David Musk

David Musk

    1. Re: Review Your Book Here

      Aeonica Here's mine! I never would have been brave enough to post it online if it wasn't good. :P

    2. Re: Showing vs. Telling Part 2: Adverbs

      Hi everyone! Since my last showing vs. telling post received so much positive feedback, I've decided to do a follow-up. Today, we're going to cover a type of word that gets a bad reputation in the (...)

    3. Re: Lookin' to do some new reviews

      I would take a review! The link to mine is in my signature. :) It's fantasy with no harems, Wuxia or Xianxia. Not quite contemporary, but it does have things like guns, and eventually airships.

    4. Re: Psychopath MC that has sex with anything that moves

      This sounds like it could be a modern-day Oedipus reboot.

    5. Re: A Semi-Scientific Poll About Age

      I'm 29, but I'll be 30 in July. :P

    6. Re: Complex Stories

      Wow, thanks for the shout out, @Velara!  I won't speak for the quality of my own work, but I will say that Stormlight Archive (And Sanderson's book in general) have been a huge inspiration for me. (...)

    7. Re: At what point does Ranking begin to matter?

      In my experience, your story's ranking has very little effect on exposure.  When I first started, I was ranked around 1400 (it was probably a higher number at one point, but that's my earliest memory). (...)

    8. Re: What Fiction Disappointed You Most

      For overall fiction, it would have to be Star Wars: The Last Jedi. When it comes to Star Wars, most people would probably point to the prequels as their biggest source of disappointment, but I was only (...)

    9. Re: The Front Page: How Does it Work?

      Best Rated is a list of the highest-rated stories, but it takes into account the number of ratings, reviews, and advanced reviews. More ratings/reviews == a higher rank. For example, a story rated 4.99 (...)

    10. Re: Writing a fiction about COVID-19

      Yeah, there could be a market for that in the future, but probably not yet. Maybe write down your ideas while the inspiration is fresh, then keep it on the backburner for a couple of years before posting (...)

    11. Re: Showing vs. Telling

      @Sardonyx: Yep, very true! A remember when I was reading Throne of Glass, and the book went on and on about what a strong, competent, badass assassin the MC was. Only, we hardly ever see her fight or (...)

    12. Re: What would be the most effective way to manipulate an author into writing you a self-insert?

      Is it against the rules to just pay the author? I mean, speaking from an author's perspective, this would probably be the most effective way to manipulate me. 

    13. Re: Showing vs. Telling

      @Lazy_Contribution: I would actually argue that summarizing/skimming a scene is one area where “telling" can be potentially useful. I’ve written several 1000+ word scenes that involve characters traveling (...)

    14. Re: Showing vs. Telling

      Another aspects are world-building, descriptions or character personalities and motivations. Instead of experiencing it and seeing it for ourselves (even if it's not strictly thought a pov, actions and (...)

    15. Re: Showing vs. Telling

      Thanks for this, David. Your examples are clear and concise. I'm sure this will help some people out. (Perhaps share it on reddit?) Hmm I hadn't considered that before. Any particular subreddit (...)

    16. Re: Showing vs. Telling

      “Show don’t tell.”  It’s a common piece of advice that gets thrown around by editors, readers, and writing teachers. The good teachers actually take the time to explain what it means. The rest just (...)

    17. Re: Help. I'm at a wall (in terms of finding new books to read).

      Read the Cradle Series by Will Wight if you're looking for non-web fiction. Seconded. The Cradle series is amazing!

    18. Re: I'll review your story with (bad) poetry

      Wow, that's a cool and unique idea! The link to mine is in my signature if you're willing to look at it. :) (I was going to write this reply with a meter too, but it's too late for poetry over here. (...)

    19. Re: Reviews in the age of insomnia

      Guess I'll drop mine here as well: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/23575/aeonica Stay healthy!

    20. Re: Quarantined? Let's Review Swap

      David, I've been meaning to read your book for a while.  I'm not going to read all of it for a swap (there is a LOT to read).  Can you let me know what a good point would be for me to do the review (...)