1. Re: Evil Genie

      Granted, you stand up and bump your head on the oddly low ceiling, it hurts a little. I wish for a walking-dead style zombie apocalypse to break out.

    2. Re: A Funny Video About Spellchecking.

      Writing, is hard. Reading, is hard. Life is a cage, and death is the key. Eh - no, I mean, check out my video! Youtube Link

    3. Re: Guild Uniform Design

      This color is even better than what I imagined! Which guild has these? I want to sign up, if not for fighting monsters, then at least for fashion!  Thanks! I was always liked green :D This is (...)

    4. Re: Guild Uniform Design

      Just one remark... give me colors! I would love to see it in full color. I imagine it in blue and gold with the white gloves, but what is the author thinking? I imagine a dark greenish-blue with (...)

    5. Re: Guild Uniform Design

      Lovely design! Is it ok if I use this for references, such as drawing and clothing designs? Thanks, glad you like it :D Go ahead! :)

    6. Re: Hoping to get some review swaps done for a new story!

      Hey! I would like to swap reviews with you. My story (link in my signature) is a mix of scifi/fantasy with a heavy focus on comedy. Sure, I'm down! I'll add you to my list!

    7. Re: Hoping to get some review swaps done for a new story!

      Hi I'm up for a swap. My link: I've got a few other swaps I'm working on so this will be done either late (...)

    8. Re: Hoping to get some review swaps done for a new story!

      Heyya there! I'm up for review swap. The link to my novel is on my signature  :peolove: Sure! I'm add you to my list :D

    9. Re: Hoping to get some review swaps done for a new story!

      Hey, I'd be down for a swap. I'm fine with any feedback, I'm always looking to hear good, honest opinions on my writing and work. I'll add yours and I'll drop you a review when I get to it. I currently (...)

    10. Re: Hoping to get some review swaps done for a new story! (Closed!)

      Hello everyone~ I've recently started writing a story as a bit of a side-project and I was hoping to get some reviews, see if I got any better at writing y'know. Anyway, if you're here you probably (...)

    11. Re: the veil is broken

      Guys, I think op is trying to tell us something about the veil... but I'm not sure what is is... is it... damaged? Crack? Shattered? Fixed? Lemon-scented?

    12. Re: How You as an Author Came to this Writing (Royal) Road

      When I was really young I was into WoW and I watched all the machinemas on youtube - I found it really cool how you could make character and unique settings in a world that (to a really young me who never (...)

    13. Re: Written myself into a corner

      Embarassed to admit I usually just drop the story at that point, haha. Recently thought, I'm wiritng a story where tihs happened a few times and I just kep writing - things just kind of sorted themselves (...)

    14. Re: Surprising for the sake of surprising - and epiphany of food-exorcisms

      I have recently come to a great (and pretty damn obvious) conclusion!  I'm no great writer but I feel like I should share it even is this'll help a single person making a stupid mistake like me :D. (...)

    15. Re: Virtual Reality Stories

      Inherently all fiction we read be it contemporary, fantasy or VR are fake. The way I see it, if a reader can suspend their disbelief while reading a fantasy book or playing a game you can do the same (...)

    16. Re: Guild Uniform Design

      so fancy.  like a royal footman.  I would hate to have to wear this in the summer. lol Yeah, I can imagine how uncomfortable that'd be! That said it's difficult to make a group of guys running (...)

    17. Re: Guild Uniform Design

      I hope these are white gloves. A costume like this cries for white gloves :D They are indeed! :D

    18. Re: Guild Uniform Design

      I made a design for the MC's guild in my story.

    19. Re: Do you cry while you write?

      I write comedies, so sometimes I'm writng a joke and I think of a twist to make it funnier half-way through and it's just as unexpected in that moment for me as it would be for a reader, so yeah I sometimes (...)

    20. Re: Offering Free Reviews!

      Binary Progression Comedy   The story a typical guy playing a typical MMO, no VR, not even voice chat. This time however, the game has been completely abandoned, no moderators, no admins. Only the (...)