1. Re: Simliar to Queen in the Mud

      I'm not sure about building a nation but who says this ol can't become a splendid slime? is about a woman who becomes a slime, and views the RPG world from a distinctly business perspective, even calling (...)

    2. Re: Unique vs traditional

      Traditional is likely to get you more views, but unique tends to have more loyal fans once it wins them over. That said, I'd choose unique fantasy because I'm pretty sure your current story already (...)

    3. Re: Looking for superhero fics

      Worm is definitely a little too Grimdark, even I had a bit of trouble with some scenes, but Stewart92, the guy behind 'There is no epic loot here, only puns' did a couple of worm crossover fics over on (...)

    4. Re: Miniseries Web Stories - How About'em?

      Yeah, I like the way you are doing that in your story, though I wouldn't consider any of them miniseries so far because they don't feel like "complete" stories with first-second-third acts and a character (...)

    5. Re: Looking for "Modern World meets Fantasy world"

      Honestly, I haven't found too many stories like what you're looking for on RR, most of the stories about other worlds are more about a singular protagonist in another world with a special ability, or about (...)

    6. Re: Miniseries Web Stories - How About'em?

      I think it could work, if approached right. If you were to post different stories as one project with a centralized theme, or maybe even set in the same story world, that could draw readers across different (...)

    7. Re: Review Swap Train

      I've done a couple of review swaps and really enjoyed it and would like to keep going. My novel is still very much in need of a few more reviews and I'm more than willing to trade off with anyone interested. (...)

    8. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      My story is a bit weird. It's an episodic web serial with each episode following a different character in the same world, so each episode has its own genres based on who your following, so there are a (...)

    9. Re: How do you effectively introduce the readers to your fiction's world?

      My story has a fair amount of world building, and a large number of character points of view. Since world building is one of my major goals with it, I try a few different approaches to world building. (...)

    10. Re: How do you decide MC's personality?

      I might be going a bit overboard here, but I believe the characters make the story.  That said my writing is typically the half plan / half ad lib style of Figure out the key points, then write until (...)

    11. Re: Looking for review swaps

      Hello, everyone, my name is Zachary Dugas, I have recently renamed my book(Song of Helheim: Reparations) it is now called Song of Helheim: Homecoming, and I added a prologue and am rewriting the chapters, (...)

    12. Re: Review for Review? (Going on Vacation)

      I've read the first few chapters of your story, and I don't mind trading reviews when I'm done with it. My story Deviant's Masquerade, is an episodic anthology following different a different set of (...)

    13. Re: Review Swaps

      I'm close to finishing the first book of my series, Twisted Branches and am looking for some feedback on the prose and content. Would love to do some review swaps. If you're interested, please comment (...)

    14. Re: Review Swapping Offer (Starting in one week)

      I've read the first few chapters of your story, and am willing to do a swap once the week is up (I'm guessing that's when Royal Road will be caught up to your main site.) On a similar note, my story (...)

    15. Re: Looking for review/readers of my story?

      Well, I'm in the process of writing the third chapter...which may take a while, so maybe now would be neat as to see if the story has potential.  (This is meant as a constructive critique, for (...)

    16. Re: Review swap/request

      If you're still trading reviews and it's not too much trouble, I'd appreciate your opinion on my own story, and can offer an opinion on yours. My story is, Deviant's Masquerade: A World of Heroes, Villains, (...)

    17. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      I'd appreciate a review on my story, if you can. Deviant's Masquerade: A world of Heroes, Villains, Rogues, and Family The story is a bit of an anthology, so if you do review, the main thing I'm (...)