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Mack Frantz


      So this just happened. I even posted on my profile page that I was going to upload my story on 2 more websites: Wattpad and Scribble Hub as well. But nope. Royal Road rejected my publish request on my (...)

    2. Re: What is the meaning of life?

      I've pondered this a long time, and consulted many world religions and philosophies for the answer. The closest thing to a satisfactory answer I found was in Ecclesiastes, which you can feel free to (...)

    3. Re: Critique my cover pls...

      Feels beautiful man. Keep up the good work!

    4. Re: Is death an appropriate punishment for rape?

      "Whatever we do to them in this life, is no match compared to what will happen to them in the next"

    5. Re: Writer's Origin Stories

      Hm, I like that question of yours. -See, the main reason why it started is: "Well, it happened".  "Just like that?" Yeah. Just like that. We were coming back from our walk, one day, with my friend (...)

    6. Re: Write Now

      I really thank you for that post. This is really a great post for people to train at. And especially to new people as it helps them train their skills. Not only that, but also their imagination as well. (...)

    7. Re: Royal Road is Really Really Good.

      Agreed. Although I don't refer to other sites as "garbage", I too think that this site has a lot to offer and is generally more interesting. I like all the stories as well, in comparison with other website's (...)

    8. Re: Sites

      True. Wattpad as well. I will be posting mine there as well as here in a couple of months.  :D

    9. Re: The Light in your Dark - Everything's going to be alright

      Hello everyone.  I wrote this one because I believe that everything's going to be alright. Life has it's ups and downs. It's good and bad. It's light and dark side. And some of you may have already (...)

    10. Re: I need someone to review my story and tell where I can improve

        You also show a terrible lack of understanding of what Art is. Essentially, you are thinking that Art can't be bad. Sure, Art is really subjective but subjective doesn't mean that you can not do wrong. (...)

    11. Re: How did your first story's first days go?

      Considering you just started and that you already have 6 followers within a day, I'd say that's pretty good mate! Good job! I'm new here as well, actually. Will post my story in June. But if I can get (...)

    12. Re: How much time until upload?

      So I'm new to this website (obviously) and ,long story short, I will be uploading a 2 year-old story around June.  Now two years are...well...a lot. And we also wrote like...a lot!  So my question (...)

    13. Re: What is the meaning of life?

      Now that...doesn't really have a question. I'm going to express my point of view on the matter, though.     ...21st century is going to drive me insane, tbh. You can never be too careful. I (...)

    14. Re: Elves vs. Dwarves, what do you think

      Ah, a nice one. Okay so. Elves. Someone: Well that was easy. Yes, well. Basically Elves are taller, live more, are more efficient in...well...everything! And they have money power and...women? (...)

    15. Re: When life gives you lemons...

      I'll just quote the title When life gives you lemons...Well know. Take them. They're lemons. And they're free! But you know...any problem you may be facing...there's always something to (...)

    16. Re: How to get a Boyfriend

      Hm. Nice. Gonna need someone to answer the opposite for me, too.  "How the hell do I even get a girlfriend?"  But legit for me...

    17. Re: Critique my book cover!

      Heck, If I'm able to create something like this for mine, I'd be super-glad. Best bet it to draw 2 stick-persons and like a fake semi-circular shaped planet on the background... :)

    18. Re: Santa Mack is coming to town! Or you know...I'm already here. Yeah, whatever.

      So...I'm basically a new user of RoyalRoad. Found this section and thought to myself "Well. Time to let some people know you...what could possibly go wrong?". But yeah. Here I am. My name is Mack. (Full: (...)

    19. Re: Looking for feedback and thoughts!

      My human (I'm not funny, I know)! Don't think you're doing bad. Because then you're gonna do bad. Don't think you're doing good. Because then you're gonna start to fall. Think like you think. Not bad nor (...)

    20. Re: How to "end" a story?

      How to..."end" your story? My man...It's yours! You can end it however you like! No limitations, No edges, No anyone else to do it for you! It's just you! So go out there and finish it like you mean it! (...)