Doctor Zero

Doctor Zero

Animus-Blade: Sword Singer

Animus-Blade: Sword Singer (...)
by Ceejay Woods
320 pages

My first story, feedback is appreciated. 

Fifteen-year-old bookworm Joan lived a poor but sheltered life, her only worry was the upcoming rite that granted individuals of her age a soulbound magic weapon called an Animus-blade. Failure to acquire one labelled you as an outcast who is left to rot by society at large and Joan has good reason to believe that she will be among them.

But after her only friend, Alessia goes missing Joan is slowly dragged into the cruel world and is forced to decide how she will confront the darkness in the recesses of humanity or be broken by it.

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge - April 2022]

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Reborn in fire and steel

Reborn in fire and steel (...)
by TheDerpyGod
13 pages

The stench of blood hung in the air. Screams of pain and anguish filled his ears, but not before the water could clog them. He gasped for any semblance of air as he sloshed around in the water. He felt as if he was dying, again.

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The Mythfits - Books 1 & 2

The Mythfits - Books (...)
by NexusObsidian
260 pages

The key was never supposed to be seen again. It was destroyed after a group of mythical warriors locked away the embodiment of darkness. So, when the key reemerges in present-day New Orleans to an easy-going college student named Aidan, a group of what goes "bump in the night" comes seeking it intent on condemning the city to a “Purge” style curse. As if supernatural slammers, malevolent monsters, and hellish hexes weren't enough, Aidan discovers he and his friends are reincarnated from the original group of mythical warriors. Is history repeating itself or are ancient and deadly secrets from the past ready to reveal themselves? A pinch of primordial evil mixed with a fist full of Fat Tuesday and it's a recipe for one hell of a party. 

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Dungeon Devotee

Dungeon Devotee
by Nixia
205 pages

Through all of Linaria, no dungeon holds such a grip on the dreams of men as the Eternal Depths.  Hundreds throw themselves against its trials each day.  Dozens survive, walking away with power and wealth beyond their wildest dreams… until they go back for more.  One way or another, they all eventually feed the Depths.

Edmund Montgomery Ahab has sworn to destroy it.

Underleveled, undertrained, and underprepared, Edmund steps into the maw of the world’s greatest predator, a sword in his hand and vengeance on his mind.  At first his task seems impossible, but with every level he earns, every piece of loot that drops, every secret he uncovers, and especially every bit of power he can squeeze from his mysterious connection to the Aspect of Madness, Edmund crawls closer to accomplishing that insurmountable feat.

With nothing else to lose, Edmund has already given the Depths his life.  All that remains to be seen is whether he takes the dungeon’s right back.

Dungeon Devotee is an episodic serial.  It will never be taken down for KU.  Each chapter details a single floor of Edmund’s journey through the vast Eternal Depths, with all the levels and loot and lack of cliffhangers that entails.  New chapters come out on the first of each month.

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The Perfect Run: Bad Runs

The Perfect Run: Bad (...)
by Maxime J. Durand (Void Herald)
25 pages

An anthology and companion piece of The Perfect Run, covering the question you've all asked once... what if?  

What if Quicksave had become a Psycho? What if Len Sabino had taken the Violet Elixir rather than the Blue? What if Jasmine had remembered? What if Ryan had gained a different power or fallen in love with someone else? Follow the Ultimate One as it guides you through these roads not taken. 

Updates on special occasions. 

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by MelasD
36 pages

Trace Taylor was at a shooting range when Earth was integrated with the multiversal System. Faced with monsters, dungeons packed with monsters, gates that lead to other worlds filled with monsters, an annoying AI, and a lot of insane idiots, how will Trace come to survive this newly-changed planet?


Current schedule: Idk lmao

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Jackal Among Snakes

Jackal Among Snakes
by Nemorosus
810 pages

The royal bastard of House Vasquer, Argrave, has changed after his stay studying magic at the Tower of the Gray Owl. The sickly man's awkward posture and cruel behavior have been replaced with a neat dignity and acerbic wit. His listless life has found a path of undeniable purpose. Most come away thinking he seems to know too many details about too much. Few can claim to know his motives or his goals. 

