character I am reading: this is one (...)

    10. Re: Technological Uplift Stories

      The best one of those that I've read is Release that Witch. While it has its fantasy elements, it reaches a very good balance between those and technology. The MC is an engineer, so his only superpower (...)

    11. Re: LF Alchemist Stories

      Greetings, I finished catch up to "Gray Mage: The Alchemist" a story about an alchemist, which is obvious from the title. I am LF for a fantasy alchemy story where alchemy is one of the most important (...)

    12. Re: Recommendations for similar stories

      I've had this frustration with finding new novels since I read or dropped most of the top novels of RR. Nowadays 90% of the time I get new novels from Trending. The reason for that it's very time consuming (...)

    13. Re: Dragons

      I started reading Vainqueur the Dragon and am looking for more. The story has 2 MC one of which is a Dragon. I find stories with a Dragon MC vastly enjoyable when done right. And other monster stories (...)

    14. Re: LF stories where the MC is a non-human

      Just finished catching up to Everyone loves large chests and I have this craving for some more nice non-human MCs. They can be Anti-hero, hero, psychopath  and anything like that. They can be human (...)