1. Re: Looking for a non-isekai, non-litRPG Magic Girl story. Yuri, genderbending, okay. Closer to Nanoha than M (...)

      So, you are looking for mecha musume type of story? Meaning, magical girls but with futuristic technology as magic?

    2. Re: Why do you like light novels?

      Light Novel is a novel that is written without difficult language, like kanji. It's not necessarily teen oriented but often is.

    3. Re: Why do you like light novels?

      Why would LNs be a limited genre? On the contrary, current YA is often pigeonholed into trends while LNs are more varied because eastern webnovels can succeed in more ways. For example, syosetsu, a (...)

    4. Re: Academy arcs?

      Academy arc is like half of my story and the harshest criticism I got for it was basically `I think it was a bit too long, I wanted characters to graduate and do things.` So, I wouldn't say there's hate, (...)

    5. Re: Recommendations for fantasy/sci-fi?

      I'm not sure if my work fits, but you sound like a reader I would want comments/a review from.

    6. Re: A fully magic space opera, does it exist???

      Yes, it's called interplanar travel stories. MYTH Inc, Amber Chronicles, although the latter has a lot of technology in it too, many others.

    7. Re: Original magical girl books on Royal Road?

      On one hand, yes, the audience that likes fragility of everyday peace, tragedy and violence is a good fit. The genre that was created by the same author as Devilman and its most notable series are full (...)

    8. Re: Do you ever hate what you are writing?

      If you actually hate what you are writing, perhaps you should evaluate its importance again? Because it just leads to a stress loop.

    9. Re: Retelling of a story that isn't a book into a book format

      Well, if you take the story, characters, setting and names, it'll count as fanfiction. But if the work is original that's based on some of the ideas, no.

    10. Re: Confidence in your writing.

      Sure, I would. I started it because I wanted to read a story like mine to begin with. And while my prose raises quite a few questions, it's good enough.

    11. Re: Co-writing - is it effectively impossible to make it work? How would you make it work?

      I think about the only efficient ways to do that are: They are like minded and create a jump chain sort of story. They are paid for result and given a deadline for each chapter.

    12. Re: Patreon vs Amazon

      What about Subscribe star?

    13. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      Slice of life in a world of giant mecha versus giant mechanical monsters.

    14. Re: How I want to do reviews and review swaps

      Honestly, I find comments to be important as an addition to review critique. The comments help the author to see the reader's reaction to the promises made and their expectations, while the review focuses (...)

    15. Re: Isekai Tropes. The General Genre Stereotypes?

      For male protag: Hit by truck to save a girl > meet Goddess > reincarnate as a baby in fantasy land > get a victory at young age > go to adventure to defeat enemies set up during the kid arc and increase (...)

    16. Re: Skipping the first chapter of isekai novels

      Honestly, I might skip the whole Protagoniist is a born after reincarnation > baby > preteen arc, because they rarely have plot points important enough not to skip.

    17. Re: What makes a story interesting or boring?

      One view of what makes things interesting is: Well presented promise of things to expect, doesn't need to be allways blatant. A conflict that characters use to move the plot forward. The progress usually (...)

    18. Re: Guide and research materials on kinky scenes and BDSM

      Thank you for the effort. Although RR is hardly a site for kinkier stories, maybe there are people who will find it useful for their works.

    19. Re: How about a "What I read / what I got" thread for our own stories?

      It would be amusing to receive one of these. But don't these usually have `What I read - What I expected - What I got`?

    20. Re: 'Terrible Writing Advice' does Isekai!

      The character sheet is pretty neat, but not enough -deres. And could use more choices.