1. Re: Experience with grammarly

      I use Grammarly largely for double checking commas and spelling mostly. It likes to toss out issues like, "THIS NEEDS TO BE HYPHANATED!" or "you used two words that can mean something different when they're (...)

    2. Re: Why do I need 2 factor here?

      If I start to behave without my usual astonishing level of kindness and civility you'll know it's not me though.  I don't remember the website, but the best thing I ever saw about "It wasn't me and (...)

    3. Re: Losing Followers after Updating more

      The trick here is that the number of people joining over time or joining after an update is largely unaffected by the frequency of updates. You would think you'd get more people joining if you update (...)

    4. Re: i kind of hate myself now

      But if you want to add suspense in any form to a story, then there have to be scenes where something bad happens to the heroes in your story - and you should not feel bad about writing that. I contend (...)

    5. Re: i kind of hate myself now

      I'm in the middle of an arc in my story right now where two of the non-human protagonists are captured by slavers. I had to stop so many times and genuinely consider if this was what I wanted to do to (...)

    6. Re: "Borrowing" or using story elements from other novels

      You are kinda confusing the nature of copyrights. You can't copyright ideas. Sure you can call out this author for being unoriginal but he isn't exactly infringing on someone else rights. Yes, (...)

    7. Re: "Borrowing" or using story elements from other novels

      All of these "Nothing is original" comments are super depressing. It just shows how many apathetic readers there are. Sure, everything is derivative of something, but that doesn't mean it's even remotely (...)

    8. Re: Secondary Charactes and switching story focus.

      Well, the first thing I'd do is stop thinking of team B as "secondary" characters. A secondary character is like a recurring character. It's the merchant that happens to be traveling ahead of the team, (...)

    9. Re: Cup Size in Character Descriptions

      If more stories talked about the bulge in a guy's pants, feminists would just say it's more male fantasy (cause we all want big dicks, and women certainly have no interest in that). Seriously though, I (...)

    10. Re: Is death an appropriate punishment for rape?

      Justice is a false morality used by people who want to see what they do as "right" in a universe where right and wrong are decided entirely by the collective. In that case, yes, in many cases death is (...)

    11. Re: Fantasy with no Game elements

      You know what, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. I've seen this thread pop up a couple of times, but I've hesitated to throw my story into the mix for one reason or another, but with the most (...)


      I'm absolutely crying over that last line. What POSSIBLE POSITION could someone that has to publish to Wattpad hold that would make ANYONE on this site sorry? Like, what, seriously? Does this guy run the (...)

    13. Re: Long-Winded War Arcs

      I think it has pros and cons and that every author should be aware before attempting. The biggest con is, as previously stated, how easy it can be to overstay its welcome. Even if it's the focus of your (...)

    14. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      It's not just you. The discord is way more active. In my experience, this is why forums die. People would rather get an instant reaction than wait a few hours for well thought out responses. This (...)

    15. Re: Villains: Integral to Any Plot

      I like villains that don't seem all that villainous on the whole. Not necessarily that the villain is a surprise, but that they're a totally normal part of society except for that ONE little inclination. (...)

    16. Re: Review as of chapter [xx] mantatory input

      And for the record, what's polite trumps what's useful because reviews are given - even those couple of extra button presses. Its a matter of principle. I do get where you're coming from. As an amateur (...)

    17. Re: How do i get followers

      What I'm curious to know is how "views" relate to "followers".  Just seems to me that views are awfully high compared to the number of followers and that somehow doesn't make a whole lot of sense to (...)

    18. Re: Harems: Are they even worth your time?

      I like when a "harem" anime ends with an actual decision. I hate ones that drag on forever and ever, because the simple fact is that unless the MC ACTUALLY CONVINCES X NUMBER OF WOMEN TO SHARE HIM, which (...)

    19. Re: I’m in need of battle ideas

      Battles should have a character reason behind them, they are not prepackaged standalone chapters that you just string together. So, why don't you tell us more about your characters and their conflicting (...)

    20. Re: Are stories on Royal Road a waste of time?

      In short: You don't have to watch a Godfather Part II every day. Sometimes you need a Con Air. (Though isekai litrpg harems in this metaphor are the Transformers movies, so IDK why y'all keep watching (...)