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David Musk

    1. Re: Hi! New Here

      Hi! I'm also from Wattpad originally so I can probably help with the comparison aspect. :) From what I've noticed, Wattpad has more of a female audience (I have 80% in my story's demographics) and RR (...)

    2. Re: How to best write discussions with a lot of participants?

      Yeah, I would absolutely avoid any sort of chat-style dialog unless the characters are in an actual chat room. I would also avoid any diversion from ordinary grammar rules (dialog in regular quotes) unless (...)

    3. Re: Anybody used Fiverr?

      The site itself is legit. It really depends on the individual freelancer you work with. My company has worked with logo designers on there before and we had a positive experience. For editors, just (...)

    4. Re: New to RR

      Hi, welcome to the site!  I'm also looking to publish within the next couple of years (trying to finish a full trilogy first). Feel free to check out my story. You might like it. :) 

    5. Re: Repetition of I

      Yeah, javert's advice is one of the best ways to reduce pronouns. And this doesn't just reduce the repetition of 'I', but it also removes the barrier between the reader and the character.  For example: (...)

    6. Re: What is the threshold for "sexual content."

      Yeah, I agree with april18. Implied, "off-screen" sex scenes are nothing to worry about. I mean, Lion King pretty much has an implied scene and that's rated G. 

    7. Re: Any Isekais with female protags that aren't lesbians?

      My story (The Lost Redeemer) is a high fantasy with a straight female protagonist. :)  And I agree with your first reason. At least in my case, having a heterosexual female protagonist who's traditionally (...)

    8. Re: Anyone one know a story with a straight female mc on here

      I found this one recently and I really like it. There seems to be a few female characters but the main one is a created demoness. Check it out: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25299/misadventures-of-a-rampaging-demon (...)

    9. Re: Moving on to bigger and brighter things; webnovel edition.

      I just started reading Street Cultivation on Kindle, which I know used to be posted here at one point.

    10. Re: One Simple Question

      As others mentioned, there's a good chance you would need to move the individual parts and then assemble it on sight. They might even "fold up" somehow in the same way treadmills and other pieces of exercise (...)

    11. Re: Losing Followers after Updating more

      I definitely notice my followers fluctuating on update days in general. Sometimes they increase, other times they decrease. I've always assumed it's for the same reason you mentioned—it's an extra reminder (...)


      Well, I don't think my characters will be smelling old bodies any time soon. I can be cruel to them, but not this cruel.

    13. Re: best villain

      Mace Windu, from Star Wars People really consider Mace Windu a villain? 

    14. Re: Ashes of Eternity - Review Swap

      Your book looks interesting, so I'd be willing to swap! Mine is over 120k words though so I'm not sure how fair that would be. :P Maybe just a portion of mine instead. I'd be happy to make the swap. (...)

    15. Re: Ashes of Eternity - Review Swap

      Your book looks interesting, so I'd be willing to swap! Mine is over 120k words though so I'm not sure how fair that would be. :P Maybe just a portion of mine instead.

    16. Re: why is romance in every novel even those that are suppose to be purely action novels? (those bastards lied to me)

      I can't speak for every author, but some characters have minds of their own. I've never actually set out to write a romance story, but the characters want what they want.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    17. Re: The best editor software to use?

      HemingwayApp is free, and it scans your writing for adverbs, passive language, and sentences that are long and/or hard to follow. I still use it sometimes when I'm struggling with style and need some inspiration. (...)

    18. Re: If you using an unreliable narrator...

      Do:  -Show the world through your character's eyes. Ignore details your character would miss, and focus on things her/she would notice. -Use first-person instead of third, at least if you're going (...)

    19. Re: Writer's Origin Stories

      I was a nonreader into my early 20's. Seriously, I probably hadn't read more than 20 full books in my entire life, and I thought I was clever for skimming / reading Spark Notes. I thought reading books (...)

    20. Re: Meme Culture as Comedy in Fictions

      Is the story itself a comedy? If so, I'd say it can be a good thing and it all comes down to execution. When it comes to comedy, a lot of traditional writing wisdom can be ignored for the sake of humor. (...)