1. Re: What's your favorite under-represented genre?

      I think its sci fi mecha, or space adventures.

    2. Re: How to cure depression?

      Stop and smell the roses? Then go work more. And helps having a goal you want, even if its plant a tree, build a house and have a family.

    3. Re: How do you decide MC's personality?

      Base it on the setting, because unless the protag is not from that world, he's a part of the culture. Also, think about the future events and his ways to solve them.

    4. Re: Movies that inspire your writing

      If you mean only live action, then Dark City, Matrix and Johny Mnemonic. Honorary mentions for Serenity, Roaring Currents, 7 samurai, 47 Ronin, Zatoichi and Game of Death.

    5. Re: LitRPG Stat/Source of Power (like Mana) help required!!!

      Life energy, Chi, energy borrowed from spirits in their realm, willpower that allows the user to use mind over matter, conditional resource like burnable holy charms, there's a lot of them.

    6. Re: Why do people like gender bender?

      Because I found it amusing to have my protag learn the consequences of player character creation choices.

    7. Re: Why are Isekai's and LitRPGs so popular?

      Isekai are popular, because the 'Fish out of water' premise is interesting, as proven by Gulliver's Travels in 17xx, Alice in the Wonderland in 18xx, John Carter of Mars in 19xx and SAO in 20xx. Litrpg (...)

    8. Re: I’m in need of battle ideas

      Battles should have a character reason behind them, they are not prepackaged standalone chapters that you just string together. So, why don't you tell us more about your characters and their conflicting (...)

    9. Re: Check My Premise Line (Objective Feedback Please)

      Brainstorming is fine and all, but sit down and actually write. You'll have to refine it as you go, regardless of initial plans.

    10. Re: Why it is hard to gain feedback at the start?

      People are a little comment/review shy for smaller works, but you also have to make sure you're getting readers in the first place. That means a good cover, a good description, and an amazing first chapter. (...)

    11. Re: Check My Premise Line (Objective Feedback Please)

      When a hopelessly alone, military veteran is stranded on an oceanic, alien world, he teams up with an adventurous alien scout to deal with the xenophobic, hostile alien populace, so that he can get off (...)

    12. Re: Why it is hard to gain feedback at the start?

      Because feedback is usually from people that grew to care enough about your story to put in effort. Either they want it to be better through criticism, have an idea they want to offer, or just care enough (...)

    13. Re: Advice to Teenage Writers

      Spend less time preparing to write the story and more actually writing it. Even if your outline and support material, like character sheets, setting, etc, are so detailed it might look like you wrote the (...)

    14. Re: Add pagenumbers and indicators to lists.

      I don't think rewarding for word count should be a thing. It'll just cause unneccessary filler.

    15. Re: Turn-based games (Final Fantasy style?)

      Disgaea? Langrisser? Dragon Quest?

    16. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday. Thank you in advance.

    17. Re: Need help please!!! All advice is welcome if serious

      characters and their development through out the story. As well as methods to make the story more balanced in a way The premise of the story so far is of a powerful angel that was deemed to evil to be (...)

    18. Re: Naming places

      Use a fantasy name generator site to get a whole bunch and choose the best. Or just use whatever the town does as a name. For example, a mining town could a be Axelpick, fortress could be Stonelock, (...)

    19. Re: What's your preferred method for writing and publishing a web novel?

      1. Also edit later, but without plot changes.