RE: Monarch

RE: Monarch
by Eligos
945 pages

Cairn is a prince who is already tired of ruling. Faced with an imminent coronation and an overbearing father, he wants nothing more than to drown his responsibilities in cheap liquor and poor decisions. With the help of his sister, he hatches a plan to escape the clutches of the throne once and for all. It all goes terribly wrong, and Cairn finds his priorities shifting in the face of unimaginable tragedy. The change of heart comes too late, however, and Cairn dies. He reawakens to find himself transported ten years in the past. He immediately begins to plan for the future, only to discover his killer has somehow followed him. To succeed, Cairn must unite the kingdom and discover the motivation of his killer, using as many tries as it takes. 


I exhausted pretty much every time loop story ever written and decided to write my own. You'll see a few similarities here between this story and some existing stories, at least initially. There's a lot of inspiration drawn from both MoL and Re:Zero, though in terms of pathos and darkness, this story leans more towards the latter. Be warned, it is something of a slow burn. The main character will grow and become powerful, but a theme of this story is that power comes slowly and often at great cost. 

Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Cover commissioned from the fantabulous SatoriLotus on Deviant Art

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The Saintess and the Villainess (GL)

The Saintess and the (...)
by TeddyStonehill
494 pages

When Anne finds herself suddenly reborn as the Saintess, the main character of the novel she had been reading just before she died, she has no interest in fulfilling her original role as the heroine. Instead, she devotes herself to saving her favorite character, the villainous Lady Corvina, from her terrible fate. But she'll need Lady Corvina's help to do so. 

Can the two work together to change their lives, and their nation, for the better? Or will the pull of the "original novel" prove to be too strong?

Cover art by Kat Noel, @caeldori on Twitter

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by megajoule
108 pages


Follow Gabe, a clone of the greatest hero ever, as he struggles to survive a world where emotions grant fantastic powers and create cosmic horrors. When he stumbles on a senseless massacre, he sets out to clear his name and help the one survivor - the young Mateo - in finding justice. But as he fights for what he believes is right, he starts to unravel a mystery that could topple the capes forever. 


“A bright super-giant in the constellation of grimy hero stories… would make Alan Moore swoon.”

“I was instantly hooked in.”

“It’s like a spring being coiled one loop at a time.”

“Really vibrant, which only amplifies the darkness lurking within.”

“Inheritors grabbed my interest from the first chapter and it hasn’t let go yet.”




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Invisible Werewolf Dracula meets Vampire Mummy Frankenstein

Invisible Werewolf Dracula (...)
by jmassat
339 pages

Official site
We've got TVTropes!

They're back! Globetrotting outlaw Dracula finds a powerful ally in an Egyptian crypt—Frankenstein’s monster himself. Can these monsters thwart the werewolf regime and take back the night?

An illustrated adventure. COMPLETE!

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Villager Three

Villager Three
by Kruos
445 pages

[Full realm assimilation will be completed in a few million years give or take and then the Gates will stop appearing, use them while you can. The next War of the Gods is scheduled to start in about 15 billion years, practice hard until then.]
[See ya around!]
With that simple farewell, the world changed forever.

Kira Hawthorne was just another teenage girl until the day a 'god' told the world their 'realm' was getting assimilated since they lost some War no one on Earth even knew about.

A System is installed on the whim of a very old and capricious god, and one teenage girl embarks on a journey in a once familiar world turned foreign... And very hostile.

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Burning Stars, Falling Skies

Burning Stars, Falling (...)
by Cocop (Cale Plamann)
198 pages

Threedak is a simple Dhajtel. Every night she scavenges and hunts for her tribe in the great desert, relying upon her skill and ancestral memories to avoid the night's many dangers. Her life remains largely the same until one night, one of the gleaming angels that hangs in the night sky falls into her desert. Deciding to investigate, she happens upon a scene far beyond her limited understanding.

The Dhajtel aren't alone. The galaxy is far vaster and more hostile than Threedak's people can even begin to comprehend.

Entrusted with the knowledge and memories of a dead race, it will be up to her to forge Dhajtel society into something that can survive the storm that is to come.

- - -
(This novel is heavy on Kingdom/Empire Building and is an attempt at fairly hard (grounded in real science) Science Fiction)

Cover credit to DrakonStorm

- - -

A couple authors with reptile MC's have started a discord, feel free to hang out with us.

