1. Re: Reviews: chapters read is important, amazon has star system right

      I agree with both of these things. The honor system for the chapters-read thing wouldn't work for troll reviewers who would always lie and say they read to completion, but hey, that's on them; you can (...)

    2. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      Replacing the star system with a binary thumbs-up and thumbs-down system would be a terrible idea and I would fight against that with all my willpower. It is basically useless on Netflix where its recommendation (...)

    3. Re: Poll based story

      In the old days of MS Paint Adventures, Problem Sleuth and other webcomics would take user suggestions for how to proceed, and use the reader suggestions kind of like a poll. You could achieve the same (...)

    4. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

      Oh yeah, I did "win" Nanowrimo, but my goal of getting to 100 chapters in my story came up tragically short due to massive procrastination. Only got 41 chapters in the end. Hopefully I'll try something (...)

    5. Re: Web Fiction Book Bingo

      I got a bingo, though only once:

    6. Re: There should be some kind of review timeout for alt accounts used for one off neg reviews

      I also see obvious fake accounts giving positive glowing reviews to an author and then never logging in afterwards. It's pretty skeevy.

    7. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

      Turns out writing in an entirely new genre with a very slow-moving plot is not the recipe for good marathon writing sessions... I'm only at 30,000 words, and I'm gonna have to do several more days of big (...)

    8. Re: Why most of the authors drop their stories

      People drop their stories because they are usually teenagers or college students who have entire lives separate from writing and are just having fun with their hobby. Other times, because people publish (...)

    9. Re: Realism in Fiction

      I like realism when it doesn't mean "dark and edgy and grim and gray" but instead means "what would really happen." Stuff like... the evil all-powerful dystopia falls apart because one low-level bureaucrat (...)

    10. Re: Stories with complex MC

      Endless Stars has a super complex and great protagonist. i super recommend for anyone who likes actually good characters.

    11. Re: Should novels have a prologue?

      No as a general rule because prologues are usually terrible. But I will have a prologue-ish first chapter in my third web novel and so I will be guilty of the very thing I am condemning... I'll say it's (...)

    12. Re: Slow Cooking. Novels Heavily Based On Dialogue/Character Interaction.

      Yo! My story is all of this! This is not at all fantasy action, but instead a Sci-Fi Comedy/Drama/Slice of Life/Mystery series, ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture. Inspired by Japanese Light Novels and (...)

    13. Re: I was wondering in there are any more stories where MC and his class gets transported to another world

      This was the first story I ever read with this concept in it:

    14. Re: Other authors, what would you consider slow/fast growth for a new project posted here?

      Your story started 5 days ago so I think it's a bit too early to look at the stats for trends

    15. Re: Writing Professor - new RR author

      And you said on the Webnovel forums that this was your 6th draft? How did you miss that obvious mistake even after editing through your drafts 6 times? Not going to make and judgment about the OP, but (...)

    16. Re: Romance but harem bait with a twist

      Pay someone to write this (hint hint)

    17. Re: Ways To Approach Differently Space Opera

      Space Opera stories that spend way too much time on Earth, or too much time swashbuckling. (At least with movies. That's what I'll focus on in this post.) For movies, I think the classic, archetypal, (...)

    18. Re: Looking for story with a lot of comedy

      Oh hey. The stories I write are almost always comedies. My main web serial, ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture, is basically a comedy-detective story wrapped up in a lot of other genre trappings. It's usually (...)

    19. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

      I haven't gotten anywhere in Nanowrimo since 2015 due to laziness (2016) or extenuating circumstances (2017, 2018), but this year will certainly be different. I already have to do a lot of writing/revision (...)

    20. Re: Developing a System

      I don't know about flaws or whatever, but I think since you are writing a story, the RPG system should be as geared as possible towards allowing you to do interesting things with your plot and characters. (...)