1. Re: Noticed a Massive Drop

      I could be totally wrong about this, but I gather that this site is predominantly male. LGBTQ+ stories are typically consumed by a female crowd, so the disparity seems sensible, albeit a little annoying. (...)

    2. Re: Having signature troubles・・ Go into code mode (the furthest right (...)

    3. Re: From what point is it too late?

      Hello there! I'd like to know, when exactly does it start being too late for a story to get into rising stars and the such? My story will soon be two months old and I don't think it's ever hit rising (...)

    4. Re: I feel *gutted* by my rating :( How do you stop it from affecting you?

      People who rate 0.5s typically have not read any of the work they are rating. Either they are trying to upset you on purpose like bullies, or there's something in your first chapter or two that really (...)

    5. Re: Is there an audience for non fantasy stories?

      Stories with no speculative elements at all? Nope. There's nothing I know of that has any level of popularity and no fantasy or sci-fi or other elements. The only one in my favorites is this short story (...)

    6. Re: Slice of Life on Royal Road

      Slice of life does fine. In fact, a lot of the bigger stories on the site are basically just slice of life stories with some progression/RPG elements thrown in to keep it fresh.

    7. Re: I Review, you Shoutout.

      I wish for a new Systemless review, even if it takes several months to reach it.

    8. Re: new tag: no comments

      So, as one of the authors who recently stopped reading RR comments, I can give a bit of context to this. Be aware that pretty much none of the authors on the top stories read comments. There is a very (...)

    9. Re: How would your character react after meeting you, the author?

      :DrakanGlasses: Story spoiler, don't click if you don't want to know

    10. Re: Too political for Royal Road?

      The rules are quite vague on this. They say definitely not to insult or make derogatory comments on "religion" or "real-world groups", but only says "avoid politics and religion" rather than specifying (...)

    11. Re: Trending > Rising stars

      A new news post explains the reason: Trending is simply a better descriptor for the newer version of it.

    12. Re: Would it be strange to only have elves and humans as the only races in my world?

      I say go even further. Not only are elves the only fantastical race, they're the ONLY race, and there aren't any humans. Like nature intended.

    13. Re: Multiple serials or all in one?

      Always, always, always one fiction on this site. Long work is rewarded, and it's difficult to get readers to transition from one entry to another sometimes. Especially if both Book 1 and 2 are definitely (...)

    14. Re: What classic story should be remade as a litRPG?

      Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde. Dual classing

    15. Re: Posting something "Rough"

      Royal Road prizes big ideas and consistent posting, rather than polish and pristineness. You would be perfectly fine to post an outright rough draft of a story, as long as it appeals to one of the big (...)

    16. Re: Ask the Editor

      I read through the third chapter (not going by your assigned numbers here) because the first two weren't giving me much on the story itself. I got a pretty good look at his personality, and I appreciate (...)

    17. Re: What do you think of the “Adventurers Guild” trope? Is it lazy, is it natural in a fantasy world, tips fo (...)

      Yeah, it's a cliche in the gamelit or light novel world, but it also hasn't been particularly "overdone," as in there is still a ton of room to explore the concept in very interesting ways, such as luda305's (...)

    18. Re: Kindle Vella. More Hype Than Anything Else?

      It sucks badly right now, but that's basically universal when it comes to new products by Amazon, Google, and the other tech conglomerates, especially Amazon. They test pilot their ideas with pretty crappy (...)

    19. Re: Has anyone posted completely wacky or experimental stories here? How'd it go? :P

      I posted an experimental novella a few years back; Rainbow Destructor. The reviews are very positive, but note the 220 average views per chapter, after two years for a complete story. Experimental stories (...)