1. Re: I'll review your story with (bad) poetry

      Got a couple done. I hope they provided a bit of insight while also adding something different for some strange times.  Yes, thank you so much! I really enjoyed your poem and rhymes! It made me smile (...)

    2. Re: I'll review your story with (bad) poetry

      Honestly would like this just for the poetry. xD I actually phrased my words in stanzas, but it looked too silly, so I stopped, deleted them, and responded normally lol. Anyway I appreciate your offer (...)

    3. Re: Repercussions for killing off characters

      Having said that, I feel like that killing off minor characters is far more impactful to the readers than a lot of people would initially like to admit.  Interesting point! I never quite considered (...)

    4. Re: Character Portraits from my story

      I can see all of them now

    5. Re: Repercussions for killing off characters

      Thanks, Staria~ ^-^ I also found it odd since he was a supporting/minor character (and I never got the sense that he was popular at all?). But maybe it was just weird timing, idk, haha! I agree with (...)

    6. Re: Suggestions for academy arc?

      Nice little discussion. I'm going to use some of these points and list of cliches for when I eventually start a semi-academy arc. I don't want to make it boring or banal, so it's good to be aware about (...)

    7. Re: Character Portraits from my story

      Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I can't see any of the pictures. They're all just broken image links. :c

    8. Re: Repercussions for killing off characters

      I wanted to do a general poll to see if this commonly happens or not, and maybe also discuss how you, as a writer, deal with killing off characters, and what your readers' reactions were. In my most (...)

    9. Re: How to Move Out of the Stagnant Followers Phase?

      Maybe you should change the chapter number into the usual one? (e.g: chapter 1,2,3,4,...) Most readers prefer high number of chapters and you have a lot of them. But unfortunately, your chapter numbering (...)

    10. Re: Taking some requests for character portraits

      Wow! Great work! *claps* :O I'd love to make a request, but I'm currently not in real need of a portrait right now since I would be using it for a new book cover (I currently edit mine since I'm too lazy (...)

    11. Re: How to Move Out of the Stagnant Followers Phase?

      It's been 10 months since I posted my story here, and while I just returned from a 4-month long hiatus, even before then, I've been stuck at around 360 followers for at least half of the total time. (...)

    12. Re: Storylines We Hate

      Secondly, women have it easy but there are millions of men who are single or never had a gf. Thus, harem stories which introduce women that are easy and simple-minded. Of course, the real ones are mostly (...)

    13. Re: Do you perform Post Mortem's on your completed stories?

      Well my current story definitely isn't completed as in fully written, but all the important details, structure, characters, and story developments and conclusion have all been decided/laid out before beginning (...)

    14. Re: Writer(s) needed for a Visual Novel

      WHOA! This is so cool! I'd LOVE to help you guys, for free as you said because it would be an absolute dream to be a part of a VN. I just love those but don't often get to play many (since broke lol). (...)

    15. Re: Zero to 2 then 5 Guests after Commenting?

      I noticed something strange when I replied to some readers' comments today. I never really thought much of it before, but I guess I noticed it more closely this time. After replying to a comment while (...)

    16. Re: Feedback on my cover pls

      Nice cover, the drawn-illustration style of the image used really sets the tone of the book well (according to a clear expectation I mean). I noticed that you rather like this font since I saw it in your (...)

    17. Re: Losing Followers after Updating more

      A story with marginal value (good enough to read, but not really dedicated to) has to compete with that new and fancy story that just came out... and an update can make that marginal value really obvious. (...)

    18. Re: Losing Followers after Updating more

      Hmm interesting reasoning! Makes sense since following a lot results in the library being cluttered, so I can see myself doing something similar along the lines of creating space for other books. I (...)

    19. Re: Losing Followers after Updating more

      I've heard of fluctuating on update days. Usually I go +- 2 from my typical amount, but it never strays away from that amount after several weeks off of the Trending some months ago. I was referring specifically (...)

    20. Re: Losing Followers after Updating more

      This might sound kinda bizarre, but it's a phenomenon that I've noticed in my own works on two different writing sites and which other people have said to experience too. Instead of remaining the same (...)