1. Re: How You as an Author Came to this Writing (Royal) Road

      Somebody I knew wanted to become a writer's muse and I also read so many fanfics about my favorite series that I decided to write some as well. A bunch of years later, I decided to write a story I (...)

    2. Re: Impressionism - Want One? Sign up here

      Well, it seems like an interesting format for feedback.

    3. Re: Pros & cons of releasing chapters as you go Vs finishing the entire story first...

      If you release as you write, you get quick and varied feedback but irl delays will lead to hiatus. If you have it done, you'll have an easier time with trending but will be less able to respond to reader (...)

    4. Re: Virtual Reality Stories

      There's a way to have a VR adventure while still rooting it in real life. It's called Augmented Reality. It's an off shoot of what is called ghost stories, except here the protag is not an undead apparition (...)

    5. Re: How do you track your Plotting?

      Memory and a notepad. Because I find spending a lot of time planning is taking away a lot of time writing. And your pllan will get changed anyway, with the ideas you'll get while writing, or thinking of (...)

    6. Re: Anxiety and Writing

      Well, you can either hire a professional editor, ask the fans of your story if you have plotholes, or trust yourself as an author. For the latter, you can think about characters first. What do they (...)

    7. Re: Writing for fun... did anyone else suddenly feel illiterate?

      It's called seeing forest but not the trees and that's normal. First you get the story on the page, then you edit it.

    8. Re: Meaty Stories with Cheesy Premises

      Well, according to feedback I received, my story can be described as such. It starts with being isekai'ed through a strange dimension to become a different person in a world of giant mechs vs giant monsters (...)

    9. Re: Exchanging Feedback

      Since you are interested in feedback for more than a couple of chapters, I'll ask if my work is something you'd be interested in reading through. It's 83k so far, but 74k is fine too.

    10. Re: Read for read (Reviews are optional)

      By read, you mean read through?

    11. Re: I'm writing my first sci-fi novel, have some questions...

      1. A big number of stories have sci fi tags, but many have litrpg/cultivation/dungeon core plot structures. A lot also have the isekai premise. 2. Until your story interests somebody enough to become (...)

    12. Re: How do you guys get readers?

      By releasing new chapters for a story that is interesting to them. And time of course, that obscurity wall takes some time to make a dent in.

    13. Re: How different is your final product compared to its initial idea/inspiration?

      Planning ahead is useful because you probably want to know how your characters will live their lives and how their interests and goals will clash. But most of the work for any future event is usually done (...)

    14. Re: Sticking to a story

      Yes, first write until you introduce the main characters and they have their first full adventure together. Then write to finish the current idea of the first major conflict you've hinted at in early chapters. (...)

    15. Re: Review Your Book Here A sci fi slice of life with mecha. But if I may ask, besides reading the first chapters, please go through some of the later chapters as well. (...)

    16. Re: Looking for proofreader/editor

      I think there's a recent thread where an editor wanted to be hired. If you mean a free editor, then if you find one, please ask him to pm me as well.

    17. Re: Working character backstory in organically

      Well, the thing about organic backstory is that readers might not notice it. And it requires additional scenes that move the story. For example, doing a plot relevant event that succeeds despite several (...)

    18. Re: If my story doenst have any comment, like, and rating; does it mean my story bad?

      Most readers don't leave either. It just means that you might need more time to meet people that do those.

    19. Re: Graphic Designer- will make a book cover for a review of my story!

      Do you have experience in creating covers that would fit a lighthearted slice of life?