B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

    1. Re: What are the essential elements of litrpg?

      Vital element is number go up

    2. Re: How to Handle Stub Status and New Volumes?

      This isn't really related to your question... But is it even worth it to sign with amazon?  Yeah. For people who already have thousands of followers on here, Kindle Unlimited stories usually make really (...)

    3. Re: So the Slave Harem story is now top 5 on [Popular This Week]

      Totally ignoring any of the gross debates probably going on that I'm not going to look at, to say that the story absolutely does not fit on Royal Road according to its own rules. Maybe the actual content (...)

    4. Re: Marking as completed = Views plummet?

      As a side suggestion, a 175,000 word story across 21 chapters is over 5,600 words per chapter, well above the normal wordcount of a fantasy web serial on this site (certain wandering exceptions aside). (...)

    5. Re: Should I Post to Other Sites?

      Yeah, post on all the sites. I have a really big list I made of different sites you can post on, although it's missing anything that has come around in the last year (nothing popular that I know of though). (...)

    6. Re: Naming your chapters?

      Yeah, I name all my chapters so *I* can remember them. I've found that I get my own story chapters mixed up if I don't title them, once a story gets long enough.

    7. Re: What are some hidden gems that have somehow lost traction?

      Adventures of the Goldthirst Company. 3300+ pages and less than 500 followers... That's a shame, since it's really good!

    8. Re: Romance stories. Are they doomed to suck?

      When you're ignoring Wattpad teen fics and smut (why are these even in the conversation), romance as a genre is no better or worse than fantasy. It's just a genre, and most importantly, romance stories (...)

    9. Re: What can I do (within my power) to reach Trending/Rising Stars?

      The original Rising Stars algorithm was entirely based on ratings and getting a lot of them in a one-month period. It also made it almost entirely impossible for a story to reach the list if it gained (...)

    10. Re: Reincarnation/Isekai following the MC from a young age

      RE: Monarch is really good but the MC starts at about age 14

    11. Re: Bard Protagonist

      Give me like, a week, and I'll spot you

    12. Re: Urban fantasy recs?

      Please read Katalepsis!

    13. Re: Running your story like the business it is.

      Great guide; best I've seen posted online. I wish I'd followed it in 2021.

    14. Re: Lesbian/GL Action-adventure stories?

      Adventures of the Goldthirst Company Fishbowl Beneath the Dragoneye Moons

    15. Re: New to RoyalRoad, need some good books to read.

      Before posting a self-promo post, please check the thread dates and make sure the user is still looking for recommendations please. The thread was bumped by a spambot but several people went and advertised (...)

    16. Re: Any magical girl stories?

      Here's one! https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/20379/days-of-blood-and-roses-a-magical-girl-thriller

    17. Re: Wholesome stories

      Adventures of the Goldthirst Company is good and very hefty. I'm the Demon Lord, but All I Wanna Do is Sit Around and Eat Pizza Poppers is good too!