1. Re: Bots on RR?

      I don't think it's bots, just people feeling sore about something. When I made Trending for a short bit, I got my first few 0.5 star ratings. When I called out about it in a chapter (saying I love you (...)

    2. Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

      Great guide! I learned quite a bit from this as a relative(? 2-3 months) newbie still to this site. It would be nice to follow in the footsteps of successful fictions using this method. I made it to Trending (...)

    3. Re: Do you like reading comics or word books?

      Both depending on my mood and current inclination. Recently, I've been reading more words than pictures because I've been focusing on writing more. Somehow, that has resulted in me reading more words than (...)

    4. Re: Seeking Fantasy world setting

      Based on your preferred and excluded tags, I think Canaan would be a good option to read? It fulfills most of the preferences. Primary: Action ✓ Supernatural / Magic ✓ Weak to Strong → leaving (...)

    5. Re: Are Romcoms to women what Harems are to men?

      The title made me laugh. The replies were actually very interesting. I don't have much of an opinion on this matter since I don't think I've ever watched a modern romcom/chick flick before unless Jane (...)

    6. Re: Character and Cover Art

      I like that the girl and her red hair which really pops out is the focal point of the cover along with the phoenix that's second. The cat silhouette on the end is also a nice touch. The title also is centered, (...)

    7. Re: Feedback on my cover?

      The second one is better due to the horns being more clearly discernible in what they are. Until the first responder said they were horns, I literally stared at them wondering what the heck they were. (...)

    8. Re: By what measure is required to have "success" on RR?

      Definitely comparing to other people will result in disappointment, especially looking at the Best Rated lists. Every writing site is different, and for RR, at least compared to what I experienced with (...)

    9. Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

      Now that the semester is over, I'm working on various tasks that piled up. It included edited cover requests from another site. Romance/Crime Drama: Requested to use this image to edit. - Drew (...)

    10. Re: What Word Processor to use when writing stories?

      And then there's me with Apple Pages. *cough* Heh ^^' I use word doc and google docs for other stuff though. I just find Pages good for stacking documents and having them side by side since I have my (...)

    11. Re: Cover Conundrum

      You can find images that are royalty and commercial free. Literally just search these keywords into google and you'll find sites like unsplash or pixabay or freeimages. There are lots out there, it just (...)

    12. Re: Anyone one know a story with a straight female mc on here

      In short, I recommend the site more for reading and the interactivity (forums are more active than here) but not for putting up your stories unless they're romances for girls, or wuxia/xianxia/cultivation (...)

    13. Re: Fantasy novels

      This just shows I need to read more on RR when I get the chance. I only have this recommendation that has war elements in it: Song of Helheim: Reparations. Otherwise my story in the signature below matches (...)

    14. Re: From Inception to Self Publication: an all Inclusive Guide with Price and Process

      Nice guide! it was fascinating albeit a little scary since right now this is just serious hobbyist writing with a strong hope to be published later. Those prices are more expensive than what I pay for (...)

    15. Re: Anyone one know a story with a straight female mc on here is another website like this one where you can upload your own story and read other stories. But the differences are it's a Chinese website that was based on translating Chinese (and some (...)

    16. Re: The Invisible Phase: How do fictions gain readers inbetween the New and Trending phase?

      I also suggest looking at/considering what times is best to update if you can control this when uploading. Although there's the time zone issue, you can test out different times. Also, for me, I found (...)

    17. Re: Should I merge my chapters to make them longer?

      I agree with the previous posters. At least on RR, people don't seem to mind one week releases. So one long chapter is preferred over multiple short ones in one week. Also, I find that longer chapters (...)

    18. Re: Anyone one know a story with a straight female mc on here

      Ooooohh~~ That's very interesting. I'm still pretty new here, just about two months. Coming from Webnovel directly before this, I'm so used to heterosexual relationships where anything otherwise was rare (...)

    19. Re: Anyone one know a story with a straight female mc on here

      Question, why specifically a straight female MC? Are there a lot of stories where the female MC isn't straight, so it's harder to find ones that are on RR? Just curious as I was surprised seeing the request. (...)

    20. Re: Making FREE Book Covers (Edits or Artwork)

      @FoxKing I'm not currently taking any Cover Art requests, only edited ones with images provided by the requester. --> I informed this on the previous page. You can re-request cover art when I announce (...)