Omi Nya

Omi Nya

A Hero Past the 25th: Paradise Lost

I gave the first book 5*, I wish I could give this one 6.

To not dive into spoilers I'd only say that while both "plot moves" were predictable, it was still a great read. I wish this story would get more recognition.

A Hero Past the 25th

Envious of the author's skills.

This deserves so much more. The story of a lonely nerdy weeb dreamer who got her wish to isekai finally granted. Only a bit late, per se. But she ended in a fantasy world as she desired.

Everything written here is great, both characters and plot. They are alive, well-written and fun. Highly recommended.

As a writer I wish that my story was written as well as this one. Now I at least know where to aim and what to strive for.

RE: Trailer Trash

I thought of quickly skimming through the first few chapters. Here I am, on the last page of the story, and it is morning outside.

We are following Tabitha Moore, a woman well past her prime. An incident occurs that sends her mind back in her own body. Back to her childhood that she hated so much. Back into her accursed fat body. And back to her family, school and many other troublesome and painful things.

Is this a story of wish-fulfilling 'I'll do everything right and save the world' type? It's not an opposite type where everything goes wrong in many more ways, screwing the protagonist's life.

It's a realistic story of a woman reverting back into the girl and struggling with her life once more. And the struggle is not of the kind you'd expect, not 'oh I don't want to do it,' or 'another force shows and screws all the plans,' no.

But I suggest you read it yourself to find out.

The quality is way beyond RR. It belongs to a published book of an experienced author. Consistency, characters, plot, everything is beyond expectations. I'm surprised to find such a mature read here.

Hope, you'll be surprised, too.


PS: It actually made me do workouts again.

Righteous Fox Immortal (Small Hiatus)

He did what cultivators do. He trained, meditated, trained again. He, well, cultivated. You know the drill. Replace our standard protagonist with the fox. Fox does the usual fox stuff - it hunts, eats, mates. And cultivates.

Yep, that is the story. The story about fox cultivator. There are all required and welcomed elements to move the plot - family, love, enemies, friends. But all wrapped up in a furry format.
If you are a fan of fast-paced cultivation stories - you should check it out.

The grammar is a bit rough, but that is easily fixable.

Centifire: Deciphering Magic

Writing quality is superb, marvelous, beyond words. The style is astronomically good. The way the authors uses words and build them up in sentences is terrific. The same goes for grammar.

The story itself is promising. A lot to build from, and definitely many ways to lead the story. Maybe a little bit too much? But we'll see how it goes.

The one thing I'm unsure of is the amount of character development. Some people really like when authors spend a considerable amount of time building MC and his/her gang. I'd probably like a bit more actions and events. Although, the characters turned out really well, I won't lie.

All in all, this work is WAY above average book you'd find here. Give it some recognition it deserves.

The Wizard's Obsession

I think I cried after the first chapter. Was not ready for the feels, really. While I feel that the writing is a little dry and too formal, the overall serious tone is a breath of fresh air compared to most wacky wish fulfillment stories here. I'd also prefer more internal dialogues of the MC to get more information on his feelings, but all in all, I recommend the story.