Lost Realm: The Chosen

Lost Realms is a story about overcoming great difficulties and arguably fate itself, It is very satisfying to see them make it past every milestone.

It's also great to see that the MC isn't completely passive; they act and make decisions - something often overlooked in favour of looking helpless and showing how much of an undergo you are.

The Style:

The world is written in the regular wuxia style, it's a fun read if you're into that sort of thing, the writing itself is very nice and filled with a bouquet of interesting descriptions.

The Grammar:

God knows I'm not great with grammar but I couldn't spot a single mistake, I feel like you'd have to be a bit picky to find anything worth mentioning ;)

The Story

The theme of the underdog is prevalent in the story as well as the themes of casts and the differences in social power and status; it's not something completely new to the wuxia setting but it's still very well executed.

The story progresses quickly but it's not low on detail.

The Characters:

Like always with these stories, the character starts off unremarkable and slowly grows - as such I have to admit that the MC (while inoffensive) isn't my cup of tea just yet.

I'm confident that with time they will prove themselves capable of being who they are forced to become.


My Fantasy World

(TL;DR at the bottom)


To behin with I would be lying if I said the story wasn't still pretty rough around the edges; it feels like a beta for the story, please keep this in mind if you intend to pick the story up!


I'm always down for a story where the tension comes not from battle from from literaly anything else; in this case the tension comes from Damon's world and our fears of whether it will prosper of fall apart.

The pacing it a bit fast and the character's thoughts aren't seen all that often.

On the up-side, the world building is great, the progression of the created world seems realistic (if a little too fast) and I'm honestly interested in what will happen to this little world rurled by an (in my opinion) underqualified god.



The story is essentially a log of Damon and the progress in his world, one chapter he works of making the world, well, a world and the other he creates life.

With such a heavy focus on world-building I hoped for some more time spent to develop these features, but the story definitely slows down a bit as soon as intelligent life in introduced!



Yeah, that's the biggest problem with this story; which is good because it means that the soruce material is pretty good if you can get past the grammer!

Please not that the garammar after chapter 3 is generally better and by chapter 10/11 I was only able to find 1/2 issues (I wasn't picky with the commas or anything.)



Damen is a funky character to rate; he goes along with LITERALLY BEING GOD on the spot, seems pretty nonchelant about talking to his creations like a god and even gains some super-strength/speed/perception in the later chapters.

While that's not the experience I would have thought up, it's sitll a very solid character that you will find does his job as god pretty well.

I would like to see more comments from him, how he feels etc - but that's still a possibility for the future chapter!



Grammar kind bad but if you're cool with it give the story a go; it took me a while to warm up to the MC but he's ok; the world-building is great!

DeadEnd's Isekai

DeadEnd's Isekai is a comedic fantasy isekai as the name would suggest, it's key features include a weird setting, weird names and the tough kid, who is tough.


Personally I'm not much of a fan of the large blocks of text with minimal formatting, but it's not painful to look at. Aside from that the descriptions and imagery are good and there are even a few neat images included.

I would also like to hear more commentary from the MC, as the conversations are often used to express thoughts, instead of, well, thoughts.


I can't quite call what's going to happen next, which is good; personally I would like to see more development in the first few "zones" the story took place, but that's just nitpicking - over all the story thus far has been pretty entertaining.


Yeaaaaah, 4/5 - that's the grammar... What else do you expect, it's passable... it's OK...


Possibly my favourite part of the story are the characters, so far they lack any major development, but you can see the build-up to something, a bit of backstory is also spread out over the chapters.

As for who the best character is; obviously, tough characters are best for tough people.



Ancients [An Epic Litrpg]

Godstone follows the adventures of a remarkably unlucky person where seemingly fate itself it going against them, seeing them push onward and stay determined is great to read and makes you want to root for them even more!


The story is writted wry nicely, a lot of colourful descriptions and plenty of inner monologue, while I'm sure being an avid reader of the Xianxia genra makes it more enjoyable, there is no entry barrier that would stop, say, a typical fantasy reader from giving it a shot!


Perfect grammar, couldn't spot any mistakes :)


For fear of a red dragon smiting me down from he heavens for for spoilers in a review - I will simply say this: The story is its early stages right now, if you're up for a fantasy story about an under-dog - this is probably the story for you!


The characters in Godstone are very well writter, I'm looking forward to seeing how the MC develops and how the village reacts to the change!

As of this point in the story the world seems like a fairly cold place, so I'm interested what other characters the MC will come across in their jounrey! 


Style 4.5/5; The strory is written in first person, the POV changes occasionally, personally the POV changes feel a bit off, but I know that's a bit of a personal thing.

The pacing is good and the author has a cool sense of humor that makes the whole story fun to read.


Grammer 5/5; No mistakes that I could find.


Story 4/5; At where I am in the story the MC just for properly brough into the supernatural world, his limits are vague and I never know if I'm over or underestimating him combat ability, in a way this keeps all the encounters tense, though I never feels like the MC is in any real danger.


Characters 5/5; the MC is an absolute legend, he's funny but he can't seem to stay away from self-inflicted cringe, be it by calling himself "Memelord" or by wearing a spandex super-hero outfit.


In conclusion Merticore is a funny scify/fantasy story that blends the two worlds together very well!

As long as you have any interest in either comedy, magic or scify I think you should give this story a go!

