1. Re: Do I have to pander with my cover?

      You want a cover that looks good as a thumbnail, and yours indeed does. But if you want to advertise its fantasy LitRPG status, you may want to make that more obvious, if only because the description and (...)

    2. Re: Advice on Reading for Writing Style Inspiration

      Tenses and perspectives are an issue in a lot of stories on here, but those are the absolute basics, the things you have to master before you can really even make a dent in a successful story. I think (...)

    3. Re: Advice on Reading for Writing Style Inspiration

      Hey, I wanted to start a thread giving some of my own personal advice on writing and writing styles, because I think that's something that could hopefully help some people: This thread is about reading (...)

    4. Re: Harems: Are they even worth your time?

        That fear is kind of a moot point when there are single-digit female readers. The online gamey fantasy serial genre as a whole isn't something women are interested in. Sucks but it is what it is. (...)

    5. Re: Review Swapping Offer (Starting in one week)

      Take a look at mine and I'll take a look at yours. Path To Adventure Not at the moment, sorry

    6. Re: What kind of worlds do most people write in?

      Most stories take place on modern-day Earth, except on Royal Road. I think there should be more stories in this setting, though I guess it's hard to do an isekai LitRPG set in 2019 on Earth lol

    7. Re: Review Swapping Offer (Starting in one week)

      I've finally finished the final review swap out of all the people who originally asked. Because I took so long on it, I won't be opening any more review swaps in the near future, but thanks to everyone (...)

    8. Re: Looking for novels with Time Travel

      No spoilers, but my story Rainbow Destructor does have some time travel elements in it

    9. Re: Harems: Are they even worth your time?

      Sorry, my tolerance cannot go as far as endorsing stories that condone or promote sexual assault in any fashion, slavery included. You can fantasize about the stuff all you want, do what you want in your (...)

    10. Re: Any LitRPG with a black lead

      While Vitae Memorandum doesn't explicitly mention having a black character, not only could it be easy to infer given the details provided.. the story itself has a fairly substantial focus on minorities (...)

    11. Re: Harems: Are they even worth your time?

      I usually avoid the harems that evolves from female slaves. For example when a person gets transported to another world and has trust issues so he gets a female slave because he can’t trust anybody with (...)

    12. Re: How to increase the pace?

      Plot your story out ahead of time so you make sure the pacing is good.  Also, study film, rather than TV or web serials, in how to pace stories faster; movies have a maximum of 2-3 hours to tell their (...)

    13. Re: Recommend me LGBT stories

      Ah, I forgot The Solstice War, which is truly excellent and has a large lgbt cast. Sorry for the double post haha. Oh that's actually on my readlist for someday, but I didn't realize it was even on (...)

    14. Re: Please, a normal fantasy story.

      It stars dragons, but everything you want you will find in Endless Stars (yay I got to recommend it twice in one day)

    15. Re: Dragons

      Endless Stars, whose entire cast is dragons, is the best story on Royal Road.

    16. Re: Recommend me LGBT stories

      LGBT stories are cool. Recommend them here. Stories that heavily feature LGBT themes or characters and where it's an important part of the story. (NOT ones where some secondary character is gay or trans (...)

    17. Re: Is death an appropriate punishment for rape?

      In all the movies TV shows, anime and manga, it seems killing a rapist is expected. Everyone following it thinks "Yeah kill that bastard!". Is that true justice? It depends on what the person did (...)

    18. Re: Signs a story is going to be bad.

      You can usually tell what's gonna be a clunker based on the way the first chapter is written, but other than that: A long prologue or first chapter that has almost nothing to do with the rest of (...)

    19. Re: Exploration and no system

      Endless Stars is a huge adventure story whose entire first story arc is all about exploring a dangerous volcanic region. It's also a very slow-paced story and is in a vastly different world than Earth (...)

    20. Re: Holiday Review Swaps

      Finally, the Deviant and the Goldthirst shall meet.