1. Re: How many tags is too many?

      Well, tags are double edged. If you have too little, people wont know what it is about and might assume the worst. But if you have too many, it might exclude it from searches that excluded a tag. And (...)

    2. Re: Need help in finding suitable web/light novel to my taste

      Its called Super Robot Story. Its my only fiction here.

    3. Re: Need help in finding suitable web/light novel to my taste

      Well, my story is an adventure without Harem and little to no romance. And I don't even know what are the cliches you talked about, so I probably don't have them.

    4. Re: I need help identifying a story I began reading several months ago! HELP

      You want the I forgot the title... forum branch.

    5. Re: Strong | Reincarnation | Transported to Another World | Intelligent | Fantasy | LitRPG | OP

      My story has the protag  transported to another world that looks like a copy of the game world and I'd like to believe that my characters don't make stupid decisions. But otherwise, its probably pretty (...)

    6. Re: What kind of worlds do most people write in?

      You mean currently widespread settings? Same as usual Western Tolkien/DnD like fantasy, western Bladerunner/Cyberpunk sci fi, western Star Wars/Star Trek like sci fi. Chinese reincarnation/cultivation. (...)

    7. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      Do people even read this thread, or its strictly a dumping ground?

    8. Re: Using a weapon in clever ways.

      So, a shapeshifting dagger? He can always turn it into knuckles and knock them out. Or throw it to stun them, the make it fly back like a boomerang. Stinging them into a pressure point too.

    9. Re: Inverting the Gender-Bender Trope

      So, recently I'd noticed that it seems all the gender-benders are M --> F. Aside from autogynephilia, gender dysphoria, or body horror/fear of phallus loss/fear of identity loss, what do y'all think is (...)

    10. Re: Looking for gender benders that arent yuri

      Well, my story probably fits that. Whether its interesting or not is up to you.

    11. Re: How do you decide MC's personality?

      Based on goals, setting and responses to future conflict?

    12. Re: How do you effectively introduce the readers to your fiction's world?

      Instead of pushing to showcase your setting and plot, you should worry about characters not feeling like set pieces and living an organic life.

    13. Re: The best times to post

      Eh, there's no clear better time to post, I think. It depends on how many updates are going to be released by other people at around the same time. You can try posting when most of USA is asleep, but (...)

    14. Re: Non-native english speaker. should i try making a fiction?

      Probably the best way to improve your writing is to write. One of the most famous writers became who he was with sheer perserverance.

    15. Re: Science Fantasy Story List

      I'm not sure if it fits Science 'Fantasy, but it is science fiction with 'portal fantasy' tag.

    16. Re: Dealing with an emergency rewrite on an ongoing serial

      Just do it. the sooner it happens, the faster everyone moves on. And ask others to reread the changed chapter.

    17. Re: Gender Bender Novels

      Well, my story has Gender Bender. Its sci fi mecha isekai though, so I don't know if its something you like.

    18. Re: What's your favorite under-represented genre?

      I think its sci fi mecha, or space adventures.

    19. Re: How to cure depression?

      Stop and smell the roses? Then go work more. And helps having a goal you want, even if its plant a tree, build a house and have a family.