1. Re: Writing an action/fight scene with non-human characters

      If you're looking for inspiration there's this old sci-fi/fantasy anime from 2002-2003 about a group of werewolves (the kind that turn into wolves) who tend to switch between human and wolf forms as they (...)

    2. Re: A story were the MC system has a personality

      Stewart92 (who wrote there's no epic loot) has a gamer fic called spirit of a gamer over on spacebattles that's around 300k word-wise, that I think is a rewrite of the one posted here (or at least a continuation (...)

    3. Re: Review Offer (and Hopefully Swap)

      Hi Arthicern. That's an interesting format. It sounds great. I can't commit to reviewing all of your work, in case others want to jump in after you. That's not to say I won't end up doing it at a later (...)

    4. Re: Review Offer (and Hopefully Swap)

      If you're up for a review swap, I've been writing an urban-fantasy anthology with each episode being around 100-150 pages and following a different set of characters in a world filled with magic, heroes, (...)

    5. Re: Sci-fi Review Swaps!

      If you don't mind that mine is more urban-fantasy than sci-fi (though there are still elements) I wouldn't mind doing a review swap for my series. Deviant's Masquerade is an urban-fantasy anthology (...)

    6. Re: LF For Anything Similar To Worm by John C. "Wildbow" McCrae

      Since I'm not entirely sure which aspect of Worm your looking for, I'm kind of on the fence about if my story fits your criteria or not, but... Deviant's Masquerade, is an urban-fantasy anthology, with (...)

    7. Re: Looking for novels with magic as an important part of the story

      They're on hiatus right now but: Twisted Branches: Follows Kaitlyn Smythe as she takes her mage graduation exams, and has a fairly thought out world and culture. (The author seems to have disappeared (...)

    8. Re: Stories with complex MC

      Deviant's Masquerade, is an urban-fantasy anthology following a different group of characters each living in the same world full of magic users, mad scientists, ghost-zombies, superheroes, demons, and (...)

    9. Re: Slow Cooking. Novels Heavily Based On Dialogue/Character Interaction.

      There's Zombie knight saga which has been running for a pretty long time, and follows Hector and Garovel the reaper who brought him back to life and keeps him alive in exchange for being his servant, as (...)

    10. Re: Short Story Review Swap

      Sure thing! But if you want, you could instead review the first 5 chapters of my other story Conscientia instead, and I'd do the same for the first 5 chapters of Aeonica. If you don't mind me doing (...)

    11. Re: How many tags is too many?

      Alright, so I'm writing an episodic anthology, with each episode following a different set of characters living in the same world(s), now because of this certain characters or elements have tags that don't (...)

    12. Re: Stories where someone screws up

      My story Deviant's Masquerade, is an Episodic Anthology with 100-150 page episodes, set in an Urban-Fantasy/Superhero world, and while not all episodes have the level of stuff you're looking for, a few (...)

    13. Re: Heroes of the Storm

      I haven't played it much lately, but I used to play it a lot. I remember particularly liking the characters that played differently compared to the rest, like Abathur's symbiotes, or the dual styles of (...)

    14. Re: Holiday Review Swaps

      Finally, the Deviant and the Goldthirst shall meet. Yes, I feel like the company at this masquerade will be quite delightful.

    15. Re: Holiday Review Swaps

      If you don't mind me holding off until this weekend to get started on my review, I wouldn't mind doing a review swap. ---- My story Deviant's Masquerade, is an urban-fantasy anthology, with each episode (...)

    16. Re: Your main character's theme song

      Wasn't this (theme song thing) a whole episode of Ally McBeal back in the day? No idea, but I've seen similar things pop up where people give new theme songs to their favorite characters from a show, (...)

    17. Re: What is a really good story with a villainous/anti hero mc?

      If you don't mind leaving Royal road: -A practical guide to evil, follows a group of villains in a world where everyone knows all the tropes hold true, and they use genre savviness to twist the story (...)

    18. Re: Sky Sight - Arc.2 Complete

      If you don't mind waiting a week or so for me to burn through my backlog, I read the first chapter of Sky Sight and can do a review swap. My story Deviant's Masquerade is an episodic anthology with (...)

    19. Re: A dungeon core that is not a person in a box?

      Hightailing it is a dungeon story on space battles that follows a Kobold who became a dungeon master by hap stance. The first few chapters are a bit rough since the Kobold has a low intelligence stat (...)

    20. Re: High Fantasy Review Swap

      I'm not sure if my story is what you're looking for, but Deviant's Masquerade is an Urban-Fantasy anthology, with each episode being from a different group of character's perspective in a world filled (...)