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David Musk

    1. Re: Your silliest sentence? (Live, my darlings, live!)

      I have a few self-callouts regarding my city names in Web of Secrets. Tidegate was the second-largest city in the Archipelago, and the buildings here stood well over ten stories tall. Akari pulled out (...)

    2. Re: Checklist for New Stories

      Is it true that new novels should turn off ratings for a month because people troll them with low ratings? Yep, Ararara is right that ratings can’t be turned off. Whether or not you want to display (...)

    3. Re: Who makes the beds? Or, missed opportunities at the micro level

      I appreciate that it’s potentially a lot of effort for something so small, still, one of points I was getting at is that if something can’t be reasonably inferred by the reader, some consideration should (...)

    4. Re: Who makes the beds? Or, missed opportunities at the micro level

      Is it John the local carpenter, along with some other tradesmen who took a few hours away from their commissions? As far as the beds go, I think you answered your own question here. It probably (...)

    5. Re: Article on Dialogue Writing + Your Best Dialogues

      I particularly liked these lines in my latest Aeonica chapter: She took several steps forward, gathering power within her soul. "Congratulations. You were right. Your theories were all correct. Do (...)

    6. Re: What do you love about Xianxia novels?

      To me, the best scenes are when characters have a personal revelation during/before a major conflict, and that gives them the push they need to level up. It sounds simple, but these types of scenes can (...)

    7. Re: 'Terrible Writing Advice' does Isekai!

      Haha, I've never actually read an Isekai story but this is about what I imagined.

    8. Re: I'll read your first chapter. If I like it I will follow


    9. Re: Royal Road Is Driving Me Crazy Today

      So this is what being trapped in a timeloop feels like.

    10. Re: Reaver's Reviews 01


    11. Re: Erased Reviews

      What I would do is message them and ask, politely, what's up. If they don't respond or get shirty I would just delete my own review. I agree with messaging the person first. Mostly because there is (...)

    12. Re: Rank Drop without Reviews or Ratings?

      Hmm is it possible someone changed their rating? (i.e: from five stars to a half-star?)

    13. Re: I'll read your first chapter.

      I'd be interested to hear what you think of Web of Secrets! The link is in my signature. :)

    14. Re: Disabled anonymous ratings

      Hmm I've never seen this. Are you sure it wasn't just a fiction you haven't read? (Ratings are always blocked unless you read at least one chapter.)

    15. Re: Webnovels

      Yeah, this one honestly irks me. Some people think "plot hole" is synonymous with "I'm confused."

    16. Re: Congrats to Casualfarmer, for being the one to beat Mother of Learning!

      Congrats to the author!  Who knows how long it will last though. I can't imagine how many half-star trolls the #1 spot must attract. :X

    17. Re: How are people locating my novel to read?

      For the record, you are actually on the trending lists for Action and Fantasy. I only know that because you're right next to Web of Secrets. :P

    18. Re: The First Act of Web of Secrets is Complete! [High Fantasy / Cultivation Set in a Modern Setting]

      Hi everyone! I’m here to let you all know that the first act (first 20k words) of Web of Secrets is complete! If you've considered reading it before, then now is a great time to start. This is a high (...)

    19. Re: Which blurb is better? What could be improved?

      Honestly, I think they're both a little too long, but you too have some good content in there. You could remove about half of the content and still get your major points across. For example: The (...)