Osamaru Ta

Osamaru Ta

The story of how a Cultivation Universe was Conquered by an Interstellar Weapons Platform

The story of how a Cultivation Universe was Conquered by an Interstellar Weapons Platform
418 pages

What do you get when you cross a world of Magic, Cultivation and Legends with one of Science, Logic and Overwhelming Firepower?

\o\ Chaos! /o/

Alpha is a sapient AI who's job (and Passion) is the exploration, exploitation and eventual colonization of new worlds for the Federation, a Galaxy spanning empire of Science and Technology. When an unexpected accident deposits this literal War Machine on a planet full of Cultivators and Wizards, chaos and insanity ensues. What Alpha and those around him don't know, however, is that he will soon become the focal point of a millennias long plot that holds not only the fate of the world in its balance, but possibly the entire Galaxy.

Ancient Enemies awaken as the Powerhouses of the world converge with Alpha at the center. Get ready, its going to be a wild ride.


|_+) Come, Read the Story. 
Watch Worlds be Conquered. (ALL HAIL YOUR NEW ROBOT OVERLORDS!)

See Arrogant Young Masters be slapped in the face (by a 170mm Rail-slug traveling Mach 3).

Find Grand, Valuable Treasure (which gets put into storage, because what use does an AI have with pill herbs?)

Explore Strange and wonderful lands (that will be shortly stripped mined and exploited for all usable resources)

|_+) JOIN US!


ALPHA-555-12-4412 (Designation: Star Conquer).
One of the 5 most powerful and advanced AI-driven Interstellar Weapon Platforms ever built, was programmed with a very simple mission.

Travel the stars.
Seek out new and hospitable Alien Worlds.
Establish a Forward based for their Master's eventual colonization.
And, If necessary, crush any and all native resistance it might find.

It was a Mission that Alpha took seriously and dedicated its entire being to.
However, when Alpha flies a liiiiitle to close to a Blackhole and gets sucked in, it is thrown into a situation that no amount of programming could prepare it for.

Now stranded on an alien, yet familiar world, full of dangerous beasts and strange phenomenon its database has no record or explanation for, Alpha must find a way to not only survive, but thrive.
And eventually to do what he was built to do.

Some things to expect from this Story

1): MC is an AI programmed with a very specific goal. Thus don't expect him to think or act like a human might. That being said, he/it is not bloodthirsty and evil either. He is specifically programed to work with, and indoctrinate Native species when possible. He is not a demon lord come to end the world as they know it, but a Conqueror come to subjugate.

2): MC won't be getting some kind of Humanoid form or suddenly start trying to think like a Human. Although an AI, he is perfectly Sapient, and fully understands both what he is and what is mission is. He is capable of adapting and changing his thought process, but at the end of the day, the Mission is what matters to him. He doesn't see the need or even WANTS to be Human. The only exception to this might be Humanoid body doubles or puppets used in places his main body isn't able to go.

3): This story is a mix of both Sci-Fi and Cultivation novels. MC with NOT be able to Cultivate themselves (for obvious reasons), but using his technology and knowledge, will be able to adapt and repurpose the strange and exotic resources you might find in a Cultivation World to increase his power and keep up with the powerhouses of this Universe.

4): The Intention of this story is to alternate between it and Parasite King, so I don't get burned out writing either one. As such, updates, while not slow, won't be to quick. Bare with me for awhile till the wheels get rolling.

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Parasite King

Parasite King
320 pages

Say what you will about the End of the World, but it makes for some great TV. When a Monster Apocalypse descends suddenly on an unexpecting Earth, Jonah finds himself the first victim of a sick and twisted gameshow.

As the table of the world is flipped and the lines redrawn for the amusement of their new alien overlords, Jonah finds himself trapped in the literal Belly of the Beast. And if he wishes to not only survive, but thrive, he'll find that cost might be more than he's willing to pay. As Jonah grows both in power and purpose, he'll have to ask himself if Revenge is really worth his Humanity.


"What are you willing to do to survive? What are you willing to Become?

Jonah never really gave much thought to these kinds of things. He was just your average everyday young man, doing what he can to make it in the world. Unfortunately for Him, the world he knows is about to end. And he's the First Victim.

When Earth gets pulled into an intergalactic game show, hosted and ran for the entertainment of a Sadistic, super-advanced Alien race, all sorts of "Monsters" begin to spawn on Earth.

By a twist of fate, when a Gargantuan Snake spawns in the middle of his room and swallows him whole, Jonah becomes the first casualty of this sick game.

But Fate is not done with Jonah yet. For what fun is a Game without a fighting Chance? The question is, however, what price will he be willing to pay? "

[NOTE: I don't own cover art, just something I've found till I can commision my own]

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95 pages

My Newest, and at the same time, Oldest novel. This is a Rewrite of my very first novel that I begun when I was just starting out.

It follows the story of Mark Floyd, a broken man who once tried to do what he thought was right... only to be stabbed in the back and thrown away.

Now, pulled into a conflict that spans time and space, Mark has a choice to make; Stand up once more, even if it means facing an unknowable future, or let the Embers of his heart die and sink back into darkness.


“For gold is tried in the fire, and acceptable men in the furnace of adversity”.

Once part of a Special Ops team in the US Army, Mark Floyd thought he had seen the worst that Humanity had to offer. That was until his final mission, one that would leave him a broken and shattered man, betrayed by the Country he served, and abandoned by society as a whole. 

His dreams filled with nightmares of the ones he failed to protect, mind and memories clouded by booze and more, Mark finds himself stumbling through life without purpose or desire. 
Life isn't done with Mark yet, however. 

For as long as even a single ember remains in a persons heart, here is still yet hope for the flames of Passion and Hope to be Rekindled. 

When the dying embers of Mark's heart catches the eyes of a Being far beyond his understanding, Mark finds himself thrown into a situation not even his years of training could prepare him for. 

Will this new chance be Mark's hope at both Redemption and Recompense? 
Or will it simply be the final nail in the coffin for a man already dead to the World? 

[This is a rework of my very first story. The general story will remain the same, however a few details have been tweaked, the chapters have be Edited better and some chapters have been broken down into smaller chunks for better flow and consistency.

The biggest change will be to the System itself; It will be a lot less "Game-like", meaning no stats, levels or similar aspect, though skills will still be present in the form of "Programs". Instead, It'll focus more on the Sigil's nature as super-computers and how they change the world around them. This should make for a much more "natural" and less info-dumpy system.

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