1. RE: Creative Writing 352: Overview of Story Creation

      Hey there, Nirb. After reading your chapter 1, I think it's a great start. No info dumps, a little bit of character development, and a lot of potential. Since I don't have a plot outline, I don't (...)

    2. RE: Creative Writing 352: Overview of Story Creation

      I wrote a new chapter on the spur of the moment, it came out pretty well but probably because its easy for myself to actually imagine it. You can look at it here: (...)

    3. RE: Is torture ever right?

      No. In my mind it just creates an unnecessarily grim and dark story. The mc in these stories are usually sociopathic/psychopathic and therefore unrelatable. So I would recommend steering clear from (...)

    4. RE: What does it mean to have "developed" character?

      The other posts seem to focus on a '3 dimensional character' rather than further development of an existing character. First off, be careful when drawing inspiration from Japanese manga or anime and (...)

    5. RE: Do you know your story's mc

      Personally I base my characters on their history, I create some kind of backstory and base their motivations on the desires caused by their history. Say, a family man detached from his family. - Wants (...)

    6. RE: For Main Characters, what do you prefer?

      I'd say average is a good way to go. The problem with power levels is usually tension. If the character is over powered and just sweeps through everybody with a bitch slap to the face it makes it pretty (...)

    7. RE: Fiction idea, what's your take on it?

      Sounds confusing... where you confused when reading it... its juggling a couple complex ideas...

    8. Fiction idea, what's your take on it?

      Way back, I frequented royalroadl a lot, it used to be one of my favourite hobbies and then I left for a long time. The reason I'm back is pretty much solely because of this idea that I've taken a fancy (...)

    9. RE: What lies in the head of a kid?

      Lol, I guess I was a strange child then. I remember one time when I was around 5 or 6 I saw my mom was really upset and wrote "I LOVE MOM" in big poorly written letters to try and cheer her up. She (...)

    10. RE: Dual weapon in FF

      Let me just address the elephant in the room here people. Your responses do not relate to the actual thread at all but rather diverged into fantasising about weapons and their usage. Or giving out irrelevant (...)

    11. RE: Why do they always choose human?

      As unice said, the point of societies can be side stepped considering its a virtual reality story. I think the main reason is more along the lines that people here are often writing about a personal (...)

    12. RE: Quit? or Be fired ?

      Well since I'm not so much of an asshole to ruin the lives of those around me, I would probably quit. Mainly because of the black stain on my resume, which when scanning through hundreds or more applicants (...)

    13. RE: How does a novel get popular?

      Reincarnation + e^60 x (number of chapters released per day) - e^3000 x (female protagonist) + 200^200 x (over powered character) + 500 x (number of women in harem) + 9000 x (fantasy tag + mature tag + (...)

    14. RE: I don't understand virtual-reality fictions.

      I think the point that you are missing is that in most virtual reality fictions the AI inside the 'game' is hyper realistic and even sentient. Honestly what makes VR fictions so stupid from a realistic (...)

    15. RE: Need some advice for a novel

      Going to be blunt here. It is boring. Unoriginal. Contrived. Has no plot and does everything that most new people do wrong with stories such as: - Insanely over powered main character. Check. - (...)

    16. RE: Some help regarding a first novel

      Okay, from what I can tell. You are a procrastinator. I know this because I can relate to the way you wrote this and also because RRL is a haven for procrastinators. Now in the first paragraph I (...)

    17. RE: Just wrote my first chapter!

      If you choose to make your character over powered, you SHOULD NOT focus on power. You should focus on the use of said power and why it was used. If you want to make a story centralizing on power it's bad (...)

    18. RE: Consistent Perspective?

      Ugh, I can really sympathise with you. I seem to deviate from first person perspective when I start trying to show the thoughts of other characters or explaining their actions when the MC doesn't have (...)

    19. RE: Acceptable level of plot twist?

      Yep as Saberfang and Bedhead stated, there are a couple extra things to look out for. Loose ends. If a plot device is still active and can potentially be used, it may have a negative impact on your (...)

    20. RE: Feedback request: I'm not sure how I really want to deal with this story

      I see, well I like both stories and I'm already committed to the original one. So the best idea is to make the original one and later on make a prequel story or dedicate chapters to the journal focusing (...)