1. Re: A.I. MC?

       artisan The MC is an AI in a virtual world full of superhuman. I second post human being brilliant.

    2. Re: Recommendations for fantasy/sci-fi?

      I read your requirement twice. I will copy-paste the post in other sites looking for recommendations, close to perfect to describe my preference. My recommendations might not be spot-on but I felt they (...)

    3. Re: Fantasy with faeries, dragons, romance

      The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss This is amazing, isn't it? Lamnet of the fallen This is one of the best high fantasy I have read till now, all kinds of creatures, amazing worlds, great (...)

    4. Re: Dragon MC

      Cybernetic dragon I haven't gotten too far into the story yet but found it when it was top 10 in trending.

    5. Re: Stories with a God as a protagonist.

      God of eyes It fits the bill. Forgotten Tell you that MC is a God is kind of a spoiler but it takes only a few chapters for that to become clear. PLus MC always had her power, she just forgot. (...)

    6. Re: E Y E P O W E R S

      God of eyes The title says it all

    7. Re: time loop recomendation

      Blessed time Highly recommend it.

    8. Re: Incel isekai

      I got nothing but the premise of the story if it exists does sound intriguing. Body and soul is the only one that got close to it but was never the focus of the book. And given your review on another (...)

    9. Re: Isekai

      Well, beginning after the end is a great book. I myself binged it after reading a couple of chapters of the graphic novel. Most of the stories I have read are Isekia or time-loop stories, I'm going to (...)

    10. Re: Elder being comes back to universe/reality.

      Forgotten  This is literally what you are looking for. Ik you asked for a God/Elder and that is the spoiler, read the description then make a choice but I definitely recommend it

    11. Re: Replicating MC.

      Post Human This is similar to what you might be looking for but its one of the best books I have ever read. Definitely try it

    12. Re: Darkish Looper Novel

      The menocht loop It fits the bill almost perfectly. I'm afraid I'll spew spoilers trying to explain but you should definitely give it a try

    13. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Psychic magician A good book and quality writing, a new chapter every week. Definitely a hidden Gem for now, well get into trending soon enough

    14. Re: Portal/Isekai Story List

      In Lokhis honor Psychic magician Magic smithing Tree of aeons I would recommend these 4 to the list, thank you for making a thread of isekia/portal fantasy.

    15. Re: Best stories from 2020

      Well I got a few but these have been in trending at some point except one but it will get there soon In Lokis Honor This is the kind of book with review lots of complaints but has an average of 4/5 (...)


      magic smithing   Try this book, It's about smithing but it has a slow start as its a reincarnation into a fantasy world but MC becomes a smith and at the time of this post is made a fire breathing Katan.

    17. Re: Hidden Gem

      NOT MY BOOK, Just trying to promote good work I had to go the extra mile to recommend this GEM. I'm sure this would get to trending later on but why not share on forms for the like-minded spirits. (...)

    18. Re: Promote your favourite author or book.

      SCI-FI & FANTASY are the main two genres in this list, so skip over it if you are looking for something else. I'm not describing the books but giving an opinion on them, so click on the link(name of (...)