1. Re: Underrated Genres/Genre-Mashups?

      Mecha - Slice of Life - Isekai Infact, mecha is so rare that there's isn't a tag for it, leaving only sci fi as an option.

    2. Re: I already published this actions scene but I'm not sure how good it is...

      It seems very explanation heavy. Like you are giving a summary of a tv episode to a friend. I'm not saying that the scene should be done step by step, but maybe not rushing through the middle part would (...)

    3. Re: Hi everyone, any clues about how to make the light element more destructive?

      Well, make some of the Light coalesce into a material side matter that remains after magic, but in an unstable state. You could even make dark mages serve a non destructive purpose if Dark element can (...)

    4. Re: Looking for Things to Review

      That was a good review. Usually I get feedback from people who are familiar with mecha series that inspired me, so an outside look that knows nothing of them was interesting :PeoReading: The first year (...)

    5. Re: Male vs female protagonist

      Gender bent male-to-females. Best of both worlds. Conversely, female-to-male gender benders tend to be significantly harder to wrap one's mind around. And for some reason, the few I've seen of others (...)

    6. Re: New writer needs help! Action scene intensity and conveying the right atmosphere in scenes.

      I think it might be the case of blow by blow explanations and run-on sentences.

    7. Re: Giving out free (almost) reviews.

      Then I'll make the reputation point almost free as well. Start from any chapter and read any amount.

    8. Re: Thoughts on authors 'updating' their stories after being published?

      Well, I always make the point of not changing the plot, so that readers wouldn't have to reread :drakansweat:

    9. Re: Story Structure & Beatsheets

      If I wanted, I could find 4 act/Hero's journey in my work, but I put story before structure because I think that's more important for prose, unlike a screenplay format that treasures its space.

    10. Re: Best/Worst review that gave you the kick in the pants you needed to make your story better.

      Well, that line highlighted the points from the rest of the review.

    11. Re: Best/Worst review that gave you the kick in the pants you needed to make your story better.

      Seerica’s fine piece of art is forced to run with two broken legs and a single crutch that’s far too short. Probably this line.

    12. Re: Most brutally honest critique not a swap

      Book name What vibe you were going for The most important thing you want readers to feel on page 1 of chapter 1. A Super Robot Story Heroic slice of life, I guess I could describe that? Page (...)

    13. Re: Lack of “pure” sci-fi

      Honestly, I have a feeling that if a sci fi story was 100% hard but used the modern theories, it would be branded as science fantasy. Because discerning between hard science and a story with nanomachines, (...)

    14. Re: Any advice for finished stories?

      Well, I guess you could do a deep edit on it and then offer the chapters as a patreon bonus for chapters of ongoing story.

    15. Re: Giving out [Free] reviews

       I could use another outside look at my early chapters, since I'm eyeing a rewrite for them.

    16. Re: How feasable would it be to turn your novel into a visual or graphic novel?

      It would probably work as a VN. But if I ever made it, it would have to be in RPG or Visual Novel Maker programs. And if I really wanted to push effort, I'd see if Live2d worked with those programs and (...)

    17. Re: Why are female protagonists so prevalent on the top stories on royalroad?

      korean gamelit novels, where every main character is basically a male necromancer I think the thing here is that they follow a formula that is popular there, not that the appeal of male protagonists (...)

    18. Re: The beginning and end of an Isekai

      Well, if fantasy/sci fi world you have plays with interdimensional travel, or soul transfer or whatever that is similar, you might as well make it isekai.

    19. Re: Why is writing a light hearted story so darn hard!

      Take it easier and write about a character's internal reasons rather than external. Try to think of a story that's not about death, revenge, betrayal or war, as the easy ways to give characters motivation (...)