I don't think this is a problem. If it was, the forums would be filled with author's posting click baity titles and then links to their stories. Then other authors would be replying with their own links—claiming (...)

    2. Re: New SubReddit /r/WebFics

      Sorry everyone, I didn't have notifications turned on for this post.  YOu can Hey I thought this was a super cool idea, so I decided to submit my novel to the list. Hope your subreddit gets huge! I've (...)

    3. Re: New SubReddit /r/WebFics

      You can only promote your own story 1x a month. This is to prevent spam. You can submit as many as you want to the list, You dont need to include similar stories, thats just extra information if you (...)

    4. Re: New SubReddit /r/WebFics

      Some other authors here and I have started a new subreddit called /r/webfics. We found there was no good place to discuss all of our fictions of varying genres, as most genre subs did not discuss web fictions, (...)

    5. Re: What program do you write in?

      I totally forgot about one note, which is funny because when my story wasa D&D campaign before I started writing it, this is where I wrote it all.  Scrivner looks good but I do a lot of rough draft (...)

    6. Re: What program do you write in?

      I've been writing my story on a google doc and copying it over. It's getting very long and laggy so I'm planning on making each chapter it's own doc but since I'm switching it up I thought I'd ask what (...)

    7. Re: Dumbest name for a character you've ever come up with

      I was reading my 3 year old a children's book and there was a little girl whose doll was named Dagmar. This is a terrible children's doll's name but I am 100% going to put it into my story now for an upcoming (...)

    8. Re: Dear Spellbook - A D&D world turned Story

      Hi, This story is my first attempt at writing a story since I wrote a Pokémon fan fic in the 4th grade. That was probably not good, but its lost to time so we are all better off for it. I started writing (...)

    9. Re: Trending Question

      I have noticed there are a lot of stories on trending that have the first chapter listed less than 30 days ago. I thought you needed to have 30 days of 25 star ratings to appear. Has this changed or have (...)

    10. Re: Looking for DnD/Pathfinder related stories

      Mother of Learning is the best D&D inspired fic I have read. Its #1 on the site and one of my favorite books period, I would check it out. Its impossible to not see the inspiration in it when you read (...)

    11. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      Dear Spellbook is a story I started writing out of an itch to continue a D&D campaign I ran in a homebrewed world. I quickly learned that I didn't actually like being a DM that much, and really just liked (...)

    12. Re: Art Rate question

      I am curios on the going rate for art. I set up a patreon on my page with the idea if I made anything I'd put it towards art for my story, but I actually don't know what that would cost. Any one got (...)

    13. Re: Pre Trending Stats

      Thanks for the reply. did you find new follows trickled in consistently pre trending or did you gain more as the first month went on? 

    14. Re: Pre Trending Stats

      Anyone able to provide some context to early view counts for a story that hasn't been out a month? I keep compulsively refreshing my stats page through out the day, but really have no benchmark to compare (...)

    15. Re: Requesting Cover art

      I attempted to make my cover myself using a vector file of a symbol I created in CAD that's significant to my story, adding color and dropping it on a royalty free spell book looking book. You can see (...)

    16. Re: Looking for a Beta (Alpha?) Reader

      Thanks, I am really just looking for any feedback, to see if I am wasting my time (though I'm enjoying it so its not a waste)  I will DM you a link to the Discord I set up, the document is the only (...)

    17. Re: Looking for a Beta (Alpha?) Reader

      Yea if Royal road readers are beta than I need alpha. I was unsure of the distinction.  I am looking for someone to read an early uncompleted draft, which as I write it this way is definitely Alpha. (...)

    18. Re: Looking for a Beta (Alpha?) Reader

      Hi,  I started writing my first story a few months back. I have about 50 pages of chapters written with another 20 of world building. I want to find an objective stranger or two to read what I have (...)