Behind the scenes, though, the primary contributor for an open-world RPG's wiki battles existential dread and things far beyond his ken as he struggles to adapt to a grim, gothic fantasy world that he had the misfortune to claim as his favorite game. This is his tale.

#####What to expect from this story#####

This piece is a high-fantasy style story, featuring many of the species and surroundings one might expect to find in such a world. The cultures are original and well-developed, with the primary setting being a European-style feudal society. Warfare, fell beasts, and natural disasters are commonplace in Berendar, and take the center of many plots. The protagonist is a smooth-talker, but the world does not exist for him; he must struggle to gain power. 

Releases 4x a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Cover by Mitchell Kirby:

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The Bureau of Isekai Affairs

The Bureau of Isekai (...)
by Vebyast
235 pages

What does a world do to survive a continuous low-level influx of Isekai protagonists, each adding their own world's magic or superpowers to the mix? Whitney Ismael, software engineer, learns the answer: licensing and registration paperwork, search warrants, and special agents for the Bureau of Isekai Affairs.

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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An Unknown Swordcraft

An Unknown Swordcraft (...)
by sporad
724 pages

A strange accident hurls a man thousands of years into the future to find that disasters have transformed the world into a fantastical setting of monsters and magical swordsmen. Our protagonist does not become a hero. Instead he is recruited into a heretical cult led by a foul necromancer. To survive this new world, he must adapt to life as one of the dark lord’s evil lieutenants, carrying out impossible orders, scheming against his rival cultists, avoiding the real heroes out to kill him, and developing his own personal brand of magical swordcraft.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

(Placeholder title until I come up with something better.)


– Minion to Dark Lord progression.

– MC lurking undercover as an evil lieutenant.

– First true spellcaster in a world of magic swordsmen.

– Wuxia power levels.

– Minor base building / project management.

– A little bit of crafting.

– Meandering progression/plot.

– Dumb comedy.

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Frost Mage

Frost Mage
by KingMidas
197 pages

Frostilicus Shatterblade is a hunted man.

As one of the Frostmarked, he's subject to immediate execution upon capture.

But rather than throw his life away in a solitary attack, he takes his father's counsel and travels to the Northern Reach. There he hopes to master his abilities under the tutelage of the legendary frost mages.

Yet as he arrives, after many months of travel, Frostilicus finds that not all is as he expected it to be.

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Gifts of the Moon God

Gifts of the Moon God (...)
by Between Lines
104 pages

Beware the gifts of the Moon God, for they are strange and terrible without fail. 

So preaches the Church of the Founder, the hive mothers of the west, even the immortal queen Solestice of Aureana. 

But is not the world a strange and terrible place? A place where the prince you serve is handed power by blood, by magic, and by politics? A place where you are small not for sloth or weakness, but simply not being... important?

Don't you deserve a gift too?

(Formerly HLMGR, rebranded because it really wasn't that story anymore.)

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Millennial Mage (A Slice of Life, Progression Fantasy)

Millennial Mage (A Slice (...)
by JLMullins
1.6k pages

The world is wild, untamed. Humanity thrives, but only in isolated, well defended cities, ever shrinking as the wilds slowly reclaim all that was taken. The most capable magic users are raised up as Mages to serve mankind, further their cause, and defend them over the course of millennia.

Tala is freshly graduated from the magic academy and determined to make her own way in the world. She hopes to pay off her massive debts, quickly, but still plans on living each and every day to the fullest. Too bad the Academy left some glaring holes in her practical education. Loath to let that slow her down, and with no patience for a standard, low-paid apprenticeship (intended to fill many of those knowledge gaps), Tala strives to learn and improve as rapidly as she can on her own. Her unorthodox methods for preserving her own life allow her to take greater risks in search of profit and advancement, much to the surprise of those around her.

I do hope you enjoy this tale, but let me know what you think either way! Critique, both positive and negative, is welcome.

Release schedule is weekly: M-W-F

Thank you for your time and for giving this story a try.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If this is found on a site other than Royal Road, or the linked Patreon, it was not posted by the author. Please find this tale, here:

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