Reptile MC Discord

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Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf
by Miles Trombley
218 pages

There are monsters in space!

What is the best thing in the galaxy? Killing supernatural monsters, making love with hot women, and seeking adventures. That is John Jaeger's typical life as a Space Paranormal Defense agent. However, he should have known better to bed a werewolf prostitute. Not only she cursed him into a cyborg monster, he suddenly becomes irresistible to women. Even his squadron of monster girls can't keep their hands off him. But does that really matter? Together, John and his girls track down demons, malevolent ghosts, and bloodthirsty creatures from harming the human colonies. Saving the galaxy is more difficult than being a werewolf.

Warning: Some scenes contain sexual content and graphic action violence.

P.S, my word count will be between 500 to 2,000 words in each chapter.

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Soulless (Apparently)

Soulless (Apparently)
by Krahie
358 pages

When a serial killer emerges on the robot-populated planet of Zynima, a few machines form a group of vigilantes to end what deceptively seems like a simple open-and-shut case. Join Aural Automaton and Shock System as they uncover the ugly truth behind this string of murders.

Krahie's AUU-16 series:

#1 – Soulless (Apparently)

#2 – Diamond People

#3 – The Departure

#4 – Night Game

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Revenant Faith and Foreign Pilgrimage

Revenant Faith and Foreign (...)
by Elliott Staude
695 pages

Eihks Richard is an edutainer between productions, when he and other citizens from the Parsed City-State of Rhaagm volunteer for a little poorly-justified charitable work. Ktsn Wdondf Daephod is a farmer dealing with family discord, when she and everyone she has ever known unwittingly benefit from philanthropy undertaken for the wrong reasons. The two of them come together, thanks to the involvement of a supernatural entity of strange and terrible power. Both break from their old lives, and forge a new one together as partners, to explore the wild unknown. It will be hard, and it will be interesting, and it will be both a journey and a revival.

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Keep Breathing

Keep Breathing
by T. A. Cambel
361 pages

Keep Breathing follows lung cancer survivor Eury as she returns to her sleepy hometown, dreading coming home to her parents and the complicated past that still haunts her. Even with every amenity afforded to her by modern society, Eury has a hard time staying alive. But when the townspeople are driven insane and begin attacking one another at random, Eury is cut off from everything and everyone she holds dear, and left with a dwindling supply of oxygen.

Hardships and heartaches, bloodshed and violence, once she’s through it all, will Eury be able to Keep Breathing?

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Aria of the Fallen: Adventure in a Foreign System

Aria of the Fallen: Adventure (...)
by Glitterbark
312 pages

After the world ended and reality broke, everyone had different opinions about how it should all be put back together again.

Humanity's solution centered around trying to revive an entity known as the Overseer of All Things, an ancient machine god which was shattered into pieces during the apocalypse. In return for the human's devotion, it gifted them with the tools to fight the monsters which had come to dominate the broken fragments of the world - such as [Classes], [Skills], and most importantly, the ability to [Level Up].

Sláine E. Catháin honestly doesn't give a crap about any of that. A warrior rabbit-girl hailing from a different System, she's decided to come to the human's corner of reality because their methodology has led to them becoming extremely powerful, and even if it's in the foreign land of Arpege, Sláine intends to die a legend. Naturally, she bites off a bit more than she can chew, and when she's paired with a prickly, sarcastic, and mysterious woman named Red, she finds her life soon filled with with drama, mysteries, friendship, love, occasional discussions of how best to hide a body and - ugh - stat optimization. 


A dark comedy/drama yuri LitRPG with a heavy focus on world-building, character development, and people talking to each other.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Crimson Crow: Thief of Fortune

Crimson Crow: Thief of (...)
by Velara
132 pages

Breaking News: The multiverse's supply of luck has been stolen! A crack team of detectives are attempting to track down the culprit. But this is not their story.

This is the story of the Crimson Crow, who, after committing the audacious heist, fled to begin a new life on a distant world, Llyr. Beyond the reach of her pursuers, or so she hopes. 

Far from the comforts of civilization, she must rely on her quick wits and magic to survive and prosper. But she soon discovers that Llyr’s past is as dark and storied as her own. And that the past is inescapable.

Currently Updates Semi-Monthly ~Every 14 days.

Diamond Vector by Vecteezy

This fiction is LGBT+ friendly.

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