Reborn in Another World as a (Colorless) Demon Prince

Style - 5/5

The way the story makes it a real page-turner as evident by me binge-reading it until the lates chapter, haha.

The pacing is great and personally it feels like a fun mix between leaving time for world-building and moving along with the plot.

There is also a fair amount of space dedicated to describing certian items of people which is always a plus!

Grammar - 5/5, no mistakes found!


Story - 4/5, while the events of the story thus far are very well written I don't see any over-arching plot just yet, as such a 4/5 has been placed until further notice!

Characters - 5/5, the story is some awesome characters, and even the once-off and throwaway characters feel like they have at least some dept to them.

The story is full or fun, relatable characters... and Alexandra.


Overall 5/5, if you are a fan of isekai, demons and not a world which is edgy for the sake of edge, I definitely reccomend this story to you! It was an absolute joy to read and I can't wait to see where it goes :D


Quest is not for sorceress

"Quests are not for sorceress" is a funny story following Mia, a wizard's apprentice in a world where sorcerers and sorceresses are killed for practicing magic.

Style - The story is well paced and icorperates some of the better humor I've seen on RoyalRoad.

There is a fair amount of descriptive writing at play in the story painting a vivid image of the scene, everything is written nicely except for the occasional repetition where a word will be re-used 2/3 times per sentence, it's not a big issue but I was just something I noticed.


Grammar - 5/5, I haven't seen any definiteive mistakes, a few times I got confused like when the author wrote that "Orc" as the plural, but I assume it's like a "two sheep" not "sheeps" y'know.


Story - 5/5, the story so far it pretty funny and really picks up after a certain even that takes place during Edgar's absence, I won't spoinl any detail.


Characters - 5/5; I really like the characters, as for my favourite I'm split between the cat and Edgar. The MC is likable too thought personally I didn't find the bed monster too endearing, I mean it's not like I dislike it or anything.

In conclusion I definitely think you should give this story a read! It's funny, has some interesting world building and the author used "Cheerio" several times which is a major plus for me.


The Precipice of Power

Among the giants is a fun cultivation story with likable main cast.


Style - 4.5/5,

The story moves forward at a great pace, you never get stuck in one place for too long.

There are plenty of descriptions and very vivid fight scenes, my only other complaint is the short chapter length, though it's not a big issue.


Gramma - 5/5,

Everything is written every nicely.


Story - 5/5,

Like previously stated the story moves pretty quickly, it follows a cast ranging from under dogs to big important people of high rank.


Character - 5/5,

The characters are great, without going into spoiler territory, I have to say my favourite character is a certain saint ;)

The characters feel real and relatable.


Overall, while I'm not really a big fan of cultivation stories I became really invested with this on, 

It took me maybe ten chapters to click the follow button and I reccomend you consider doing the same because this story deserves more attention for sure.


Valkyria Heart: A modern fantasy (on break until late fall)

(Written as of chapter 12)

Style - The story is well written without any realy deviations from the norm on the reader-side of things.

My only complaint if you can even call it that is that I'm very uncertain of the setting, we are told about the political unrest around the round plantet and we are introduced to a mix of future and past stuff.

Now, it is said in the story that there is a reason people began using swords and magic, that's grand - but I'd like to hear if there are cars, I'm pretty sure social media was mentioned, are the titans robots as suggested in the simulation or are they actual fleshy monsters?

The world building is awesome, I really enjoyed the one chapter dedicated to just terminilogy, it's something I wish more authors did!

Grammar - 5/5, everything is well written.

Characters - while the MC isn't exactly my favourite out there, there are a few characters I genuinely likes, and I'm sure the MC would grow on the reader overtime, since I don't dislike them, really.

Story - The previously mentioned questions about the setting aside the story is great, the pacing is also really good.

The magic system kind of reminds me of Jojo stands, no gonna lie, what with the names and specific abilities, this is absolutely a cool thing.


This is a follow-up on my previous review, aside from adding ,5 stars to the style score my rating is the same as before!

So far the pace of the story is going pretty quickly, not quite a rollercoaster but quick nevertheless, personally I really like this, the move from action scene to some world-building.

I'm glad to see the MC grow a fair amount over the course of their journey to avoid being caught and find her father.

I saw a few mistakes here and there, but it was nothing major, these things are boud to happen and never really took away from the story.

If I didn't convince you before, I'll try and do it again, you should really give this story a try! It's fast-paced, full of both action, loads of world-building unlike any I've seen on royal road and a fair amount of comedy!

Lost Genesis: Lied

Multi-dimensional Aztecs with jojo stands.

Style - 4/5 

The story moved at a good pace for me, you have a fair amount of time to get to know the characters at the basic level, leaving loads of mystery for the readers!

My only complaint if it can even be called that is the constant jumping from person to person, though you get used to it real quick! It's just something to keep in mind :D


Grammar - 5/5

No issues as far as I could tell! 


Story - 4.5/5

A lot still remains a mystery, however I can already see a good plot coming in. Recently we got to see some cool mechanics of the world with the "sprit modes" 


Characters - 4.5/5

I've liked all the chracters ever since the start with the re-telling of the garden of eden! I like how the snake didn't start off as a bad guy, (and I'm low-key thinking he isn't all that bad anyway ;) )



Overall - 5/5 

You should give this story a go! It's a fun reat and has a sizable cast of likable characters as well as some very interesting world-building!