Osamaru Ta

Osamaru Ta

Reaper of The Wizarding World

A decent HP fanfic without an Edgelord MC (finally

A decent enough Harry Pottet fanfic, with an MC that doesn't go full edgelord despite their.... condition. 

Keep in mind this a "in universe" story, and MC is a "native". MC isn't someone from our world, who would be familiar with the Lore or story, so there's some exposition that would seem obvious to us, but make sense as someone new learning about the world.

Thr Present tense is a bit of a put off, but it's a done well enough. 

There is some slight mary sue vibes, but it's not very strong (MC kills two major characters within the first few chapters, but the circumstance make sense.)

Then again, not much has happened yet, so that may change one way or  another, to be seen. 

My biggest complaint is the MCs quick human transformation, though it could be argued that this allows them to keep their humanity, given how strong their other side's instincts seem to be. 

My suggestion to the Author would be more to slow down and explore the world a it more don't rely so much on established characters and settings. 

Theres nothing wrong with using whats already there, but The world is extremely ripe for new creations and your own flavor. 


The Eager Dimension Hopper (SCP)

All right story, but made with the Fan in mind.

If you are a fan of SCP Stories, you'll enjoy this one. Its a Fun little romp into the SCP world with an intreseting twist.

THAT BEING SAID! Story wise, I'd probably only give it maybe a 7/10.

Fun, but not Groundbreaking.

You can tell that it was written for the SCP fan in mind, and it assumes as much, as we're basicly thrown right into the mix without really much setup or explanation for anything.

The MC in particular seems extremely undisturbed by his entire situation, to the point that its very likly he either has some kind of mental condition, or the Crown he is wearing is somehow affecting his mental state.

That doesn't make it BAD, per-say, only one of those stories you have to suspend your disbelief at first.

I expect the Author will explain why he's like that later in the story, but if that kind of thing turns you off, you might not last long enough to figure out WHY.

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Beware Of Chicken


Good Story.

To Boil it down to the simplest terms, it asks the question "What if a Trasmitigater got sent to Cultivation World and thought ".

And the Funny thing is.... It works. Both from a Story and Cultivation standpoint.

Good Job, Looking forward to seeing what else you can do.

|_+) Also, Author, I'm sure a lot of people have already said this.... but no Harem, or we're sending Big D after you.... and it won't be the Rooster XD HAAHAHAHAAHA!

I Became a [Biologist] in a Fantasy World!

Tickles that Itch that got you into the Medical field in the first place

5/5 dude, well done, Keep it up.

If anyone works in any kind of bio-science or medical field, I highly recommend this story. Its not so overly complicated that you'll feel like you're back in class, but it still manages to scratch that itch that got you into the field in the first place.


A Fun story with a flavor unlike a lot of more popular ones.

Great story with a great sense of Humor and style. If you're looking for something wholey diffrent than the same ol same ol stories that are just the same "Meal" but with diffrent seasonings, give this one a try.

I think what I like best about the Story so far is the MC. Not only is his in-game Persona really Wacky and chaotic (I can imagine him twirling his mustash as every turn), but the Real life dude isn't some edge-lord looking for revenge, or some super smart prodigy aiming to "be the best".

He's just a normal dude with a 9 to 5 who's just looking to have fun.

Harvest Factory ~ a Farmer Life

Decent story, but needs an editor. Granted, I 've not read far, so they author might get better as time goes on, but even still.