Doctor Zero

Doctor Zero

Peculiar Soul

Probably The Best On Royal Road

I really look forward to reading this book every Wednesday at lunch.  TMarkos other books were excellent, but something in his style has gelled with this one to produce something that is extremely compelling and fasinating.

In his other books, the characters were trying to win the war, or escape the war, or survive the war.  Michael isn't trying to do any of those things.  He's trying to decide how to live inside a war that cannot be won, escaped, or survived.  It sounds like a subtle difference, but the effect on the story telling is huge, and it has made something weird, unique, and strangely realistic.  I love it.

Gifts of the Moon God

I love this book!  The characters are great, the worldbuilding is weird, the plot is complicated and I don't know where it's going (in a good way!  The best way!)

Thanks for what you've written so far!  I look forward to reading more!  Give reading it a chance, it's wonderful!

Of eight minds

I am really enjoying this book.  It's well written, characters are interesting, style and grammar are good.

There is a lot going on already, especially for only 28 pages.  It kicks off fast, and sucks you in.  I am very curious to see where this goes.

Thanks for the awesome book!


I love this book.  I look forward to reading it every day.  I like the characters, I like the plot, I like writing, the style, everything.  I also like that it's apparently done, because holy heck it gets updated often.

Thanks for the awesome book!  Keep it coming!  

Grammers good to.

Kairos: A Greek Myth LitRPG

The Perfect Run is my favorite Void book - because I personally love superheroes and snark - but Kairos is probably his best work.  The characters are so good.  Each one is a mash-up of flaws, strengths, and desires that are also flaws and strengths.  Every interaction is a joy for the reader, as two characters vie for their goals, and Void serves up a resolution that's suprising, internally consistent, and satisfying.  And then he does it again in the next chapter.  It's magic.

Frost Mage

I'm giving this book 5 stars because I read it all in one go, really liked it, and want the author to post more.  If that's not worth 5 stars, then what is?

The writing was excellent, the characters were likeable, and the world seemed cool.  The story is just getting started, but I'm eager to read more.

Twilight Kingdom

I only found this book because Reincarnation Station went on hiatus, and I was desperate.  Well, I'm glad I tried it, and am slightly mollified about the RS break.

This book already has over 60 reviews - hopefully only the author is still reading them at this point. 

If you're not the author, I'm concerned about you. You should have made a decision by now.

With that said, rather try to convince others to read Twilight Kingdom, I will just give the author my opinion on Dawn Watch.  It is good.  Really really good.  You took a big step by changing the timeline and all the characters, but it paid off.  I really like it.  I would like it even if I hadn't read the first 2 books.  It could stand on it's own.  It also works nicely as the third in a series.  It's two types of awesome.  Well done. 


Kitty Cat Kill Sat
An uplifted cat has had the misfortune to be the last survivor on an ancient orbital death satellite.  It has decided to make the most of its situation by becoming the unofficial guardian of humanity, intelligent life, and the Earth - in no particular order.  
Also, it's a cat with bombs trying to save humanity from (mostly) itself.  So, while every problem is considered with compassion and thought, the actual interventions are (by necessity) very explodey.  It's not a tickle satellite.  Even gentle corrections are measured in mega-tonnes.
This book is a very interesting thought experiment.  It looks forward to a huge amount of possible trouble humans can get into, then tries to solve it using only a cat, PTSD, and explosives.  It's an addictive read. 
The writing style is excellent.  Author knows his way around the English language, and how much story to give each chapter to keep you coming back.  It's a page turner.
The grammar is good.  I didn't notice any mistakes, which means it's better than mine, and beyond my ability to critique.  So - 5 stars!
We're only on Chapter 8, but I am already hooked.  Each chapter has introduced another character, setting, backstory, and dilemma.  That sounds chaotic, but they are layering together well - each situation leading to the next.  It bodes well for the web serial format, where even excellent books often run out of ideas before they run out of pages.
There's a lot going on here.  It's good.
The characters are wonderful.  Everybody is broken, and trying their best, except when they aren't.  I expect they will only get more broken, try harder, and mess up more spectacularly.  It's a metaphor, or something.
Anyway, just read it.

The McKenzie Files Books 1, 2 and novella

This novel takes two troubled genres (isekai and slice-of-life superhero) and fixes them by mashing them together.

By porting in a full fledged supervillian, we skip the tedious first half of every isekai book - where the MC is a confused whiny wimp.  (Also, because 90% of the books on Royal Road are never finished, most MC's on this site never get past the whiny wimp phase),

Then, rather than a jaded superguy trapped by his past decisions, we get a full character with a complete grown-up personality who has left all his baggage behind him. So he gets to start over as an experienced, self aware, protagonist.

It's brilliant!  The structural fix both genres desperately needed.  If I could give 10 stars, I would. 

Beware Of Chicken

A masterclass in what's possible

I generally don't like slow books, so why did I even start this one?  Well, it had good reviews and sounded ridiculous.  Man, I'm glad I did - it is incredible.  It's a masterclass in what you can write if you ignore convention. 

Cultivator who is a pacifist, and doesn't care about cultivation + slow roll progression that's about character development (not videogame mechanics) + excellent writing = A masterpiece.