David Musk

David Musk

    1. Re: Good Xianxia stories

      It looks like Roto already covered a lot of the good ones, but I'll second the ones I've read: Cradle, Forge of Destiny, Street Cultivation, and Beware of Chicken. And Cradle is definitely the best (...)

    2. Re: Will posting my novel on a forum like RoyalRoad/Wattpad/reddit etc harm its reputation?

      There are always going to be gatekeepers and people who are skeptical of anything that breaks tradition or doesn’t fit their personal definitions of quality. Some people assume traditionally published (...)

    3. Re: Sensitivity reader wanted

      I'm curious about this trend, and I have a question for you if you don't mind answering. I just want to know what is going on.  Did you previously use Wattpad?  DrBuller is correct. We never (...)

    4. Re: First person perspective.

      Re:Monarch is one of the best first-person novels on this site!

    5. Re: What's the worst sentence you've ever written?

      There was a pregnant pause before she finally found her voice again, "We're having a baby."

    6. Re: Royal Road Identity Crisis

      If it were me, I'd ban any type of speech that discourages a writer from writing. I don't really give a damn about that whole freedom of speech nonsense. That ain't real anyway. And we already have irl (...)

    7. Re: Stories with a lot of Tinkering? (magical or technological)

      The Arcane Ascension series by Andrew Rowe has this. The MC's class revolves around creating magical items, so a large percentage of the story focuses on that.

    8. Re: Fictions where MC is Person of Color

      My story, Web of Secrets, has two MCs (a female lead and a male lead) who both fit this description. :)

    9. Re: Do you have to justify everything in a story?

      It seems like you're referencing Star Wars, and I think that answers your question. Things like that absolutely can work if they're cool enough. It's even called The Rule of Cool. Now, Star Wars isn't (...)

    10. Re: Want a free (semi)promotion for your story?!

      Feel free to either or both of mine!

    11. Re: Finally 1000 Views, 7 follows, 4.93 rating -:)

      Nice! Sounds like you're on to something good!

    12. Re: Stories so good you've read them multiple times

      I've heard Mother of Learning is getting an official audiobook, so I'm sure I'll re-read that story when it comes out.

    13. Re: For writers: How often do you post chapters? And for Readers, How long can you accept between posts?

      I write two stories right now, and I post weekly updates for each of them. One will be finished soon, and then I might switch to 2x weekly updates for the WIP. Honestly though, I still wouldn't give (...)

    14. Re: Comedy novels recommendations

      Beware of Chicken is good, although I'm guessing you've already read that considering how many others you've read. :P

    15. Re: Out of Date Review - Reporting?

      Hmm ... normally, I don't have a lot of patience for trolls, pure negativity, or people who overvalue their own opinions, but this sounds completely legitimate. Sure, it might be unfortunate if the (...)

    16. Re: Academy arcs?

      Hmm it's actually news to me if people don't like academy stories. So many of the most popular fantasy/sci-fi stories take place in this sort of setting (or at least a significant portion of them do). (...)

    17. Re: How to make side characters have depth and feel alive.

      You can never go wrong with these basic questions: What does the character love? What does the character hate? What does the character want? And then find ways to show these things, preferably (...)

    18. Re: UK versus US quotation styles and Royal Road

      Yeah, the US style is definitely the most popular, but I've seen the single quotes from UK authors before. In the latter case, the author will usually explain in an early author's note that, "That, the (...)

    19. Re: How to write pauses into conversations?

      I definitely wouldn't use the ellipsis (or any punctuation) by itself inside quotes. That reminds me more of a 90s pixel art game than it does prose. There's nothing wrong with this: "You look nice (...)

    20. Re: Is it tradition to not use indents in your paragraphs here?

      The use of a tab or full return between paragraphs is more of a digital vs. print thing than it is a Royal Road thing. You'll probably see the same thing on other fiction sites, message boards, etc. (...)