1. RE: Something like Savage Divinity?

      You can try 'How to survive a summoning 101' Delvers LLC, and Circle of Shards.

    2. RE: Is it good enough?

      Its a good synopsis that gives the reader a good sense of the setting, plot, and protagonist without any actual spoilers. There are some improvement that can be made though. I am of the opinion that blurbs (...)

    3. How do you see a reply to your post?

      When someone replies to your post and/or quotes it, is there a way to see or be notified of this without checking back in the thread?

    4. RE: Need help reviewing this fight scene [Fantasy/LitRPG]

      Overall, its a solid first piece, but there's nothing special about it to make it help stand out. The writing itself seems a bit stiff and inflexible. There doesn't seem to be any real issue with the grammar, (...)

    5. RE: Awesome villain that does a bunch of stuff?

      The story you're looking for is 'Everybody Loves Large Chests' on RRL, but its likely you've read that. 'Re: Ocean' and 'Cheating Monster' are also what you want. For non-villains, you can try any apocalyptic (...)

    6. RE: I don't know if there is any story like this...

      This is basically what you're looking for, except the world's aren't explicitly known movies and such. You can also look up jump-chain quests, (...)

    7. RE: Looking for vast litRPG with fast progression

      All on RRL, (more strs means better worldbuilding and system ) Breath of Creation ** Legend of Randidly Ghosthound ** The Daily Diary of a Mushroom Underworld - Level up or Die A New World * The (...)

    8. RE: Apocalyptic LitRPG I havent read?

      Arena (on novelupdates ) Merchant of the End (RR, decently long, but dropped) Seoul Station's Necromancer (kinda like Everyone else is a returnee but more serious w/ op protag) (probably your best bet) (...)

    9. RE: Dungeon Core Stories